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New Story" When the thrill is gone"
Monday, 27-Nov-00 22:16:37 writes:

A short story I wrote for Raz, so when you see any reference to "You" it is merely in reference to Raz. Enjoy!

When the thrill is gone

Retrieved from my drawers, I place you on my cock as I punch away at my keyboard. You feel so good grinding your thighs along my shaft. I can feel the subtle heat transferring from your wet vagina. With one hand on the keyboard, I stroke my erection with my loose hand, overtaking you at times beneath my palm. I want you know at my head and guide you along my long shaft until I have you on my head. You ride it like a large snake, as you straddle my rim and keep your hands near my slit. You probe and massage my slit, pulling away wads of pre-cum as you pull to and fro. I feel I am reaching climax and stop typing to enjoy you fully. I cup my head with you inside and begin to jack off frantically. Pounding away I take away control from you and use you on my head like a prop. My strokes and pumps bring on my orgasm and fill my cupped hand.
Heaping full, it soaks into my flesh and oozes out over the edges. I play with my palm on my cock a while, wiping it clean finally with a tissue, taking you in the wide swathes. I crumple up the tissue with you inside and toss it aside to the floor. Going back to my typing of my report for work.
Toeflex arrives at my home a little later with his girlfriend. I can hear them stumbling in at the back door. I have always been wiery of his girlfriend Veronica, for her usual clumsiness. Given her size, as she is some 6”3 and quite heavy and big boned, she always seems to break something by either sitting on it or stepping on it. Toe is no angle himself as he is another giant at 6”5 and larger than life at a 300 lbs.
The happy couple comes downstairs to my obscured office. I greet both of them, offering drinks, as if they would ever decline. I fetch a few drinks and toss around, taking one for myself. We talk a bit of things, what they were up to and so on, I don’t dare discuss my final ownership of you as I am to anxious to share with these gargantuan people. I suddenly remember tossing you aside and look to the floor. In my shock I see the remnants of it sticking out from under Veronica huge stockinet foot. I cringe, as I don’t know how to retrieve you without bringing out their ire. Veronica suddenly moves her foot revealing it fully to the eyes around. She gazes down and picks it off her foot. “Yuck, tossing your rags I see.” She mews “Sorry, here let me take it away.” I interject. Veronica suddenly feels it stirring in her hand, and stops me from taking it. “What do we have in here then?” She says to herself. I can only stand and watch as the cat is slowly being brought out of the bag.
Veronica sits there in her large glory, as her huge hand holds your tiny body, almost lost in her expansive palm; you lay on your sides stirring. Veronica tosses the caked tissue aside before taking her gaze back to you. “Well man, looks like you’ve been holding out on us.” Toeflex announces, as he comes closer for a gawk. “Look guys, I was going to show you, but you know how it is?” I say sheepishly. “Connie is kind of funny about sharing.” “Well yeah I know, she funny, now your funny too.” Veronica says.
“All right! It’s been so slow lately honey, now we can party again with this one, Tali doesn’t mind does he?” Toeflex says grinning at me. “Now wait guys, now I found her first, and there’s Connie too.” I start becoming defensive. Both of them rise up next to each other, forming an ominous wall before me. I had always considering myself quite big, but in the presence of these two, I felt puny, Veronica the smaller of the two, was still head and shoulders above me. “Now Tali, you share like we did with you not so long ago, you didn’t mind using our toys, so lets be fair now shall we?” Veronica says putting a meaty hand on my shoulder.
The door slams and down lumbers Connie. She was out at work all morning, and since being Saturday, left early. She was decked out in her silk blouse and skirt suit, adorned with her trademark shiny hose. “What’s up guys?” She says almost out of breath.
I stood there now surrounded by another great meat wall as Connie joined the fold. “What you got their Veronica?” Connie says as she spots you in her palm. “Oh just something Tali doesn’t want to share, and says you not willing to as well.” Veronica answers. Connie looks closely at her palm. She places her finger on you and turns you over and over. “Who’s this one?” Connie says looking at me. “Uhhh well that’s Raz from the net.” Connie’s eyes bug out. “That little slut showed up finally, good work Tali.” Veronica and toe sensed a treachery as they looked at me. I started to back off as they all approached me.
We fought a bit, names were called, mostly at me, but in the end all three of them settled themselves on the couch and began to share you like a tiny doll.
Veronica stripped off her pants and blouse, revealing her thick and long meaty legs, as well as her heaving and protruding breasts, Connie stayed in her nylons after removing her skirt and blouse, also exposing her mountainous breasts. Toeflex being himself dropped out of his pants almost immediately, exposing his thick and giant sized body, already his cock fully erect and monstrously massive.
I sat back as it was all I could do in the face of things that just transpired I knew what was going to happen, but I couldn’t leave and not try to intervene if things got crazy.
Veronica and Toe were appeasing to Connie at first, letting her have her way, intertwined with theirs. At times Veronica was probing your tiny body into Connie’s ripped crotch and into her wet vagina. Veronica would then take turns and smear you on Toe’s cock, massaging his great boner with you, before taking you for herself and inserting you, inside her cavernous clit.
Hours went by, the three horny giants would not take no for an answer, as they laughed a giggled at your tiny attempts to fight them off. Toe became more belligerent as the day session wore on, as he belittled you even more, by calling you every name in the book. “Suck me you little slut.” And “Come on get in that mess you fucken tiny bug.” Bitch, slut, tiny cunt, bug, insect, toy cocktoy, you name it they all took turns calling you down to scum. Veronica like threats and continued to describe how she wanted to mash you or crush you or eat you and so on, I knew she wasn’t just talking, as history will tell, she has had her fill with casualties, often lives taken in the throes of sexual passion with Toe. Both of them must look positively monstrous to the eyes of they tiny folk, in the middle of their lovemaking. I witness many nameless victims either stuck to buttocks, breasts, cocks, and thighs, bellies feet, any body appendage. Both shamelessly paraded their recent kills.
It was boiling down now and the sex was getting nastier and nastier. Connie was now being robbed of pleasure and was now openly fighting with Veronica for your tiny body. I watched in shock as it looked like some prehistoric cave-woman struggle with a tiny morsel, both women in their accumulated size of 13 feet and endless bulk, making you look surreal in their midst.
Toeflex being the biggest won over and took you away. You were subject to a trashing of his huge cock, as he bullied you around with a beat or club. Fully entrenched and endlessly subdued to his erect cock, he openly masturbated with you, keeping you an arms length away from the other two.
Both Connie and Veronica waited till Toe climaxed, knowing he would be rendered limp. Connie then took the opportunity to snare you away and quickly insert you inside her deep. Veronica madly dived down to her twat and shoved hand and fist into her twat for retrieval. Connie was both angered and turned on by Veronica’s attempts. Both women wrestled with obtaining you. Veronica shoved her teeth inside her twat and ate away trying to unleash you by forcing Connie to cum.
The scene became just as crazy as I feared, as I jumped into action. My attempts were in vain as Toe pulled me back and slammed me into the chair. My back was inflamed as I hit and slumped in the chair attending to my injuries. Meanwhile the two women were madly fighting with your remains, as it seemed.
Some hours later the session was over, and all involved were satisfied to the max to care anymore of your well being. You had become used, and no longer an issue. At first you were being launched between either Connie’s nylon-clad legs and feet or on Veronica’s meaty bare legs and feet. Eventually you crumbled off and ended up on the floor at their mercy. I watched as you were stepped on and kicked around beneath each of all three giants’ feet as they traversed across the floor in front of the couch. It was an assault of the senses as all three giants walked without a care in the world as their feet moved on you with careless assault and catapulted you about like a piece of garbage.
As Toe and Veronica were leaving, Toe did see you still alive but limp on the floor, and made a point of raising his foot and stomping down on you before all of us. I could only sit and stare as I watched you become a permanent fixture beneath his fat foot as he raised his foot and slid it into his sandals before leaving.