Part 7 From LOTG Mark prepars to go swiming

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This is a small update Next chapter wont be until after weekend. Let me know If I should kill off Mark in this next chapter

He then reached over and placed her on his boyhood the response to her touch on his organ was instant and the sensation of pleasure took his breath away. Valerie straddled
The organ as one would sit atop a horse, both legs hung over the side. She was surprised how soft the flesh was it felt like velvet she reached out and began to massage it, from above her the boy let out a soft moan and as he looked down at her he said my god is it supposed to feel so good.

Valerie smiled to her self she was fulfilling her childhood fantasy, with a smile she looked up at her young giant student and said yes and its only going to get better and continued rubbing the ever growing organ. Eager to please Billy and help him with his orgasm she crept to the sensitive skin on the tip, there she stroked, massaged, and licked
And finally inserted her arm up to the piss slit it went in up to her elbow.

Billy was loosing his mind this tiny naked lady sitting on his dick was sending waves of
Pleasures threw him he never thought possible this was way cooler than playing video games. Already his dick was twice as long as it was before and still growing, I wonder how long it will get he thought to him self as he let out yet another moan of pleasure.

Valerie was pleased pre-cum had appeared on the head she scooped some up and rubbed it on her self, the skin had tightened up and he was giving off a very powerful sent which she found almost hypnotic. Soon the giant boy could not hold on any longer and in a scream of ecstasy exploded his contents into the waiting bowl below containing the tiny man who was waking up after being knocked unconscious from the boys fart.