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story "Vile Intentions"
Wednesday, 05-Apr-2000 00:20:59 writes:

    Vile intentions

    by Talisman

    The night chill brought his shirt up closer to his neck as Al tucked the case of beer under his arm tighter. Meg was waiting at home, and he wanted to rush home to her.
    Two women came into view ahead of him, he didn't take notice right away, but became slowly aware as they approached. Both women were staggering into each other, while they hiked ahead together. Obviously just coming from a party or bar, Al kept his path just to their right.
    Both women took notice of Al as he and they closed in. The women stopped just in front of Al and started up a conversaion. Al tried to keep up with the spirited girls, as they slurred their words. "fuk, your good looking, why don't you come and party with my girl and me?" Al sheepishly declined and pointed at the case of beer. "Got someone waiting for me, sorry girls, next time I guess." Brigit, the larger of the two women, leaned into him with her finger. "Look! we're offering you a good time, what you got to say guy?" Brigit leaning into her words. Al wanted so much to walk away, but was unable to shunt these women off. "No really, ah.. I appreciate your invite, but really next time, got a girl waiting." Carly the next woman, started in. "Shit, hey bring her along, we don't mind." Al started to back off and try to walk around the drunk duo. Brigit caught hold of his colar. "Look fuker, your coming anyway." She then shoved a vile into his mouth squeezing the ingrediants into his throat. Al stepped back and coughed a few times before gaining his voice and air passage back. "What the fuck did you do? bitch!" Brigit stood back and slumped her arms on Carly's shoulders. Both women giggling uncontrolably. "What did you put in me? come on stop laughing and say something you fuc....hhh...ahhhhhh.....ohhhhhhh" Al threw himself violently against a tree and slowly slid down to his knees. Holding his belly, and girgling he began to lose mass and slowly shrink.
    Brigit lurched over and plucked the tiny Al from the ground. Holding him to her face she spat into his tiny body. "Now where is your house little shit?" Al was in shock and screamed at the magnitude of the size of Brigit's face. He could only muster in his squeaking voice. "Howwwwwwwww, ohhhhhhh, shittttttt." Brigit tightened her grip on his body and began to squeaze at will upon asking her question repeatedly. "Where the shit is you house?" Finally Al managed to tell his address. Carly shoved her ear close to Brigit's hand and listened in. "The fuck lives down the street."

    Meg was sitting on the couch listening to music, when the door bell rang. She anwered it thinking Al forgot his key again. "Forgot it again huh.... hey who are ya....." Meg was met with a blow to her face with Brigit's rising fist. Meg crashed to the ground on her elbows. Holding her chin she looked up in anger. "Who the fuck do you think you are, get the hell out of my house." Meg shouted. Brigit and Carly walked in like they owned the place, and took position on opposite ends of the sprawled Meg. "Look bitch, we're to party, where's the booze?" Meg looking unbelievable at the two, shouted again. "Get the fuck out, my boyfriend will back any time now." Brigit smiled a crooked smile and pulled out something from her heaving cleavage. "Oh sugar, he's already here, look!" Brigit then produced the tiny squirming Al in between her fingers. Meg's jaw dropped as she couldn't find the words. From the looks of him, she figured he must be something like 3 inches tall, he looked toy like. "What the shit is happening, Al is that really you?" Meg finally found her voice. Carly walked over to Meg and helped her up to her feet. "It's him, look." Meg was shoved directly into Brigit's frame. Meg now saw up close Al's quivering body and heard his tin voice. "Please, help me, please." Meg caught something in her throat. "What do you want, please give him to me, you'll hurt him." Brigit pushed Meg back into Carly's waiting arms. "Oh he gonna feel alot of hurt unless you drink this." Brigit said as she put a vile out to Meg. Meg looked at it's greenish tinge. "I'm not going to drink shit, give him to me, you can take anything in this house. Just go!" Carly then put a hold on Meg's arms. Brigit then closed in and shoved the vile into Meg's clenched mouth. It was a tough struggle, but Brigit managed to empty the contients into Meg eventually. Meg was released and fell into the same fits that hit Al earlier. She then slowly like him shrunk down to his size as well.

    Brigit and Carly made themselves at home, and emptied the fridge, and wet bar. Sloshed, and feeling enraged with power, both women began to taunt the tiny captives in Brigit's hands.
    Brigit was a native, with big boned features,standing 5"11, she looked imposing in reality. Her fake colored blonde hair shawn with dark roots, her bronzed skin glowed with the sweat a full drunk out. Carly, Brigit's cousine, also a native, stood 5"9, built almost the same, somewhat lighter still. She also displayed a olive drab skin tone, and glistened as well as she drank herself to oblivion.
    Brigit found the couch and invited Carly to join her. Both women ripped at each others clothes, until they left each other in rags. Both pairs of breasts burst out from their kept places. Brigit's falling practically over, they were so plump. Brigit raised Al to her expansive nipple, and held him still, while Carly matched tit for tit, and smothered him entirely. Al found it immediatley hard to breath, and began to steal breaths where he can. Meg screamed as she watched in horror as Al tiny body was competely crushed by the two massive giants. Carly leaned off Brigit. Al was stuck to Brigit's left breast, soped up in her both women's persperation. Meg looked in hope to some movement, as Al finally stirred free and fell off down toward Brigit's thick thighs. With a plop, Al hit the giantess's fleshy leg, and slowly slid down to the dark crevice below. Meg lost Al soon afterward and drew her eyes to both women lookin upon her. She looked for any kind of escape and actually tried to leap to her death off the couch arm. Carly stretched out her hand and caught Meg in mid drift. Closing her fist Carly brought herself to Brigit and slid next to her, before opening her fist. Meg was jammed into the folds of Carly's palm, as she tried to raise herself up, she was suddenly prodded and poked by Carly's other hand.
    Carly looked over at Brigit and waited for Brigit to spread her legs. with a fist around the tiny Meg's ankles, she held the tiny woman stiff in her grip. She then shoved her hand toward Brigit's soaking bush. Brigit leaned back and awaited the pleasure.
    Al came to in time to see Meg coast over top of him as she went into the thick flabby lips. Meg caught sight of Al as he stood from his position on the cushion directly between Brigit's legs. She screamed his name just before being stuffed deep into the vaginal lips. Al ran up to the gaintess's tail bone and tried to climb up to Meg's rescue. Carly caught sight of him, and laughed to Brigit. "Looks like someone wants in on the action." Brigit reached her hand down to and felt for the tiny man still trying to scale her. "Carly babe, get comfy!" Brigit instructed.
    Carly adjusted herself and spread her legs in unison with Brigit. Brigit then forced the tiny Al into Carly's waiting lips, and smeared him inside, before letting go. Carly locked her legs in an instant, and swooned in her pleasure.

    The tiny couple were sought after once more, and now forced to make love on Brigit's bush. both cautiously mounted Brigit's abdomen, and stolled over to her lucious field of hair. Finding a spot near the pugent lips, both Meg and Al lay next to each other and waited for instructions. Brigit leaned over on herself and looked on at the tiny lovers. "Mount your girlfriend you fuck, don't you know how to fuck like a man?" Al hurriedly scurred over and mounted Meg. With a menacing finger, Brigit forced Al down on Meg harder and pressed down, every time she didn't like how he was pumping down. Meg groaned as the weight of Al body increased as the woman's giant finger applied greater pressure. Al tried to compensate and keep his body uplift, but found himself tiring, and ended up smothering Meg even more.
    Carly was chugging a bottle of rye, as she looked on. Brigit was now spreading the tiny bodies around her bush, and moving them slowly to her lips. As Al and Meg arrived at the slippery wet lips, both felt themselves sinking into the drenched hole. Brigit took more pleasure playing with herself with the help of the tiny couple. When she could take it no longer, she simply stuffed the two down and deep, bending Meg and Al opposite in the process.
    Al felt his back almost break at the action, and was only saved by the woman's release, by which he catapulted himself around.
    Both sunk and practically swam in the wash that was Brigit's cum.
    Carly strapped on a fake dildo, then mounted Brigit, inserting it deep into Brigit. Al only felt a thud before being completely smothered and obliterated by the imposing object. Meg neither saw it coming and was abruptly shoved even deeper into the cavernous clit.
    Outside, Brigit was screaming as Carly got right into fucking her. Both women pumped and prodded each other as they both poked each others anuses.
    The house shook as Brigit unleashed her orgams, Carly equal to the task, put out ear piercing screams which could crack glass. Both women were practically wrist deep in each others privates. All the while monstrous breasts were flabbily sloshing and bumping around each other.

    It was over, and Carly leaned back to rest. the only remains of Al were a blood stained dildo resting on the floor. Brigit laid unconscious on the floor, finally subdued by the booze. Carly could always hold her liquor, and simply kicked back and watched the t.v.
    In between Brigit's massive thighs, lay the oozing waste of Brigit's orgasms. amongst the bubbles and paste, Meg, was slowly crawling at a snails pace away from the giant woman rear. Meg held her side, and tried to fight the pain felt, as she slowly crept away. Her total nude body, was encased in Brigit's slimy juices, her hair was badly matted down with cum, and she could barely see out of her left eye due to bruising. Still she crept on oblivious to the other giant women lounging near.
    Carly got up and went in search of some thing cold to drink. On her return, she spotted to her amazment the sight of the tiny woman creeping along the carpets top. Feeling playful, Carly sneaked up to her and stood just over the tiny moving body down below. Carly tried to cast her shadow on the unknowing prey.
    Meg felt a presence but decided to crawl on. After a while she eventually gave in to curiosity and twisted her head around to look above.
    Carly marveled in the view and raised her foot in triumph.
    Meg saw it coming down, and merely rolled over in a failed brace effort. In a matter of seconds the gigantic foot crashed down in a splat.
    Carly languished in the stomp, and praciced smearing and grinding the already pulped body beneath her foot more.

    In the morning both women packed up and moved on from the house. Leaving in anonimity, both concealed themselves and headed back downtown. For tonight another party calls, and then another hunt begins.