part 6 of From LOTG Mark Is put to sllep with green house gas& and Valerie soon to go riding

Posted by The Storry Teller on May 07, 2004 at 20:57:09:

here is part 6 enjoy

No Billy not yet she said this is only pre cum it comes out first Oh said the boy looking disappointed, she then went on to explain to him that first the pre-cum came out and after that the seamen came out. I see he said she continued to stroke Mark faster and faster, try as he might and he tried hard not to give in Mark suddenly erupted and shot his load.

Awesome said Billy he then reached out and touched the tip of the tiny mans cock, some of the still flowing seamen dripped on to the boys finger. So this is cum he thought to himself, he was surprised to find that it was quite sticky then an idea come to him. He placed Valerie on his night table and told her not to move, with the exhausted little man in his hand he went to the kitchen.

He came back with a large soup bowl in which he placed Mark he sat down on his bed and spread his legs and set the bowl down in between them. Then he picked up Valerie and placed her in his palm, fearing the worst she asked the boy were Mark was, with a grin on his face he showed her the tiny man struggling to get out of the bowl.

He then explained to her that she was to sit on his cock and make him cum in the bowl, he then told to her that his mom would kill him if he made a mess on his bed. Valerie cried out what about Mark She knew that if the boy unloaded in the bowl Mark would be in serious trouble, he could drown. Billy no longer cared what happened to the tiny man,
The tiny woman was all he cared about for now he would keep here forever.

Not wanting to appear cruel he said I have an idea he then picked up the bowl and placed it with the tiny man inside underneath his butt, forming a perfect hermetic seal. Mark new the situation could not be good as the giant butt and rectum blocked out the day light.
Valerie asked what you are going to do. Billy said relax this will help him sleep then said I had baked beans for lunch. And with that let loose the biggest, loudest, and smelliest fart in his 13 years of life.

What Mark experienced inside the bowl no man should have to endure the noise was like a ship foghorn magnified 1000 times over, the sound deafened him. Next came the blast
This lifted him up and slammed him against the far side of the bowl, threw all this he still survived! With all he endured he was amazed that he was still conscious, but not for long, next came the horrible odder. Like the WMD that had yet to be recovered from Iraq he was overcome and passed out.

Removing the bowl from his butt he once again placed it between his legs, the smell coming from it was horrible holding his nose he said with grin phew that ranks as my all time worst smelling farts. Valerie almost passed out but recovered, weakly she asked is Mark ok. Billy looked down in the bowl and saw that the tiny man was out cold but still breathing. Hes asleep he said and with that reached out and placed the tiny woman on to his now semi erect dick and said make me cum