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Story"Wild Planet"
Wednesday, 19-Jan-2000 23:50:02 writes:

    Wild Planet

    By Talisman

    Verna and George were aware of their impending change of life coming soon , it was December 27th and the coming new year meant they would a both be turning 60 years of age on this planet. They new of the dormant virus deposited into everyone at a early age, only to come out of dormancy at age 60 and reduce all cell structures, completely miniaturizing the host. A provision mandate to levitate the burden on the population of young men and women to care for the old and sick.
    Even when representatives from the committee came to their door to make arrangements for their accommodations before the effect happens. They didn't answer their doors or looked out their windows for fear of being seen. Verna and George figured they would keep this up until the committee thought of them as gone someplace else to meet their fate. They didn't trust where they would be taken. There were rumors that the shrunken would be taken to a production center where they would be harvested for a food substitute for the masses of giants.
    Jan 1 came quiet on that morning in the coastal town where Verna and George lived. Everything was as usual, the sounds, the roar of the ocean. As George awoke he thought maybe their virus was a dud or something, he felt the same as usual. He opened his eyes and it was still dark, he couldn't figure it out, it was obvious morning, where was the morning light, he started to shake in fear. All of a sudden he heard his muffled wife's scream. He crawled through the night, he felt like he was crawling through miles of cloth material. Then suddenly light showered his eyes as he reached a opening. He saw in his scared state that he was crawling through his cloths, now so gigantic in size, that it never looked like it ever fit his now puny size. He was naked, and very well felt his diminutive state dwindling even further. He heard his wife's screams coming from her now long and massive gown. He located her location underneath the cloth and soothed her as he walked her out. " It happened, it happened" she sobbed." George could only muster a nod as he held her close to his shoulders. "We'll be ok so long as we stay in this house." He reassured her. They found their way off the massive bed and went to scan their new surroundings. They were both naked still, when they heard a thumping on the glass window. Verna ran to hide, while George tried to see who it was. As he climbed the chair closest to the window he saw that it was their neighbor Monica. She and her husband lived next door for some years now. They were both in their 30's and would constantly help George and Verna with the yard or shopping or what have you when needed. He got a hot flash that maybe they would help them through this and possible protect them. He relayed this to Verna, and after some indecision agreed to let George contact her. George went to the window making him visible to Monica outside looking in the window. He heard her gasp through the pane, and ask if Verna was ok. George nodded and made a motion for her to break in and help them. The back door unlocked and Monica stepped into the house. Verna suddenly wondered how Monica had a key to their house. Monica walked carefully through the house until she came upon Verna hiding under a table. " Hi Verna, don't worry I'm here to help you." Monica said as she leaned forward on her knee. George then appeared from under a chair. " Hello George, I was just telling Verna, how not to worry" George then urged Verna to come out from under the table. She finally did and went to George's shoulder. " What now?" George asked Monica as he flinched his eyes at her towering height. Monica's face suddenly changed to a cold stone tablet. " Now my slaves you will come to me, or face your death now under this foot." She said as she raised her massive shoe. Verna screamed in shock and ran, with George at her heels. Suddenly a heavy net fell on top of them and dropped them to the floor. Monica gathered up the net with it's cargo and left the house for her own next door.
    Monica entered her house through the back door. Otto, her husband was sitting at the kitchen table drinking coffee. " Did you find them?" he asked between sips. " They are in here." Monica said raising the net in salute. She laid the shrunken couple on the table next to Otto's coffee cup. Verna and George rolled onto the table top from the net's grasp.Verna was still shrieking and crouched down in a fetal postion. George stood guard over his wife. George then screamed up to Monica. " What are you doing with us? I thought you would help us" Otto and Monica simply ignored the two and started talking amongst themselves. Otto then reached down with his fingers and pinched Verna with his thumb and forfinger and lifted her to his face. " I waited all this time to see your puny little body give me head." He said while sipping coffee with his other hand. Monica then plucked up George in her hand. " You will probably have a heart attach when I shove you inside me. Won't you?" Monica laughed. Otto then got up and joined Monica to the way to their bed room. Once inside Otto dropped his shorts and kicked off his slippers. Monica removed her sweat shirt and pants and sandals. They both entered the bed and started kissing with their toys in hand. After some heavy petting, they separated and started on their new toys. Otto put the now moaning Verna on top of his long and meaty shaft, She wouldn't hold on and kept falling off into his hand, Otto gave up on that idea and put her face first into his pee-hole and demanded her to lick his his head. Verna couldn't of been even bigger than his whole erected head, as Otto held her quivering body against his mass. After some squeezing and harsh words, Verna managed to stick her tong out and lick his head. " Keep it up! Keep it up bitch, or I swear I'll mash you right now." Otto growled. Verna increased her licking and was sobbing in between. Otto loved seeing her scared like this, he like nothing more than having a screaming tiny woman in his hands while he puts her to his meaty cock. " Oh baby your such a monstrous giant, I love this." Monica exclaimed as she was jamming George in and out of her juicy clit. She then pulled him out and placed him under her ass. positioning George directly under her vagina she dropped down on him capturing him inside her . She then proceeded to hump up and down on him. On her last hump she came crashing down on the mattress. " You're a pretty monstrous giantess too." Otto said as he was how jacking off his pipe with Verna enclosed in his grip around his shaft. Monica rose up on her feet and felt beneath her for George. When she couldn't find him, she poked herself inside her clit and found his feet. Monica pulled him out. George was almost finished, his back snapped underneath Monica crotch. He laid in her hand breathing heavy and squirming . She held George out for Otto to see. " Look at the worm squirming." Otto was to busy jacking off with Verna on his full frontal head now. " Sorry babe, I'm about to spoof on this bitch." With that said he then came in a gushing explosion. Otto dropped Verna to the sheets below and held his throbbing cock over her laid out body, while he continued to spew forth his cum. Monica leaned forward and started sucking his cock off. She gulped down his juice, and licked his cock clean before lapping up Verna into her mouth. She sucked Verna dry and spit her out into her hand, joining George. Otto then charged into Monica and started to mount his wife. They fucked like giants with the two shrunken people quivering in between their bodies. When Otto reached orgasm he pumped his load deep into Monica. He then searched out Verna. Once his hand felt her on the sheets below, he snatched her up and stuffed her into Monica's open clit. He then stuffed his cock and resumed fucking. When he was down he pulled out his cock, Verna was attached to his foreskin, and unbelievably alive. But barely. He then tossed her body over the side of the bed. Otto then reached for George, he held George to his face. He shook the tiny body to no response. " I s he finished?" Monica asked while getting out of bed. " He's either dead or out cold." Otto said as he continued to shake the doll like figure. Otto then sat up, got up off the bed and threw the tiny man to Monica. George managed to squeak out Please have pity. Monica simply dropped him on the floor and stepped hard on him before walking away with out concern. George's remains laid crushed flat without recognition. Otto stepped on to the floor and saw Verna slowly crawling away. Otto walked up to her and tipped her over with his big toe, then he proceeded to step on her body. He ground her down further, then walked away leaving her mashed to a paste as well.