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New Story"Using Lucy"
Wednesday, 26-Apr-2000 17:43:51 writes:

    Using Lucy

    Jim couldn't believe his luck as he greeted his new part-time assitant on his route. Her name was Lucy, a petite girl, probably somewhere around 20 years old, quite slinky and agile. Jim licked his lips as she entered his cab wearing a oversized t-shirt, and a pair of tight jean shorts.
    As the days rolled along, Jim found out more and more about the colorful girl. She was a bit dipsy, but did her job well enough. As he tried to find out more about her, he was surprised to find her quite candid about sensitive issues. On one particular day on their runs, she was frank in telling Jim that she thought serving her man was the utmost importance in a woman's life. She also went into what kind of things she thought every woman should do, and went into detail. Jim almost lost control of his truck as she detailed about felatio and massages etc.
    Lucy found out about Jim's wife and asked quite often of her and her character. Eventually she went quite intimate into Jim's relationship with his wife and got Jim to admit to some kinky styles.

    Some two months past and Lucy dropped a bomb shell on Jim and announced of a secret she has had for years and was exstatic about trying it out with Jim and his wife. Jim only listened with total disbelief as Lucy told of her tale. At how she had a grand mother who passed on a old talon to her which granted her the wish to shrink down and better utilize herself to serve who ever she wanted. After hearing the entire story, Jim could only laugh, Lucy was used to the response as she must of told her tale elsewhere. Undaunted by this she assured Jim to take her to his place where she would demonstrate for him personally.
    Jim arrived at his appartment around three that afternoon, and led her to his living room. Excusing himself he washed up and invited Lucy to do also in their guest bathroom. Outside in the living room, Jim sat at his couch and smoked a ciggarette, as Lucy walked back to him. "Well you ready big boy?" She asked coy. Jim smiled and nodded. "Sure go ahead shrink!"
    Lucy stood back and waited for something to grab hold of her as she started to girate back and forth. To Jim's surprise she actually started to lose her size and mass, as she began to descend downwards at a incredible rate. Before he knew it he was hunting in the carpet for her body. Jim was able to spot her within the colored patches in the carpet design and made notice of her size now at some 3 inches long. Jim leaned over and reached down to her. Lucy was jumping up and down to get noticed as Jim's hand seemed to skim over her. Jim grabbed hold of her and lifted her to eye level. Within his grasp he looked on at her miniature size, and at how calm she sat in his palm. She began to talk and he listened in close to hear her. "Beleive me now, do you?" Jim didn't know what to say and began to pinch himself to see if he was dreaming. "Man! how did you do that?" Lucy didn't bother going into that story once more and merely started to caress his palm with his now naked body. It felt good and Jim began to smear her with his other fingers and caressed her about. Lucy then sat up and motioned for him to close in on her to hear her. "Put me in your pants, I got a surprise for you." Jim's cock shot up to attention upon hearing this and quickly opened his zipper up and then his buckle to release his bulge. He then placed his opened palm toward his cock vent and watched as the tiny girl walked off his hand and entered his underwear whole. Jim sat back and waited for her to find her nitch and then felt the tiny sensations as her tiny body began to massage and caress his erection. Jim went with the feeling and merely enjoyed her as she worked hard to jack him off with what little body she had to work with. Before he knew it, he was approaching his release and no longer worried about her as he climaxed.
    Pumping his cock like a sponge, he oozed out his release until he was empty. He focused his attention to his sagging shorts and finally thought of his tiny girl.
    Carefully he removed his shorts and scanned in his cum filled shorts for any signs. He came upon her drenched body under mounds of his waste, and poked her out with his fingers. In his hands, she looked limp and slowly stirred out and into concious. She looked up and wiped her face with her hands and arms, looking up at him. "Did I please you Jim?" Jim smiled and nodded. "Wow, where have you been most of my life?"
    Both Jim and Lucy washed up and began to talk about escalating the premise with his wife Judy. Jim informed her that she would be arriving home shortly from work. She decided to surprise her as well and came up with a plan.
    Jim was to introduce her in bed later when Judy came home.
    Both waited as Judy suddenly arrived home from work. She walked into the living room wearing a blazer with biege blouse with a pearl collar pin, with her sheer short gray skirt, along with a charcoal pair of nylons. Judy slumped over the couch and put her feet up as she talked about her day. Jim listened intently, excited about his surprise. Both ate dinner and shared subtle comments about small things. Jim then rushed away the dishes and escorted Judy to bed still in her work clothes. Judy liked the treatment and merely went with it as Jim carried her to the bed.
    Both shared a passionate kiss and embrace as both began to unstrip themselves. Judy finally being nude except for her hose and bra, while Jim only had his shorts on, took a break to undress completely. Jim stopped in time to display his surprise. He unvieled the tiny girl in his grip and held it out to Judy. Judy smiled and gawked at the little girl. "Oh wow she's so life like." Judy marveled. Jim smiled and informed her that she was in fact real. Judy smiled and decided to play along, which fooled Jim who felt she would flip out at first, he then placed the tiny girl in Judy's waiting hand and watched as Judy fondled her and caressed her never looking down at her to see her in fact moving and squirming.
    As both Jim and Judy continued to make love, Judy had managed to enjoy herself with the tiny prop and poke herself with her. Lucy was undaunted by the treatment, and went along with the enclosed spaces, while squirming and wiggling away inside. Judy marveled at how cool it was that this little toy actually vibrated. "What an invention!" She said. Jim laughed and decided to go along with the game.
    Judy then proceeded to lather the tiny girl all over Jim' erection and massage his erection on. She used the tiny girl's body like a massage aid, and was relentless in getting Jim off.
    Both giants used the tiny girl totally, Judy going along with the thought that she was merely a toy, Jim along the way forgetting about her and going along full throttle, not once showing any concern for her safety.
    The lovemaking went on for some hours, and amazing enough the tiny girl ensued, unruptured.

    As Judy got up from bed she went off to the kitchen to get a drink. On her return she walked up to the bed and looked upon Jim's layed out body relaxing. She dried her hair abit with a towel. Judy lifted her leg to kick Jim into gear, and then noticed something flick off her thigh. She followed the object to the floor and saw it was the tiny girl. She smiled and walked over to it and peered down. As she played with it with her toes, she spoke out. "Where did you get such a perfect toy?" Jim smiled in his light slumber and once more instituted that she was in fact real." Judy laughed and stepped forward as she walked over ontop of the tiny girl. Lucy couldn't move in time to avoid the inevitable and merely tossed her arms before her. Judy's foot was enormous and solid as it completely smothered the tiny girl whole and mashed her.
    Judy stopped in her tracks and lifted her left foot up slightly. "Oh jeeze!" Jim lifted his head slightly and sighed. "What?" Judy looked at Jim. "I just stepped on your new toy." Jim got up abruptly. "What? I told you it's not a toy. what have you done?" Jim attended to Judy's foot and analysed the imprinted remains of the tiny girl, he then lifted his body up disappointed and sat down. "Oh baby, just go out and get another one. What! are they out or something?" Judy said as she merely walked off after rubbing her foot off on the carpet and dislodging the remains from her sole. Jim looked on at the flattened girl and sighed of what was to be.