zelda in trouble part 1 of 3

Posted by hillary on November 08, 2003 at 07:31:24:

his is my first story to write so it might be bad but im hoping to get good at it.
this story is about zelda and link her husband from the zelda games. enjoy.

link was not in a good mood. his wife princess zelda had not been very active in the
bedroom in a long time and this was pissing link off. he wished he could just make her
do what ever he wanted to. after some thinking he decided to finally make his dream of
having control over her come true. he found some shrinking powder in his room and decided
to make a special dinner for her that night. he made a small meal for the two of them and
poured the shrinking powder in her drink. that night they eat and drank and talked about
what new ideas should be done in the bedroom. zelda did not want to do any of the ideas
link had but link did not get mad because he knew that in about a hour she would not have
a choice. after about forty miniutes she fell asleep and link carryied her off to the bed
room. zelda opened her eyes and looked around. she did not know where she was. the ground
under her was soft and blue. she was afriad to move or scream for help so she just stood there.
she then heard some lound noises that made the ground shake. she looked up and saw link. he
was huge! he must have been at least 100 feet tall. link bent over and grabed her and brought
her up to his face. hi honey he said. zelda was speechless. she had no clue what was going on.
listen honey link said. your gonna do what ever i say and do what ever it takes for u to please
me. if not then i will crush u. zelda scream as link lowered her to him pants and droped her
in his underwear. now rub my balls he commanded. out of pure fright zelda did what he asked.
she could not see inside his pants but she felt his balls and started rubbing them. it felt good
for link but he wanted more. now honey go climb in my butt and please me from inside my ass he
commanded. she froze. she was so scared but she went to his back side of his underwear and she
felt his crack. once link knew she was there he dropped his pants and took her out of his underwear.
then he took those off too and said i hope u like it in my butt and stuck her all the way
up his ass head first. the smell hit zelda hard. she coulden't move. it was too cramped in his
ass and it was really dark. a strong wind of butt air came from deep inside his ass and smacked
her bad as link let out a fart.she could feel tiny bits of air coming from his crack witch were
keeping her alive. link could feel her moving around inside his ass. he was enjoying it. he
then put his underwear and pants back on and decided to go to sleep and let zelda sleep in his
butt and have more fun with her in the morning. he had big plans for tommarow.