part three of From LOTG valerie teaches sex education to a young giant The lessons begin

Posted by The story Teller on May 03, 2004 at 15:00:59:

Here is part three of my continuing story of the LOTG
I belive this part is better than part 2 I would appreciate feed back on what you think and what you of it so far

No Valerie cried out you win and raised her hands for the giant boy to pick her up, Billy placed her in the palm of his hand looking down at the tiny man still trapped between his legs said you can thank your girl friend for saving your life.

Billy began to caresses the tiny woman in his hand concentrating on her tits, they felt like little bumps. Valerie let out soft little moan of pleasure Billy smiled and thought man oh man she really likes this. Next he began to undress her soon she was naked in the palm of his hand. Now donít move while I examine and explore you and with that he began to poke and prod her with his index finger. He especially like the feel of her tiny breasts, they felt like little water balloons, carefully he took a breast between his thumb and fore finger and began to gently squeeze it .He also like the way her nipples felt they got hard has he rubbed them.

Mark knew the situation could not be good from up above her heard Valerie moans he knew he had to try to save her before she was violated but what could he do. Here on this planet he was tiny 3 inch man trapped in between the legs of a giant 13 year old teenager what could he do.

Valerie felt confused you see Valerie had a secret fantasy that she never spoke about; ever since she was a child her secret wish was to be tiny and played with by a giant.
When she was a child she used to play games with her younger brother, he would play
The part of the giant monster and she would be the victim she loved it when she he used to put his put his foot on her pretending to step on her. And while she loved Mark the sight of him trapped under the young giant boyís shoe like some bug almost made here orgasm right then and there. Now here she was indeed tiny only 3 inches tall and naked in the palm of a young giant who was exploring her, she let out a shudder of pleasure.

Are you cold Billy asked? No she replied next Billy gently spread her legs apart revealing her vigina he looked confused how come you havenít got any hair here he said poking it? I like to keep it clean she told him satisfied with her answer he started to stroke it with his index finger the razor stubble tickled his finger causing him to giggle. As he continued to stroke her he noticed that his finger was becoming wet with a sticky liquid, looking down he saw the woman bucking her hips each time he stroked her also tiny beads of sweat were appearing on her far head. Encouraged by his actions he gently spread the lips of her tiny pussy; did you enjoy it when the tiny man put his dick in you he asked as he continued to stoke her? Yeas came her reply between moans of ecstasy.
Wanting to try something new he took his pinky and attempted to insert it into her,
But it was too big only the tip of his finger fit in as Valerie screamed in pain. He withdrew his finger and said shit Ill have to find something smaller.
To be continued