Part 9 From LOTG Death and betrayal of Mark Wilson

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Posted by The Story Teller on May 17, 2004 at 18:37:23:

Ok here is part 9 please give me ideas for chapter 10
should Billy find More little people to play with and if yes? who enjoy

This was way cool there was a tiny man inside Billy’s mouth he imagined how scary it must be for him, wondering if the giant boy would swallow him whole or crush him under those monster teeth. But that was way to easy Billy had other plans for Mark’s death, besides he wanted to watch as the little man died, he rolled the man around with his tongue a few more times before spitting him is hand.

Looking down at the tiny man soaked in his saliva an idea came to him he would crush the tiny man under his foot, but not all at once he would do it slowly. Also to make this more fun he decided to play a game of hide and seek. Placing Mark on the ground between his massive feet he told the tiny man that he had sixty seconds to hide, and if he could stay hidden four one hour he would let him go. Mark set off to hide Billy realized that there might be a flaw to his plan, while he had no intention of keeping his promise to the tiny man a scary thought entered his mind. Mark was so tiny he could hide anywhere he could even fit under the crack under the door, but what scared him the most was what if the his mother came home and found the tiny man he would tell her all that happened,
She would never let him keep his tiny pet something he had come to love

An idea come to him he reached for his pet and began to caress her tiny breasts she moaned in ecstasy, he then told her what, had happened and asked her if she wanted to help him find Mark looking up at her giant boy master, and lover she told him yes. With a huge smile on his face he said great and once again placed her on his cock. Valerie had made her choice she had given into her fantasy and embraced it; the fact that her giant capture was a boy was all the more exciting to her there was so much she could teach him besides she truly loved him and believed that he loved her.

Mark was looking for a way out of this nightmare if Valerie wanted to stay and hump a giant boy’s dick then forget her he always thought her to be kinky. Suddenly the ground began to shake he knew he better get a move on. He was about to make a dash for the door when an enormous foot came crashing down in front of him blocking his escape route. How had this happened? He had timed his dash for freedom perfectly yet he had been cut off looking up he new why from many stories up to him Valerie was sitting on the giant boyhood. She was pointing wildly were Mark was she had betrayed him.

Mark tried to back away but it was no use the boy raised his big toe and slowly lowered it on top of Mark pinning him underneath it and slowly applied pressure. Billy enjoyed the feeling the struggling tiny man against his toe, and was going to squeeze a little harder when he heard the tiny voice of Valerie. He removed her from his dick and listened while she spoke and said with a grin ok and placed her on the ground.

Mark was confused while still trapped under the toe the pressure had once again stopped
Suddenly he knew why Valerie was standing next to him. Val he cried out between breaths you got to help me Sorry Mark but it has to be this way she went on to explain that she loved this giant boy and wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. And with that she climbed up on to the giant toes and straddled the big toe that had pinned Mark, and began to grind her self on it. Slowly the boy began to add weight and Mark began to scream he felt his ribs snap, a terrible pressure built up in his head, the last thing he saw before he was reduced to a purple mass was Valerie waving to him as she humped the boys toe.