Story" Use me, Abuse me. (a letter to my giant master)

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Use Me, Abuse Me. A kinky letter to my giant Master

After ushered into the house of Darcy, I walk in nervous. Both Darcy and Glen meet me, both friends of yours from some time ago. Darcy is of stout, probably 5’10 240 lb., mustached dark hair. Glen is Taller more lanky probably 5’11 200 lb., clean shaven blondish hair and features. I sit next to you, as Darcy gathers me a drink as well as the others. After a few drinks are downed, I am getting tipsy and my inhibitions are letting loose, as I become more comfortable with the topic. Darcy, Glen and you are talking quite rapidly about sex and sex acts. I would normally find the discussion embarrassing, but this night I seem to have my own ideas on the subject.
After some hours pass, I find myself promising to perform some acts of teasing, as I stand up and do a little jig rolling my thighs and hips to the music, while everyone smiles and watches. I gyrate and pull my body around, moving to each guy as I seductively dance before them. My skirt is hiked up, exposing my legs, I am totally oblivious to the revealing of my flesh. Darcy suddenly bends over, pulling me closer to him, I find myself sitting on his lap, still performing my dance. You and Glen watch and tap your toes to the action, while Darcy enjoys me completely.
I hardly remember when it happened, but Darcy is suddenly naked, as I am too, while he now starts to guide my head down to his knees. I follow through and take his cock into my mouth. My mouth is so wet and soggy as his precum oozes from his head. I take deep breaths each time I take him in deep into my mouth, feeling his head against the back of my throat. I gaggle with his precum, as he starts to moan in pleasure. I stroke him long and hard, my tongue splashing against his shaft and head, as I mix my saliva and his juice, sucking it all down.
I gulp and suck, till suddenly he ejaculates a large load into my mouth. I work to swallow it all, some of it spilling out through my lips and down my chin. I lap it up as well as drink him dry.
As soon as I am finished with Darcy, Glen pulls me from behind. I am thrust onto his lap, where I can feel his cock penetrate my lips. I settle my ass down on his lap, while feeling him start to load his long cock into me deeper and deeper each time. I grab hold of his shoulders, while moaning out with each pulsating bump of his hips and cock. I start to jump on his lap, feeling his cock penetrate even deeper each time. The heat rises, as I can feel each eye on me. All the while Glen is slowly pushing me down to the floor. I suddenly find myself between his knees, while he pulls my head deep into his thighs. His long wet cock is now before my face, as I sniff and lick it to his satisfaction. Glen urges me to suck him good, as he calls me a slut and little whore. I lash out with a moan loudly as my very clit is heaving with juice. I feel myself as I leak droplets of my own cum to the floor beneath me. My legs are moist to the touch, my breasts are heaving as my mouth is now busy taking in Glen’s monster cock. Glen keeps his hands behind my head, as he pulls me in deeper and deeper, the pressure is intense as he seems intent on shoving his cock through my head completely.
I feel like I have been sucking him for hours as he starts to jerk and prepare for climax, only to stop and go at another session. My jaw is tiring and becoming sore, but he keeps jamming is cock in and out. After another while, he finally holds my head tight, as his body tenses, and he unleashes a gushing release of hot cum. I can hardly keep up, as it pours down my throat, my tongue has barely enough time to taste it, as it is instantly down my gullet. I sit there and continue to suck and clean his cock off, it is still hard as a rock, and pulsating.
Back on the couch, I sit back, and endless drinks are brought to me. The liquor feels and tastes good, the ice cooling my jaw from the soreness.
I lose consciousness and wake up for what seems days later. I suddenly find myself in the presence of a totally changed world. Everything is massive in size, the couch I was sitting on looks like the size of a warehouse now. The floor stretches out forever, the ceiling spans so high to the heavens it seemed. And with it all, there stood you, Darcy and Glen. Towering up like human skyscrapers. Your bodies are so gigantic, I have to strain my neck to take your whole size in to my puny eyes. Completely naked you all stand, your cocks sticking out monstrously. I had to choke in my spit as I was reminding myself that I once had them in my mouth, now at this size, they could devour me whole.
I could hear the thunderous conversation from high above, I have to cover my ears at times the booming is so intense. I hear Darcy remark on how tiny I was, and hardly worth the effort. Glen seems more interested in stepping on me for fun. You seem intent on having me for complete use for the rest of the night. I quickly think fast on my feet, and begin to move seductively toward your feet. I dance around Glen’s huge toes, touching them, prancing on them, bending and licking and kissing them while keeping in tune to my song in my head. I then move over to Darcy, as I dance around his massive foot, tasting his flesh in the same effect as Glen’s. As I make my move toward you, you lift your whole foot, covering me in a thick shadow, I am suddenly flattened down under your weight.
As you lift it off, to a chorus of monstrous laughter, I feel bruised on my ribs, and slowly rise up. Suddenly Darcy leans over and down, plucking me off the floor. “You are my little slut now bitch!” He remarks.
I am quickly pressed against his cock, his pee-hole can devour my arms, as I feel my body compressed against his urges. He places his palm behind me, pressing me harder, while rubbing and smearing me along his head and shaft. He works me hard, making me feel every inch of his fleshy cock. I can hear him rant and rave on how he is going to crush me in his mush.
When he finally cums, I covered head to foot in his thick rich cum. So much so, that I could never have envisioned it every in my life, how it could feel at this 3 inch size. He wipes me off onto his thigh, before I peel off and tumble down, bouncing off his foot and onto the floor. Before I can rise up, Glen’s massive foot pounces on me. Again I am flattened down, as his aromatic foot hold me down. I almost know now how a bug must feel before the big crush. He lifts his foot, and plucks me out from harms way.
He then leans over, and orders me in his harshest voice to climb into his anus and climb and dig my way in. I move on all fours, and find myself able to penetrate his ample sized anus. Before I am sent in, he ties a string to my ankle and then orders me in.
I move in slowly but surely. The space quickly shrinks, as I am now feeling pressure on all sides. I can make out his groans from outside, as he seems to be enjoying my presence deep inside now. The whole time I am thinking of ending up spit out by his gaseous combustion, or embedded in a monstrous sized log, either way I am trembling at the possible outcomes.
With out warning, the string pulls me and I am quickly yanked out. I am thrust out into the fresh air, amidst the fragrance of Glen’s flatulence. Darcy wants in too, and I am then thrust into action into his ass as well. His cheeks are wider, and his anus more funky as I make my way into. I crawl and crawl into the dank darkness, before too being thrust out.
I am pulled in this manner and thrown out on my back time and time again, my body becoming tarnished in their skid marks. Each giant seems intent on continuing this for some time.
The fun did end, as on the last time out of Darcy’s ass, I am limp and immobile.
Darcy harshly probes me with his meaty fingers for movement till he tires and crumples me up in his palm before discarding me to the floor.
Not out of it yet, I lay there unable to move as my body is bruised and injured beyond repair. The party has moved on, there is now a couple of women in the house. I lay there on the floor, in debris of used condoms, discarded hosiery and garments. Not until darkness is thrown on me once again, I know the end is now near. As Darcy drunkenly stammer over, he sees me, and in with a unidentified woman on his arm, steps on me flat, leaving me in a smear on his sole.