Part 5 of the LOTG Story Valerie becomes a Teacher

Posted by The Story Teller on May 06, 2004 at 20:29:08:

small update to my LOTG story
please suggest future chapter ideas.

Billy was about to remove the tiny mans clothing when he felt a very pleasurable sensation on his balls, looking down he saw that the tiny woman was rubbing them and that his dick had started to grow again. Smiling down at here he said thanks that felt great, but first I have to finish examining the tiny man first. He then using his finger nail removed the tiny mans paint and briefs.

Billy observed the tiny mans tiny cock and balls, and said with a laugh dam your equipment sure is tiny I think the Qtip might be too big. Then picked up the instrument to measure it Against Markís dick close enough he said. Mark struggled in the boyís hand, but it was no use he was trapped and very embarrassed. The tiny mans struggles excited Billy, his next move surprised him reaching down he retrieved Valerie and placed her in his palm next to Mark.

Oh my god she said in her tiny voice what are you doing as she glanced at the half naked man trapped under the giant thumb? Donít worry Billy said heís not hurt yet but if you donít do as I saw Ill use my thumb to squash his head. Please the tiny woman said what you want me to do? I want you to Jerk him off Billy said. Mark said donít do it Val.

Billy removed his thumb from Markís chest and placed it over the tiny mans head effectively cutting off his air supply. The tiny man twitched like a fish out of water as he struggled to breathe, Valerie pounded her fist on the giant thumb Please she shouted I will do any thing you ask but please let him go. Billy once again placed this thumb on the tiny mans chest as Mark sucked in precious air.

Now get to work Billy said Valerie got down on her hands and knees and began to stroke Markís cock. Like a snake waking from a nap the tiny cock began to grow. Cool Billy said make it grow bigger, Mark continued to struggle under the boyís thumb, he knew he was fighting a loosing battle Valerie was torturing him he new it would not be long he lost his load.

Billy was fascinated as the tiny woman stroked the tiny man the tip of his cock started to leak something, curiously he said is he coming now? Valerie was going to give a nasty answer but when she looked up at the young boys face looking down with excitement and curiosity she thought to herself this must be new to him. She chose anther tactic she would be his teacher she would teach him all the pleasures of sex and give into her secret childhood fantasy.