Story "Valentine day massacre"

Posted by Talisman ( on February 13, 2005 at 19:43:11:

Cindy eyes Gerry as she walks into the room. Gerry, a longtime lover, sits naked on the couch, his large body taking up much room on the grand couch. Cindy eases into the couch, as she holds her hand tightly in a fist. He looks on, reminding her to disclose the valentines day surprise. Cindy smiles as he rises her fist up, and slowly opens it. In her vast palm, lay the two, Connie and Joe, her recent shrinkees, just snatched from their homes. Gerry looks on in amazement as he leans closer. "What! dolls! are those those interactive ones I heard about?" Cindy giggles. "No silly, quite real, very real. You two start moving for my lover!" Cindy jiggles her hand. The two rise up, standing on her fleshy palm, as they both move closer to the edge nearest to Gerry. To this Gerry leans in closer, his massive eyes looking at the two. "Shit! how, where?" His questions cast out in disbelief. "Never mind, the little slut is yours, and the little bugman is mine." Gerry leans back, and looks at Cindy, as she urges him to partake. Gerry moves his hand over closer to Connie, as she starts to back up, her tiny voice uttering. "Joe! Joe, please! Stop this!" Gerry's fingers were upon her, as he snatched her up and pulled her back towards him. Joe stood watching as his wife is obliterated from view, as the giant man holds his hand close to his massive chest, as he opens it and admires the tiny woman. "So what exactly can I do with her, what is she good for?" Gerry asks. "Anything you want, she is multiuseful, and quite disposable, so don't worry about being rough, I can get more, alot more." Cindy assured. Gerry lowered his hand down, as his massive erection rose up at his belly. His head wet, and oozing pre-cum as he started to wipe Connie across his pee-hole. Gerry rubbed, and smeared the tiny woman across his mushroomed head, using caution at first as he felt her writhes in defense. "She is being quite stand offish." Gerry said, as he cupped her around his shaft, sliding her up and down. "But it does feel cool, damn! I got a tiny woman on my cock, I can fucken rape the shit out of her." Gerry quipped, as he seemed to be enjoying it now.
Cindy held Joe in her fist now, holding him firmly, while his tiny head protruding out from the tip. He could plainly see the giant man completely using his wife, with ease, and no regard now for her safety, as he seemed to be pummeling her now against his head, as sticky pre-cum languashes outward, creating a sliver of stringy slim around the tiny woman. Connie was still fighting, as her screams continued, but were waining down. The surreal view was intense, as her tiny image was horrendously dwarfed by the backdrop of the giant plump man's body, his chest utterly gigantic as his belly, his cock a sheer thick sheet of flesh, monstrously holding power around her, as his thick meaty fingers made easy work of manipulating her about.
Cindy spread her legs, as she seemed pleased with Gerry's acceptance of her gift, as she held Joe by his legs, and began to use him like a dildo, and shoving him in and out of her cavernous clit, her pubs wet and bristling at his penetration, gunky cum soaking his tiny body as he is lolly popped in and out. Cindy moaned, as she slammed her thighs together, feeling his tiny body being shoved in every so slightly, but causing her interior much pleasure.
Gerry was starting to moan louder, as he was hammering his hand around his cock more. Connie's tiny body was almost limp, as she shook violently in his grip around his massive cock. Cindy stood up, crawling between his legs, as she removed his fingers around his cock, and took it into her mouth. She felt Connie enter as well, as she stuck to his head. With Joe halfway out of her clit, Cindy sat on her knees, and sucked Gerry's massive cock with long swatches, using her tongue to urge his cum. Gerry exploded, his hot spunk oozing out, as Cindy sucked it in greedily. She then moved back. "On my face baby!" Gerry moved his cock forward spraying creamy cum over her accepting face, and down her chest. Cindy wiped the cum, swirling it around her face, and down her chest. As Gerry finished up, wiping his cock across her mouth, Cindy licked it clean, while still fondling the cum on her chest.
Embedded between her ample bossoms, she felt the coccooned tiny woman, strewn and stuck. Cindy rolled her in her finger tips, feeling the slim coating on the tiny body. Raising it up for eye view she giggled, as Gerry looked on, sharing the same joke. "How utterly pathetic, she is just covered in my gunk." Gerry chuckled. Cindy rubbed and rolled her about, hardly caring. "Yeah, geesz, pathetic little slut. Did you even consider her worthy of your cock?" Cindy mocked. "Hardly, she became limp not soon after I got into it." Gerry answered. Cindy flicked her body toward Gerry's large sack, giggling as she lay limp. "Just caked in your cum isn't she?" Cindy said. Gerry swung his still hard cock down, holding his head just over the tiny woman. "Think she needs a wash. " Gerry then released a large flow of piss, practically drowning the tiny woman as it pooled on the cushion. Gerry then bounced his cock, before wiping it onto the limp woman. "Oh geez, you're gonna have to wash that now baby!" Cindy said giggling, as she stood up. "This is how you do it, follow me." Cindy walked with Gerry following. Cindy entered the bathroom, and swung her ass over to the seat, she then lifted her body just over the toilet, so Gerry could watch. Joe hung, still half way inside her clit, when her stream of piss started to flow. Joe became dislodged, as he hung as piss poured over him, banging onto the water below. Cindy moaned as she flet his tugs on her pubs. As she finished off the last drops she fished into her legs for his body. "And for the coupe de grasse!" Cindy poked the tiny man into her ass cheeks, before leaning over, and blowing out numerous bouts of farts. Cindy reached for the tissue, wiping a swatch through her cheeks, till she pulled it out the other end. Gerry never thought he be into this but was finding it hard to resist, as he crammed to see the result of the tiny man. Cindy pulled the tissue in full view, displaying the tiny man disheveled in Cindy's skid marks, before crumpling it up and tossing it aside.
The two ajourned back to the living room, the cushion had since been removed and put into the washing machine. Gerry had placed his underwear on, but first shoved Connie inside. As Cindy and Gerry watched some T.V. Cindy took hold of his cock and regulary jacked him off through numerous orgasm. Gerry left his underwear on, as he filled it repeatedily with the tiny woman deeply in his waste by now. Before the two decided to go out to eat something, Gerry removed his underwear. Cindy was curious as she watched Gerry walk out of his gitch, the interior was a mess with his caked cum. It was hard at first, to spot Connie, but eventually Cindy spotted her entrenched deeply along the ribbon, her body amidst a deep mush of gunk and skid marks. Gerry leaned over, peeling the tiny woman out, as he surveyed her tiny body in his massive digits. "Hmm doesn't seem like she survived it." Gerry said as a matter factly. "Oh well, let go eat." Gerry said as he dropped the tiny woman, crushing her flat as he walked away to get dressed.