Part 4 of Of my LOTG Story

Posted by The Story Teller on May 05, 2004 at 19:31:52:

thanks for the support I intend for this story to have as many chapters as possible. I would appreciate
any story ideas you might like to see.

Eager to continue his exploits of the tiny woman he looked for something smaller to insert into her vaginal area, he also discovered to his delight his own boyhood was getting quite large, Looking around an idea came to him he could a Qtip it would be small enough he thought, it would also have to be lubricated for that he chose vasiline.
Billy smiled down at the tiny woman in his hand and thought to himself god this is awesome.

He showed the Qtip to Valerie and said I found something small enough to fuck you with it should be the same size as the tiny mans dick, but better be safe than sorry and with that put the Valerie down in between his legs and grabbed Mark and held him in his fist.

Mark was frantic judging from the way this kidís dick was growing there was no telling what he was doing to Valerie; he had to do something but what. Before he had the chance to imagine any thing else she appeared next to him. He was going to ask here how she was when the giant hand came down and grabbed him. Opening his hand he found the tiny man shaken but uninjured, hey he said looking up at the youthful face many stories above him what have you done to Valerie he asked? Nothing more than you did except
She might have enjoyed it more it more he said.

Mark asked what do you want with me. Well its like this I need to measure you to see if this will fit, And showed the tiny man the giant Qtip.The instrument the boy was holding was as tall as he was and then some, what do you need that for he asked concern growing on his face? Billy seeing the concern on Markís face only excited the giant boy even more said I need this to fuck Valerie with he said. Itís the smallest thing I could find that will fit in her tiny pussy, thatís why I need you I need to measure you the tip should be the same size as your tiny dick.

Mark was furious listen kid he said if you think Iím going to help you in your sick fantasy your mistaken. Billy just laughed and said yea right like you have any say in the matter, now I want you to remove your cloths so I can measure you. Fuck you Mark replied Billy sighed and have it your own way. With that Billy poked Mark in the chest causing the tiny man to fall on to his back and using his thumb he pinned him there.

Valerie heard Markís shouts of protest from up above her and become concerned, Mark could be a hot head she hoped he would not anger the young giant, into hurting him or worse hopefully she could find a distraction. Cautiously she approached the giant genitaila directly in front of her; she was both frightened and impressed by its enormous size and mass. Each testicle was almost as tall as she was, and even in a relaxed state the boys penis was taller then her and twice as round, surprisingly there was not much pubic hair she chalked this up to the boy being a late bloomer but not to late she said to her self. With trepidation she began to massage one of the giant testicles surprisingly it felt pleasant.