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Violent USE of shrunken woman
"How I was captured"

I was working at the office,doing interviews with potential new employee's. I was dressed kind of hot, as is my style-business suit and high heels, dark stickings,,lots of make up but still withinn the realm of profesionalism.
My last interview came in. he was a middle aged guy,and he was pushing a baby carrage! He parked it and shut the door nehind him and sat facing me.
"May I?" I smiled and asked and walked around,indicating that I wanted to look at the baby.
"Please do," he said,then "You have lovely legs.Those heels really make you look pretty."
"Thats not very profesional," I snapped and bent over to look at the baby. As I did I was confused,all I saw was a glwing red ball...ZAP! There was a flash of light,and suddenly I woke up. I was on my back,my mouth tuffed with...something. Then I looked up,and screamed through the gag! I WAS LOOKING UP AT THE MAN BUT HE WAS A GIANT! I felt movement,and looked around, and to my horror I saw that I was in a baby carrage!

I smiled as I pished the carrage out of the office. I was the last interview she had,and she shrunk down perfectly, everything within a three foot radius did:her desk,a chair,etc. The sudden rise in temperature indicated that the extras mass from her body was extracted in water form.
She was in shock,good. I lay her down and removed the plastic wrap,and went to work. loop after loop I wrapped her,until from her neck to her head she was one tight little mummy,just about the size of a large baby. I gagged her with her own small kerchef and wrapped a miniarure loop or two of tape to hold it shut.
She opened her eyes,and screamed! I got hard right there,watching this small,pretty,helpless woman squirm before me.
I bent down closer and she went into hysterics. I covered her with a blanket and started to walk out of the office.the blanket was wrapped,tucked in,TIGHT.

I was hysterical,I couldnt belive what was happening! I was small, shrunk,and being kidnapped! I wiggled and squirmed,but he had placed a few strips of masking tape down over my body,holding me tight to the floor of the baby carrage! I had my forhead free,and I could see people alking past us! I screamed, but they couldnt hear! Oh,God,this couldnt be happening!

I made it almost all the way home. I was fumbling with my keys to my house when the next door neighbors wife came over. She was a hot young thing, and I contemplated shrinking her down first,but that would cause too much commotion too close, so i didnt.
"Let me see your baby,I didnt know you were a daddy!" she said.
"No," I stuttered,but it was too late! She pulled back the blanket and saw the small form there,squirming,mascara running down her face,eyes bugging out in terror,screaming "help mee!" through the gag.
"What the hell?!?" she asked,her own eyes starting to bug out. I pulled out the last orb, and stepped back. Bamf! More steam,and there was a small,baby sized neighbor there,also in shock.
I threw her in the carrage and got in the house,and locked the door ebind me.

The woman landed on me, her eyes were wide,and she didnt move. She was in shock! And she was small! Who was this man?
He lifted her out, and walked away,leaving me there. Then about ten mnutes later he came back,and removed me. My eyes opened in terror when I saw what he was going to do: there was a large cage hanging from the roof, and the other woman was in there already,also wrapped up tight and gagged like me! Now she was awake, and pressed up against the bars, a small buzzing noise indicating that she was screaming too.
He opened the door and placed me in, and he laughed.
"Here's a lesson of what will happen if you dont listen to me," he said, and he sat down, and lit a candle. AND HE PUT THE FLAME UNGER THE GRATING OF THE CAGE!!! We both jumped around,trying to avoid the flam,e and knocked each other over! The flame would come and we would jump up again and again and he would make us run around the cage!
"Now that we understand each other," he said,"Its time ti play..."

To be continued???