Part 8 from LOTG tell me how to kill Mark Eaten or squished

Posted by The STory Teller on May 13, 2004 at 14:35:48:

Mark struggled to get to his feet but it was an effort he was still very dizzy, his head ached and he still hard a ringing sensation in his ears. All of a sudden he was struck on the left shoulder, rubbing his shoulder he found that it was covered in a clear sticky substance from up above heard a loud moan of pleasure. Mark realized what this disgusting liquid was he had been slimed looking up he could not believe what he was seeing

From way above him Valerie was sitting on the largest dick he ever saw, he estimated it to be five feet in length. But what really upset him was that Valerie seemed to be having the time of her life, she was grinding her self on the giant boy’s member it looked like she was riding one of those mechanical bulls you would see in a Texas bar and applying the boy’s fluid all over her self like sun tan loation.
Valerie he called up to her what the fuck are you doing? Her moans of self pleasure stopped and she looked down from atop her mount oh hi Mark she said some what embarrassed glad to see that up from your nap. My nap he screamed outraged this giant freak almost kills me with his fart and when I wake up I find you grinding yourself on his dick! you fucking slut. Billy looked down at the tiny man in the bowl with hatred, you’ll pay for that remark but first Valerie and I have some unfinished business.

Billy looked down at his tiny pet and smiled at her with affection, she had let him in on her fantasy and that give him a sense of great pleasure there was going to be a lot of fun times ahead. Valerie once again continued to stroke the monster beast; Billy began to buck his hips and soon blew his entire wade into the bowl.

Like lava erupting from a volcano white hot seamen rained down on the tiny man covering him from head to toe soon he was up to his knees in the stuff it was like walking in funky oatmeal. He had to keep moving or else he was going to get stuck in the stuff. Suddenly he felt a terrible pain in his head, he then felt himself lifted out of the bowl and raised to eye level to face the angry young giant. Now you are going to pay for your remark about Valerie he said, any last requests Billy asked? Fuck you Mark said get it over with. Ok said Billy and tilted his head and slowly lowered the tiny man into his open mouth.

Mark was terrified there were lots of different ways to die on this planet you could be stepped on, or eaten by a wild animal like the guy who was dinner to a giant spider, or you could be captured by a scientist and dissected like a frog. But never in his wildest dreams did he ever think he would be eaten or swallowed by a giant boy. He kicked wildly to avoid the large muscle that was the boy’s tongue that eagerly awaited him, but to no avail and soon he was inside the cavern