new story: Orcas' World - The Unusual Wish

Posted by DEA on November 12, 2002 at 13:37:03:

Orcas' World 4 - story 4 - The Unusual Wish
- by DEA
- Be aware that what you wish for may come true

story backround, basic info about orcas: story Metamorphosis, pt.1

Mira was in the fitness centre alone. Well, almost alone. It was right before
closing hour and she was really looking forward to when the poor and
impotent people leave and she could develop her extreme muscularity
even more.

Mira was slightly over 20 and according to her 800 pound, brutally
muscled, 7'8'' tall orca body, all the training looked a little bit useless. In
fact it really was and Mira knew it after all, but she enjoyed playing with
these laughable weights (for her) and watching the magnificent play of the
monstrous muscles of her naked ebony body in the numerous mirrors on
the walls around. Torn steel ropes, broken frames of benches or bent bar-
bells were the pay for her orgasms, but regarding her immense strength,
the gym owner couldn't do anything else but to let her in again and again
and repair the equipment after her every visit. In the end, he was quite
lucky that she had been breaking the weights only, not the ribs or spines
of his clients. That's why he didn't mind at all that she was used to coming
just before closing and enjoyed being there alone.

"Hello, hello!" echoed quietly when she was passing a gallery with gears
for people up to 7 inches. She turned round in surprise and saw a
miniature man and a woman.

'Damn! What are they still doin' here?!' she frowned and came to them.

"What is it?" she asked angrily.

"Good evening," the evidently aroused man started, "I beg Your pardon,
it's a little bit embarrassing for me, but we would like to ask You for
something, well. it's really quite delicate, but You know, well. we've
been married together for more than 20 years, we've been happy all the
time, but,. well, we don't feel, that this world is for us anymore. and
when we saw You here last time it inspired us. we thought about it. if
you would be so nice and mash us into a pulp."

Mira swallowed and wasn't sure for a while if she wasn't dreaming. She
had heard about such perverts, but that they'd offered themselves just to
her and in such a way.

"What?!" she finally recovered from the shock.

"Well. I know, it's pretty unusual, but when we saw You here today again,
we decided definitely. Unfortunately, we don't have enough money for the
usual price for that, but on the other hand, what is it for You? We are just
toys for You. Insignificant, fragile puppets, like egg shells," the man
begged her.

"Please, please!" the woman joined.

Mira was confused. She had already mated with a few humans and it
hadn't usually ended well for them. On the other hand, she liked it and the
sound of bones cracking and the feeling, how a man desperately squirmed
in a deadly as well as useless fight in her steely grip, how her muscles
couldn't find any resistance and how their little bodies changed into a
shapeless pulp, had always made her hot.

She wasn't evil and she always regretted it after, but the desire to
experience this unbelievable feeling again and again couldn't be

And now, there were these two people here who had asked for it by
"And how do you imagine it?" she asked them grudgingly, but she knew
that the growing feeling of arousal inside of her had already made this
decision for her.

"We want to die together, put together, into one unity," the man explained
quickly, "we want to have a little fun before and then we want to be
crushed in this loving posture into one. Into one gory pulp. Slowly and
brutally. We want to feel the pain!"

"Oh, yes!" the woman almost orgasmed from that, "kill us, please!"

'They've probably smoked a lot of pot,' thought Mira. Then she looked
around. Not a soul.

"Go on!" she ordered.

Both of them, aroused to death, immediately began to take off. Then it was
very quick: the woman laid on the floor, the man on her and began to fuck
her rapidly. Mira watched it like she almost couldn't believe what was
going to happen and her excitement grew rapidly, too.

"Aaaa, go on, mon amour, go on!"
" it comes, here it comes, my love. It's time."
"No, I don't want to anymore. I don't want go to this ugly orca. I've
changed my mind! Go on! Go on!.."
"Well.. OK, my love. I love you!"

Mira began to caress her huge muscular boobs with one hand and to
masturbate her gigantic cunt with the other. Her excitement became

"Hey, you! What's happening?! Are you ready?!" she shouted to them

The man stopped and looked up with fear, "My wife's changed her mind.
well, we are sorry.."


"I'm really very.." but >sorry< the man didn't finish. A vast black palm
emerged over them and strongly clamped them in this position. "Bad luck!"
growled the horny Mira, peeled her heavily muscled giant tits apart with
the other hand and put the fucking couple deeply between them.

"Nooooo!" both of them screamed, but the huge melons unstoppably
closed behind them and muffled their frantic cries.

Mira still couldn't believe what had happened, nevertheless the tiny
vibrations and a little gap between her ultramighty, hot giants confirmed
the exciting fact.

She looked around once more. Still not a soul.

"So, crush you to a gory pulp? Nothing easier! Don't be scared, I'll do my
best to let you feel pain!" she said towards her deadly vice and stroked it
with her hands in delight.

The huge orca came to the parallel bars. She carefully got onto them and
then she slowly began to drop down, watching with delight her rapidly
growing huge ropes of inhuman chest muscles. She slowly sunk down.
The dull cracking changed into a quiet smacking of ground meat. The
colossal melons changed into steel the shape of two beach balls with this
one pull-up and the small space between them disappeared completely.
Nothing more was needed. Only one of their deadly squeezes was enough
to literally obliterate both fools from this world.

Mira increased the frequency of her pull-ups and soon welcomed her
climax. Her ebony skin dewed with sweat and then it hit. She stopped and
fascinatedly looked into the mirror before her at her magnificent, swollen
tits and muscles. Only a small trickle of blood below them showed the
remains of their little corpses.

"Your wish has been fulfiled. I hope you are really well bound together."
she giggled.

When she opened her swollen boobs in the showers, she realized that
there was nothing left of them, nothing, just a sprinkle of red pulp which
drained away.
"Now there's a reason for me to go to a gym!"

The end.

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