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What I Really Wanted
Friday, 27-Oct-00 21:16:34 writes:

I had seen her so many times. She eventually caught on to my attraction to her, and confessed that she had been thinking for ages about approaching me, but was too shy. It was too easy to talk her into dropping by for the visit that would make my whole, evening.

She wore a high skirt and no nylons this time, as she was normally accustomed to such under garments. I couldn't wait. I took my big, highly technically complicated shrinking gun and gave her a dose that brought her down to half the height of my wine glass.

Days went by after that. She was so hypertensive and prone to screaming periodically. Eventually she became used to her new position of negotiating,...anything she would ever get out of her little life again, and became very trusting, as well as smug with me. She began making demands for her own personal luxuries that went far beyond reasonable standars of living, for most people. She even became bossy.

That's when it was time. She was perfectly seasoned. "What do you mean by that exactly," she asked, "is there something I should know about?" Well it was certainly time. I broke the news to her. The soft meaty skin she wore over her bones was the prime cut for me. Before saying another word, I opened my mouth and plunked her arched legs on to my tongue. "This is fun, but you are surely joking. Nobody would eat a woman like me."

The first chomp proved her wrong, as her raw composure was delectable, and superb I might add. Every flow of juice and every fragment of flesh left, remained tossed around over and over, without a single swallow, until I had taken on a little to much ecstasy to the pallet, and then it was time. Well, she wasn't much, but a good "Merlot" is just the thing that can wash all of that down, and keep the appetite satisfied,... until,... at least dinner. I already have a vast collection of these little darlings who have not a clue about their fate.

Mmmmm mmmm.

J. Z.

Joe Zangara