From LOTG valerie teaches sex education to a young giant

Posted by The story Teller on April 30, 2004 at 21:59:19:

finished the first part of story based on land of the giants tv show. This first part is kind of slow but
The action gets better in the second part. This is my first story attempt, please let me know if its any good and if I should continue or scrap it. here is the first part enjoy.

Inspector kobick was extremely frustrated for two years; the dreaded little people had eluded him. Once this commander in charge of the capture of the little people had been reduced in rank to captain. He once had unlimited funds at his disposal. Now that budget had been cut to the bone
All he had now was a squad of boys ages 10 to 14. They were named the little people capture squad.

Billy's luck had changed for the better at 13; he was picked for the little people capture squad
For two years Billy and read and heard about little people since they had landed on his planet the thought of tiny people fascinated Billy. Now he was going to get his chance and capture some of them, but Billy had other plans than to turn the little people over to the government. Billy was looking to capture a female little person oh yes He had special plans for them.

This was the first chance that Mark Wilson and Valerie had time to be alone together for weeks. They had been working on the ship or out gathering food but now they had plenty of food, and the ship was almost repaired. This was the time they had been waiting for hand-in-hand, they set out into the forest looking for private spot. They chose a location next to a giant oak tree; Mark spread out a blanket and took Valerie in a passionate embrace neither one of them could anticipate the danger that awaited them.

If there was one thing Billy was shy about it was girls, he liked them, but was inexperienced in many ways. When Billy's friends talked about sex Billy always changed the subject, not because he didn't want to talk about it, but because no one took the time to explain things to him. Billy did not know the difference between a blow Pop from a blow job. But all that was about to change the little people women would teach him all he needed to know about sex or suffer the consequences , and his wrath.

Billy's unit had a new weapon in there arsenal against the little people, this weapon was a device that could detect the metabolism of little people. And as luck would have it Billy's device had activated alerting him to the presence of two little people. Cautiously Billy crept up upon the two little people when he came within 1 meter of his objective, he turned the unit off. Billy could hardly believe his luck there at the base of the oak tree, were two little people a man and a woman and they were having sex.

What luck thought Billy a mating pair they can teach me a lot he thought, carefully he lie down on his stomach to observe the two little people in a mating ritual Valerie lie back with her eyes closed in total ecstasy Mark was the best she had in quite some time. When she opened her eyes, she let out a blood curdling scream what she saw was the face of a young giant looking down upon them.

Mark was quick to his feet, hey fuck head he shouted at the giant teen did you enjoy the peep show! Billy was confused, excuse me but what did you say he asked? Mark was angry now why donít you go somewhere else to jerk off and leave us alone he said. Valerie spoke up and said, excuse me, but what is your name. My name is Billy, said the giant teen, what you want with us she asked him? I want you to show me how you made love to that tiny man. I also want to explore your tiny body.

No Valerie cried you can't do that to us Billy got to his feet and said with an evil smile, would you rather, I step on the tiny man instead he asked. and slowly began to lower his foot on top of Mark. Try as he might Mark was no match for the giant shoe; soon he was trapped underneath it only his head and shoulders were visible. Slowly Billy started to apply pressure, Mark screamed out in agony, and his head began to turn red. No Valerie screamed, please stop I'll do anything. Billy stopped applying pressure and said, Anything and Valerie said yes, anything just please don't step on him. Billy removed his foot from the tiny man.To be continued
in Billys room