Vigiants Viginettes Stories of Requeam falling short.

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Coming up Short

A bit large, but not in the areas he most wanted to be. Tad felt inadaquate most of the time. A hulking figure as he stood 6'1 260 lbs, he wasn't well endowed. His cock usually wrinkled at some 1' fully erect.
Women were a tough for him to meet, as he was constantly aware of his short commings.
Taking a short vacation, he answered an ad for a special accomodation geared for just his predictament. A mexican press clipping promised all male guests a special stay, aimed for men thinking of endowments. Tad wasn't wiery, skeptical, but he was desperate enough to try anything.
He arrived in the Main city of Mexico City, finding the heat stiffling upon disboarding. Tad hacked as he took in the poluted air of the grand city. The smog was thick as a brick, as alerts were posted in the airport.
39 pecos later he arrived at his destined resort. Not the high class accomodations he somewhat expected, but the highrise looked modern enough. The pool in the courtyard was emptied, and the patio area was non existent.
He checked in and was brought up to his room. His host presented him with a brochure, listing many of the sexual favors like a menu. A video was presented as well, for which Tad plugged in once the host left his room.
The video was cheesy enough, with out dated music in the background while the presenter did his worst American impression. Tad watched it bored, as he wasn't sure what he was expected to see. Figuring it was just another form of prostitution ring, he was ready to switch it off, when the presenter started discussing special favors for the men who seeked endowments. A man was then showed, acting out a role of hotel guest. Adorned in only a towel wrapped around his waste, the man, highly mexican in another attempt to act American, answered his door. Tad's eyes widened as two very pretty local girls entered in, what arrised his attention was the fact that both girls were no bigger than a foot tall. Tad moved closer to the t.v as he was sure the girls were children. Upon closer look, they were actual women, their looks, makup, and figures showed them to be in thier early twenties. But thier size confused Tad. He watched on, now highly interested.
The video moved on to the bedroom, where the male actor, was laid out on his bed, while the two tiny females, stood around his crotch area, the man's cock came into view, somewhat similiar to Tad's dilema, probably around 3 inches. But in view of the tiny women, it looked awesome and large. The girls frolicked, as they hugged, and sucked and nursed his erection, leaving the man only to lay back and relax, while the girls worked feverishly on his member.
The video moved onto a different arrays of pleasure, as the man would be in different position, either standing, dominting the tiny women, sitting, with both snuggled between his legs, and having intercourse with them one at a time, The man's hands making easy work manipulating the tiny tarts.
After a numerous amount of orgasms, the video climaxed back to the host, as he explained the costs involved and the companies guarantee for satisfaction.
Tad watched the video snow up, as he was totally sold. He quickly snatched the menu, and greedily cruised through the listing, finding just the kinds of girls he wanted.
The moment of truth arrived, as Tad showered, and enjoyed a meal at a nearby restaurant. He arrived back to his room early, eagerly awaiting his treats. He had selected Myia, a perky little girl, with dirty blonde hair, and Racheal a brunette, with a busty profile.
A knock appeared at his door, as Tad jumped to answer it. Once he opened the door, he searched straight ahead. He noticed a bellboy, just departing to the nearby elevator, before glancing downwards. Below he saw the two he selected, just as advertised. Tad moved his bulk backwards, as the two diminitive girls walked in. Neither spoke english as they walked in both talking up a storm, their voices higher due to thier sizes. Tad felt nervous, as he stared down, both girls disrobbing, as they looked up at him, talking amoungst themselves, giggling. Tad wasn't sure how to go about starting things up, as he started to relate back to the video. The message that he was in charge, and that these two were there for his amusement and pleasure, not the other way around. He started to resent the girls giggles, as they continued to shuffle and stir around, talking to each other giggling after each sentence. Tad finally found his gonads. "Now see here, you little sluts, you are mine for this night, and I want service now!" Tad exploded. The two girls stopped chatting, both looking up in awe. Tad disrobbed, dropping his shirt, revealing his massive robust frame. He then pulled his shorts off, exposing his ample full belly, and as he dropped out of his shorts, his cock clung to the fabric before jerking back, his full erect state fully visible. Tad was defensive from the start. "So you think it's tiny hey, just wait till you are both chocking on it." Tad stomped forward, stopping with both girls on either side of his enormous feet. The girls moved forward, flaunting themselves over his feet, as they both suckled and caressed his fleshy feet. Tad stood his ground staring downwards, as he enjoyed the sudden godworship treatment. Tad started to flex his confidence as he started to walk, with the girls in tow, he walked to his bed, and sat on the bed. With the girls still intact on his feet, he started to snap his fingers urging them to climb his legs. Both girls started up his legs in unison. Tad sat back, as the girls bodies slinked up his fleshy legs, thier movements giving his soft skin fits of pleasure. Once on his lap, he laid on his arms and hands, while motioning with his hand for instant head.
Both girls swooned over to his cock, each taking a side, and both licking thier ends. The girls moved up and down on thier legs, crouching, and rising, as they licked, massaged before moving up to his mushroomed head, where they roved thier heads in unision, as they licked and preened his hot flesh.
Tad felt like a new man, his cock never looked so large, as in comparsion to the girls, it looked more than a mouthful for either to handle. He felt large, for the first time in his life.
Tad sat up and brought his hands together, clamping both girls into his cock. He lathered them both, creaming them together at times, while working them feverishly around his cock. Soon he felt his climax approach, and as he moaned loudly, his cock exploded, somewhat.
A tiny morsel of cum ejected, resembling a foam, not very large. Both girls were expecting a cum bath, and suddenly stopped as Tad barely produced enough to moisten their tiny hands. Tad looked down, seeing the tiny production. Both girls started to giggle once again in unison.
Tad felt his head explode as he looked at the girls, with images of all imaginary woman giggling at his size, his manhood, his mind ached from the humiliation, but suddenly turned to seething hatred.
"You fucken sluts!" Tad roared, as he sent both girls flying with a slap. Tad stood up, as he watched both girls roll to a stop at the back wall, laying dazed.
Tad walked up to the first girl and as he brooded over her. The girl looked up in fear, as she pleaded for the giant man to stop. Tad felt no mercy, as he stepped on her and proceeded to stomp and crush her flat under his emmense weight. As Tad finished, he turned his attention to the other girl, who tried to get up, but was in too much pain to walk. She crawled toward the door, but Tad was ontop of her in an instant. Tad still had red in his eyes, as he spat his displeasure with her. Suddenly the girl started to speak broken english. "Please! please sir! don't kill to me!" Tad stopped dead in his tracks, he was still seething but was aroused by her sudden language change. "I am sorry, please I make up show you lots of other girls, you can have even smaller ones, they will please you, they will pleasure you better, I promise!" The brunette pleaded. Tad stopped as all his emotions were substituted with greed for more excitment. "Show me now!" Tad said. The brunette rose up slowly, nursing her ribs. "Come on! come on lets go!" Tad said angerly. "Please sir, I am injured." Tad plucked her up impatiently and rushed out the door. As Tad reached the lobby, he listened for the brunettes directions. She finally led Tad to the basement of the building where the rows of halls led to a room. "It is here." Racheal exclaimed. Tad was breathing fast as he was excited for the bounty that awaited him. He released her to the floor, as he opened the door. As he entered the room, he heard a shril buzz. As he turned to question the brunette, he saw her sprinting away. "What the fu....!" Tad was only to get out before total blackness.
He woke up groggy, there were voices around him, higher above him, and all around. He wiped his face, and rubbed his eyes as he slowly came out of the funk. He found himself in fuzzy light, as there was movement all around him. Suddenly the voices turned to laughter, loud laugher, sheer laughter, such that it started to freighten him.
Tad opened his eyes clear for the fist time, to the vision of woman around him. Some of them the same size as he, some tinier poking fun at him from a distance, others still who were larger, looking down in amusement. The room was filled with these mexican girls, all scantly clad, all in different disaray, all attention to him, the only male in the room. Tad couldn't understand what had happend let alone the shouts the girls were shooting at him.
A bell boy, entered the hallway, pushing a button nearest to the door, as he walked in, he clicked on the light, and headed to a metal box near the floor. He opened up the hatch on the top and reached his hands into the box.
Screams started as well as loud voices as all scattered to the sudden emergence of massive hands. Tad laid still, shrieking as the hands after carefully selecting only the semi smallest of the woman around him, came for him. As he let out a shout, he was simarily snatched up.
Bruce and Brenda Boloock were settled in thier rooms. Bruce was a common hickster from the south, his farmer tan somewhat better but not quite even in the Mexican climate. His bulky body already dwarfed the king sized bed he and his equally large wife Brenda shared. Brenda heard the door knock, and rose off the bed, laying her dark tanned feet on the ceramic floor as she walked to anwer the door. A bell boy was standing holding a carrying case. "As you requested Madam!" Brenda smiled shoving a 20 dollar bill at the bellboy. She closed the door, as she walked back to the bed. As she opened the case the noise grew in the room, as swarms of tiny girls swooned and chattered within the case. Bruce cruised his fingers amidst the tiny woman, as did Brenda. Brenda frowned as she came upon a somewhat odd find.
Tad screamed as he looked up at the massive woman who took him into her bulky fingertips. As he rose up, the girls beneath still giggled and shouted up at him. He wined, and kicked as he shouted pleads of help upwards and down.
Brenda looked at her fingers as she didn't approve at all. Brenda then flicked her find off.
Tad flew away, and landed hard down on the mat just near the bed. As he lay there seriously hurt, he mustered all his strengh to look up.
Bruce looked at his wife. "What was wrong with that one?" Brenda looked over the bed, as she raised her foot and slammed it down. "That one was just to puny!"
Tad let out a shrill scream just as the giant woman's foot descended.