Story "The Viagra Syndrome." You asked and I have given.

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The country was in full form to accept the new exciting drug which enhanced the male erectial. After passing drug tests, and the intiatal red tape, it was unleashed on the population. Advocates from inside the industry tried to form a coholition to fight it's release due to some complications due to unforseen microside effects. But it was big money to the drug companies, and the release went on as scheduled.

To Connie's surprise her husband and a few friends were preselected along with segments of the population to try it for marketing purposes. For the first few weeks, the effect brought alot of pleasurable differences as the effect seemed to offer tremendous release as well as staminia. But in the ensuing weeks to follow a strange effect started to rear it's ugly head, as as well as enhancing the erection was successful, the men started to experience a change in size of body in unision. It started slow, a few inches a day, till suddenly it soared to a foot a day. Finally when it was all said and done, Connie and her five friend's husbands were all 13 feet tall. The drug also effected mood swings, as all the men had become aggressive in thier plight for sex. The drug Company paid exhorborant sums of money to locate the families concerned to a location where it wouldn't upset the popluation. The town would be renamed Giant Village.

The townspeople would coexist umoungst each other, where the men would assemble at each others homes. The wives were the only inhabitants who were still of regular size, as they mingled and lived with their giant spouses. The get togethers would generate exploreative sexual habbits, as the women would be shared umoungst the horny husbands. Games were played regulary as one husband would select the others wives, and mount them on his lap, as the petite woman would be rode and sexually stimulated enormously by the giant men.
Connie's first experience was as much as a shock to anyone else, as she found herself surrounded by her husband and the other husbands. She gawked up at them, thier towering bodies stretching up, as thier cocks hung out, enlarged and at the ready to inflick pleasure. She plunged into the fray, nervous as the large men easily manipulated her, trading her off, and snatching her back, as she was relegated between the giant men, as she stood squarely on her feet, while still coming only up to the men's crotch, as they even sat. She was smothered by flesh, as the men's legs surrounded her, pulling her this way and that, enormous cocks jockeying at her face, as she tried to take them deeply without success, due to thier enormous sizes.
She would then be invoved as with the other wives, as multiple servers to the giant men, as each husband would trade off, taking two or more wives to place between thier legs, while the minature wives would service their cocks together.
This scenario would play out enlessly, as another side effect soon also showed it's face. The men's ejaculation contained ingediants similar to what enhanced thier body sizes, but now in release the ejaculation had a opposite trigger effect, now effecting the wives. Again the changes happened slowly, taking mere inches off, til it also took in effect in feet. Soon the wives were shruken down to 6 inches tall. The orgy took a different turn, as the wives were now seen as mere toys to the now grossly colossol men.
Get togethers would see the tiny women gathered together, gossiping, as they took to thier new roles. The men would talk amoungst themselves, nosh at the food sent and prepared by the food wagons now presented by yet another offering by the drug companies to keep things quiet amoungst the village dwellers. The wives would experience bouts of sexual appetites, as the husbands when stimulated, would lumber over, and snatch any of the wives nearest, sometimes two or three. Connie experienced many occasions, as she would sit with the wives, gossiping at a new level of complaints and adventures in thier new roles, and lives, when suddenly she would feel a presence, and a thick shadow upon her. She would already know what was next, as she looked up in time to see a huge hand descend and encompass her, as she was brought up and taken away. She would be totally unaware of who the giant was who had taken her. Her own husband would be a 20 percent chance, as the men regulary pounced to beat each other for the tiny wives. As she was unleashed as the giant opened his fist, she would then look upon the husband's face who would rule over her for that moment, till he was satisfied. The orgy of sexual practice would always include mocking of size, as the husband would poke and caress her tiny body with his massive digit. she would then always have her clothes torn off, sometimes apart, as the husband took liberties, posing his power over her. She would feel completely tiny in his grip, as he menacingly manipulated her with ease. She used the feeling to use her nervousness to mingle with her excitment to overcome the sheer fear of being completely crushed, at the hands of the massive husbands. She had since gotten used to thier size, but still found herself looking in awe, as she was brought squarely to the husband's massive cocks. Bouts of pressure, as the man would smear and press her against his giant member, before allowing her to freely frolick amidst it, climbing his shaft, or balancing herself on his tip, straddling her legs around his head, while watching the surroundings so large and dizzying high. She would then be quashed against his head, her face pressed at his slit, while he wailed at his shaft, as he felt her tiny movements as she licked at his slit and around his hot head. Plunging the wives into condoms was also a favorite passtime. As she wouldn't know when the mood would happen, till the condom was selected, and she was plunged down deep into it's reservoir. There she would sway and bounce as she could only watch the giant's cock penetrate the opening, and slide in towards her. The entire condom would shake violently as the massive cock slid in further, till it was upon her. A small hole was always poked at the reservoir to accomodate air to enter, as the men would masturbate as they watched themselvs, and into the foggy condom interior, to see her and the other wives struggle against thier ominous cocks.
The other husbands also loved watching as the man would palm off his own member, while his condom clad cock would jet out, the tiny woman clearly seen perched ontop, embraced by the flabby rubber. And when the man ejaculated, the reserve would quickly fill, obliterating any view of the tiny wife inside. As the husband would slowly deflate, his condom would release it's hold, and by it's own weight now, shrivel off, and splatter to the floor below.
Connie would quickly wade through to the opening, till she found air, and breath in thankfully, while laying in the hot mush. She would linger in it, finding it too hard to crawl out farther, as the caking cum weighted her down in the condom opening. She always knew the risk was high, that the husband would step down and crush her good, as he usually stepped down in fun, to reveal her to the other husbands, her body strewn amidst the cum and flattened condom. This was always to poke fun at the husband to whom the tiny woman belonged to. A effort to poke dominance games to each other, as if to say, I got control of your wife now. It was a effective game, and sought out by all involved, with each tiny wife.

A strange event happend some monthes later, as a full couple arrived. A man and wife who were both 13 feet tall. The effect strangely effected the couple as the wife and husband both experiemented with the drug. Stu and Cyndy were the newest members of Giant village. Stu was a large man, normally was 6'3 290 lbs, now at his new height keeping his girth, was menacingly over 500 lbs easily. Cyndy his wife was normally at 5'11, and full figured, was equal to any of the giant husbands who lived in the village.
With the newest couple living there, the occomodations and offerings had chaged to make the new sex more comfortable. She was presented with a waredrobe to encompass her new size, detailing in dresses, shoes, pantyhose, socks etc. Equal to what was needed to clothe the giant men. The drug company knew there woud be more couples to arrive in the future, and made arrangements to accomodate everyone involved.
The wives had grown accustomed to the arrangements, and were now to experience the presence of a woman, a rival but to an extent that they were hardly equiped to tackle with. The giant woman embraced her new entity, and flaunted it freely. As the other husbands made efforts to experience a new form of sexual release in seeing a complete couple use the tiny women.
The excursions were anticipated, as the couple greedily accepted the new terms. Stu would lumber over, and snatch up a handful of the woman. Connie was selected on the first occasion. Within his monstrous hand, he walked over to his wife, and laid next to her. He dumped the handful onto the sheet between he and his wife, and the two manipuated and fondled the swarm with thier fingers. Each tiny woman was dragged along the sheets, smeared at the each of the giant's bodies, whether along the giantess's breast, or the giant's chest. The tiny woman would be forced together, in mounds, as the couple groped and prodded them relentless. Soon the giant would snatch up two, and caress them along his member, stroking himself, with the help of the tiny bodies. The giantess, would watch, while caressing herself with the help of the tiny women on her own clit. Each stroke covering the tiny women in the couples own pre-cum or juices. Till the man finally mounted his wife, the two embracing and having titantic intercourse, with the tiny woman intermingled between them.
As the giant couple came, they broke free, falling apart, on the bed. Amidst thier glistening bodies, the tiny women could be seen strewn on sweaty flesh and pantyhose clad thighs.

End of part 1