Women Haters Appetite

Posted by Joe Zangara on November 15, 2001 at 04:42:52:

"Of course the psychologist wanted part of our take, because we did not have the cash available to afford the session. We agreed that he could pick five girls to shrink, all of his choosing, and planned to take him with us into the city."

Jeremy looked at Junky, "Okay but only this one time. I don't want the damn shrink with us as a permanent fixture."

"Okay, here he comes, shh." Junky sprang up and ushered him into the room as he held the door open for him.

"Guys," the therapist started out right away, "I don't think this requires drugs or any other type of psychiatric remedy, but more like a few words of understanding from my level of thought." He squatted down in a chair and spoke in a softer tone. "You see, there are animals. Then there was the human so superior in thought capability as well as compassionate virtues. They were very underdeveloped millions of years ago and aside from rationalization and reasoning skills that were gifted to our race, we started out very much like the animals. These learning patterns contained the ability to be sexually attractive to one another on higher levels, and in deeper forms of thought for those who held higher intellectual tendencies. They became complex in nature and different for each individual. Such attributes contained in the shell of the human body were intriguing, yet so impossible to contain that it would seem a tremendous wealth of personal power to harness them for one's own pleasures. This is how power became associated with erotic pleasure, for many. Also, the continuous developmental changes of the mind make it impossible to go on loving the same pleasure day in and day out. Everything becomes jaded, just like when you listen to that favorite song until you get sick of it. Gentlemen, what you have done is become jaded on just catching these women off the street for your pleasure. You are hungering for something else, but because you have become addicted to your acts, you have been so busy as a slave to your own tradition."

"So, you're saying we should quit?" Junky looked at Jeremy with a puzzled expression.

"Crappy advice dude!" Jeremy looked at Junky, "This guy aint getting more than five women, for this."

"Now, wait," the psychologist scratched his head, "I have a better idea than just quitting. The reason you're not feeling anything anymore, is because now in your advanced needs for these shrunken beauties, you have attained a level that makes capturing them seem no more thrilling than catching a frog or mouse. What you need to do is get to know your victim. Go for someone you have had your eye on for a while. The receptionist or boss at work for instance. Maybe that lady behind the counter at the drug store, or the latte girl."

Junky and Jeremy sat in serious contemplation.

"Whoa!" Junky's eyes lit up.

"Yeah," Jeremy smiled at Junky, and then at the psychologist, "He's absolutely right on this. I can see my next three victims already.

"Okay, we take this guy downtown to get him what he wants, and then we go down to where I work. The boss wants to talk to me anyway. There's a secretary that I would like to visit." Junky's eyes squinted as he grinned in the most evil way he could.

The psychologist did exactly what he had taught Junky and Jeremy, to have caused their burn out to this fantasy, as he randomly selected shoppers in the uptown district after discovering that there was a hooker shortage down on the lower streets. He knew the cause as Junky and Jeremy exchanged chuckles in the car. The psychologist was pleased with his catch of tiny girls, crawling all over his hands as he crowded their bodies into tight quarters so that nobody else could see them. At number five, Jeremy stopped the car.

Junky stepped out and opened the back door, "Okay, now beat it we have important work to do."

"It's pouring down rain. You're just going to leave me--"

"Quit your whining, it's only five city blocks up the hill. Dry off when you get there, take a shower, do some damn thing." Junky trailed off as the psychologist took his red haired ladies of various ages, into his pockets for safe keeping. "What's with you and redheads, anyway?" Junky asked as he shut the doctor's door and headed for the front passenger side of Jeremy's car.

The psychologist banged on Junky's side window. "Hey!"

"What is it now? We're kind of in a hurry." Junky looked disinterested as he cracked the window a few inches.

"I just can't thank you enough. This is," the psychologist's eyes were huge through his nerdy coke bottle glasses, "this is like something in my life that I had never--"

Jeremy peeled his tires off on the slick pavement as the doctor's expression froze with no car in front of him, before turning to see the car vanish in the distance, as it made weaves passed other cars on First Street.

"I WON'T FORGET YOU!" He waved before turning to walk the steep hill. He peeked into his shirt pocket before changing his mind. "The hell with going back to work, I'm going home from here. It's closer anyway." Two ripe lady's close to forty, had the look of very intelligent, and beautifully lined faces and he immediately transferred them to his coat pocket. The oldest of the other three was no more than twenty-two, and were as featureless as Barbie dolls, although very anorexic and could have passed off as professional models. Two had long hair, and one, very short cut hair.

Only a block away from his home, and running on foot, he stopped himself very abruptly at a street corner as the light was green in his favor, but a motorist in a hurry to make that extra buck sped through the cross walk as he made a right turn. The doctor slipped as he made his stop, and spun around, landing face down on the sidewalk.

"Are you all right?" Called out a lady who was just behind him at the crosswalk.

The Doctor quickly answered, "Yeah, yeah I'm fine. No problem."

"You're bleeding! Oh my!"

The Doctor did not feel any pain but noticed the blood coming out of his shirt pocket. He had landed and squashed to of his captives, and injured another. How badly, he was not sure. He scooped the whole mess out in his hands and plucked the remains of all but the body of the one living. He grabbed a tissue from his pocket and wrapped her up in it. "Well, at least it wasn't both of the long haired ones." He shook his fingers off in the gutter and let the mess wash down the widened channels in the streets, leading to the storm drain. "Yes, I'm bleeding, but not badly."

"I took his license number down. You should call the police and report this."

The doctor began walking away quickly, "No, it's really okay."

"Sir!" The lady was hopping over the sea of heads that the Doctor had disappeared through.

Junky walked up to the secretary at his workplace who never made eye contact when talking with Junky. "Hi Nancy!"

"Ross wants to see you, so I suggest you wait here," Nancy said as she filed her nails. Here brunette hair went just past shoulder length, and her brown eyes were always occupied on something below her chest that measured 36C, "I'm sure it has to do with the recent changes being made to the company."

Junky knew what he really wanted out of this visit and kept his eyes focused on Nancy, who could not help feel, as well as notice in her peripheral vision, that Junky was checking her out more intensively. She wondered if Junky would make the kind of pass that would necessitate her initiating a sexual harassment issue in the work place. She cracked a smile as she thought of it, because she certainly did not want her own job cut back, and without the mentality needed to differentiate job descriptions with their titles, always felt better with less people to compete for the company's paycheck, dividends. She did everything she thought she could to screw anyone, in anyway, as kept the boss well screwed enough to grant her personal favors.

The phone rang it's short, inside line, ring. "Ross says to come in, now, he's done with his conference call."

Junky's heart began to beat at this moment, because he knew that this was his cue to begin action towards personal ownership of Nancy. He began to feel such a rush and was caught by Nancy as he thought out loud, "The shrink was right! I owe him."

"What??" Nancy looked at him directly, making eye contact for the first time.

Junky walked into the office without clarifying his words, and was summoned to sit down before his boss's desk, through waving hand jesters.

"Now," Ross paused before saying his name, as he looked at paperwork on the desk, "Junky,"

Junky's mind was preoccupied. He heard that horny employee who always approaches Nancy's desk, so horny you can hear the dick swinging through the fabric of his underwear. "Damn! God--damnit. Damn damn."

"What's wrong?" Ross looked up from his paperwork at Junky. "Worried about the layoffs too? Don't feel embarrassed. You see, there will be many layoffs now that the decline in the company's sales has effected production, leaving us with more liabilities that challenge our ability to keep employees on the payroll."

Ross's explanation was so annoyingly out of context with Junky's plans that he forgot anything that existed outside the fact that he would know what it is like to hold Nancy, and do with her, what he wanted. He knew her for so many years. She was so smug, so complacent, and self assured in all of her personal attributes, that it the sweet delectable taste of taking her down, kept endorphins racing through his mind and body.

"Right now, you and I could have been sitting here, enjoying a cup of coffee, and talking about the great times ahead for both of us, after I had granted you a substantial raise, and you want to know why?"

The last three words woke Junky up from his surreal distraction, "Uh--I don't care!"

Ross paused in shock. "I know this has been such a stress on you, and has probably maximized your mental resources, to some feeling of mental instability, but---"

"No, I really don't care." Junky focused his eyes back on Ross, "I--don't--care, right now."

Ross began the standard speech of his forgiveness for Junky's deviation in the crisis while Junky, ignoring the metaphorical entrapment that boss's tend to create, psychologically, in their cells, picked himself up in a distracted manner, cracked open the door, and noticed the horny dick swinger drinking his coffee, while Nancy paid little attention to him to demonstrate her power to take anyone for granted, that the submissive males were attracted to.


Ross lifted himself up and took a more gentle disposition with Junky as he reached his hands around Junky's shoulders and said, "I can understand why you're taking this so hard."

"That bastard," Junky said as he peeked out the door, before being kindly pulled back by Ross, closing the door.

"That's how I feel about the prick too. You don't want to know how many times I called him a bastard. Not to his face but in the solitude of this office."

"Ah geeze--DON'T CARE!" Junky flipped himself back to his seat, but noticed that it had become quiet outside.

"Now, along with your severance pay, we think--" Ross paused as Junky sprang up.

"She's alone now," Junky thought. "Almost." Junky smiled at Ross. "Yeah, about that severance pay thing, thanks, I find that very interesting, and maybe we can rehash over that situation with the companies politics too."

Ross smiled thinking that Junky was coming together. "Well, surely we also plan on adding--"

"I've got to take a fierce pee." Junky bolted for the door with Ross following closely behind. Junky remembered the many times that Ross would inattentively follow most people into the restroom during discussions on business matters, and as he exploited this weakness, felt sure that the boss would duck into the stall for his usual smelly dump.

"Yes, let's go down the hall for a few, shall we?" Ross followed Junky out.

Junky moved swiftly into the restroom and the conversation continued. "That's real interesting, Ross."

Ross walked into the stall, and began making farting noises as Junky had already unzipped his fly and pretended to take a pee.

"You know, back when I started with this company, things were so radically different here, like you wouldn't believe. You would be shocked into hysterics. For one thing, we didn't call our boss's by first name like now. They were always addressed as Mister, or--"

"Whoa," Junky backed off from the toilet he had never pissed in, to begin with, and readied his shrink weapon, "wow that's real interesting! Really? Mister and Misses, huh?" Junky quietly opened the door and walked briskly with his zipper still down, towards Nancy's desk.

"Yes, and if the boss wanted a drink, everyone around him felt socially obligated to do the same, and--" Ross' voice trailed off behind Junky, and was completely cut off by the closing of the door.

Nancy gasped as she noticed Junky's zipper down, and his cock hanging out, hard. Before she could protest, the shrinker was aimed and down she went, until she was the size of a stool, crapped out by someone who was too lazy to walk to the toilet. Not really a very healthy piece of excrement would it have been, either. She was knocked unconscious as she was slammed into Junky's cock, and crammed inside until the underwear strap engulfed her tiny little body.

"I guess the cutbacks effect this company at the secretarial level today." Junkie walked by the bathroom door to make the exit, real fast, pushing the door quickly to hear his boss still rambling.

"You didn't even look sideways at anyone who was just a click over your head, either. You bowed and kissed his ass until it shined--"

"That's interesting, please go on," Junky said as Ross continued to talk through the thick, foggy coating of bad gas, interrupting his own speech with loud farts blasting, and echoing throughout the bathroom. As Junky prepared to walk away, Nancy began screaming as she recovered and realized where she had been placed. Using some fast thinking, Junky walked closer to Ross's stall, holding his nose and wishing he had brought an Israeli chemical warfare mask, but endured the foul odors long enough to feel Nancy pass out in his pants, moments after he felt the slimy juice of her throwing up all over his penis. Junky, for the first time since months ago, when he and his buddy began to randomly shrink women in the city, felt that tingly, sensational rush that filled his need to explore new erotic depths, and he felt so horny that the blood in his brain was low enough to cause him to collapse. The best part, he knew, was still ahead when he reached home.