Part 2 of OF the LOTG story

Posted by The Story Teller on May 02, 2004 at 18:30:20:

here is part 2 this is a hard story to write would appreciate any comments on future chapters

. Instantly Valerie ran over to Markís side she was relieved to see that he was bruised but otherwise uninjured.

Billy dropped down to his hands and knees surrounding the tiny couple in a wall of flesh.
You two will make real neat pets, suddenly he heard someone call on his name. Oh shit he said my group is looking for me. I will have to find a place to hide you. With that he reached out and engulfed both Mark and Valerie in his fist and got to his feet, frantically looking for a place to hide the tiny couple an idea came to him. With a smile he opened his fist and said to his tiny captives, I have found a place to put you when no one will find you. With that he pulled opened the elastic bands of his shorts and briefs and placed Mark and Valerie inside his underwear. Smiling down at the tiny couple he said you will be safe here, and closed the bands of the shorts and briefs despite the protests of his passengers.

Mark Wilson had been totally humiliated; first being pinned down under the giant boyís shoe like some bug that needed to be stepped on and now riding as an unwilling passenger in the boys briefs. Valerie was confused despite her predicament she found herself becoming aroused perhaps, it was the musty sent given off by the boys organ. She hoped her body would not betray her.

Billy's mind was going through sensory overload; he was experiencing pleasure like he never felt before. He could feel the tiny couple bounce against his balls; he could also feel the tiny woman holding on to his ball sac for support. Looking down at his shorts he saw a tent in his groin area.

It was an extreme effort but Billy managed to get through the rest of his day without his passengers being discovered. When Billy got home he was delighted to find a Note taped to the refrigerator, it was from his mother she would have to work late again tonight. He went upstairs to his room and sat down on his bed; carefully he reached into his underwear and withdrew the tiny couple. Looking down at the tiny man and woman standing on the palm of his hand gave him a sense of power like he never felt before.

Lets get something straight right away he said you belong to me I am your master now, you will obey all of my commands with out question. Failure to do so will result in punishment. Do you understand? Mark was about to say something when Valerie cut him off yes master we understand, Mark gave Valerie a look of disbelief.

Good Billy said obedience will be rewarded now tell me your names Mark just looked at Valerie but said nothing, Valerie said my name is Valerie and this is Mark Wilson Billy smiled and good he said that wasnít so bad was it he said. Once again Valerie asked her giant boy capture Billy what do you want with us. Billy thought about this for a second and said I want you teach me all about sex.

He then explained that he was 13 and had never seen a naked woman before and never even jerked off he did not know how, then he brightened up and said thatís why itís so cool to have you. You can teach me what I need to know, and then I can practice on you, so when I have sex with a girl my size I know what to do Valerie was devastated .Ok Billy said time for the first lesson lets see what you look like with out any cloths on.
He then went to spread Valerieís legs apart with his finger, the tiny woman let out a tiny scream as the giant digit approached her this sent a new wave of pleasure through Billy

Mark sprung into action when he heard Valerieís scream kicking hard at the giantís finger he said donít you touch her you fucking pervert. This amused and angered the giant boy at the same time using his thumb and fore finger as forcipes he lifted the tiny man by his shirt collar and brought him up to eye level. Tiny man you will be punished
For your actions, No Valerie screamed please donít hurt him, the giant boy looked down at the tiny woman in his palm and said I will let him off with a warning this time if you agree to let me finish removing your cloths. Valerie desperately wanted to help Mark, but she could not bring her self to be stripped by a giant boy she just couldnít I cant she cried out. Very well he said then its punishment for you tiny man.

He the put Valerie on his pillow and while still holding onto Mark got up and removed his shorts and briefs and sat down Indian fashion on his bed. He then reached for the tiny woman and deposited her on his knee and dropped Mark in between his legs trapping him there. You can stop this he told her, not getting any response from her said ok itís your choice.

Mark was trapped there was no were for him to escape to he tried to climb up the boyís socks but it was no use. Billy Looked down at the tiny man between his legs and said you know what its like to be stepped on by my shoe, now you will know what its like to be stepped on by my dick.
To be continued.