an older story i wrote around christmas for my boyfriend

Posted by sassybutch on February 27, 2003 at 09:20:39:

My boyfriend and I were exchanging presents, including little stockings
stuffed with little gifts. We didn't have real christmas stockings so we
had to use regular socks, and mine was actually dirty and a little stinky.
But it was filled with tea, chocolate, toothbrushes, lip balm, all kinds
of wonderful lovely presents which I kissed my boyfriend on the cheek
after every one. When I thought I was done, he said wait, there's one
more present. I searche the bottom of my sock and sure enough, I came
upon something very strange. I pulled it out and it was an entire
miniature family, tied together at the waist. I looked in shock at my
boyfriend. "Were they in my smelly sock all night?" I asked. He solemnly
nodded. "Oh!" I gasped and covered my open mouth with my hand. "But
why?" "Becuase they are a present. To you! They are yours to do
whatever you want with." I didn't know what to think. I looked at the
little family, all bound together, limp and passive, already beat from the
night in my sock. I poked at them a little bit and asked "is everyone
alive? I'm so sorry...let me untie you..." But my boyfriend stopped me
as I reached to loosen the ties. "You better keep them tied up so they
don't excape." I looked at him wide eyed "oh okay. you're probably
right". "In fact, maybe you should put them somewhere to keep them safe"
he said. " where?" He smiled sexy at me and looked down
towards my ass. "How about that luscious playground?" I blushed and
smiled and hid my face in his shoulder. "Babe, they don't want to be down
there, just you!" The family had started perking up after amking it out
of the sock and started listening closely realizing we were talking about
them. The sister spoke up desperately "you can't just jerk us around,
we're people too! you've ruined our christmas, now you've had your fun,
let us go!" A cruel streak crossed my boyfriend's face and he said to
them softly "oh, we haven't even started the fun" and he winked at me. I
blushed harder and tried not to show my arousal. My boyfriend could be when he was mean! He leaned over and whispered in my ear "put
one in your asshole". I squinted up my cheeks and eyes and shook my head.
"Cmon, you can do it, it will feel good..." he said, "show them how cruel
you can be". I bit my lip and went for one...the brother. I untied him
from the rest and brought him up to my face, examining him. "He's sort of
cute!" I exclaimed to my boyfriend. He just smiled and looked down at my
butt. I made an 'I'm sorry' face at the little boy and put him down my
pants. I brushed him against my pussy and clit on the way and then
stuffed his little arms and legs and little body in between my butt
cheeks. Then I gave him a good squeeze and smiled proudly at my
boyfriend. "good girl!" he said giving me a kiss "how does it feel?"
"Mmmmmm...powerful" I said calmly. I gave him a few more squeezes before
I started to feel him sneaking out. "That little cunt!" i said and
reached in and stuffed his head and shoulders and torso down to his dick
into my asshole. "Ha, now I've got him, conniving little weasel!" I ws
starting to enjoy myself. But the mother started throwing a temper
tantrum, which I just wasn't in the mood for, so without my boyfriend even
suggesting anything I picked her up, threw her on the ground, and stepped
on her, crushing her whole body in one blow under my heel, which I ground
and twisted making sure her entire body was broken and useless. My
boyfriend looked shocked, then pleasantly suprised. "Babe! what was that?
Your cruel streak is coming out!" I noticed his dick hardening so I
crawled on his lap (facing him), kissed him on the mouth, then looked over
my shoulder at the rest of the little family below. "What are you looking
at?" "nothing!" they cried, shrinking away. "That's not waht it looked
like to me!" I turned to my boyfriend, "well if they can't keep their
eyes off they'll just have to come and play in the big league." I grabbed
the entire bunch, slipped them down my boyfriend's pants against his hard
dick, still witht he little boy squeezed into my asshole. I was getting
very turned on and my juice started dripping on him. I began to gyrate
against my boyfriend's cock with the family pinned between my pussy and
his dick. Soon we had all our clothes off, theirs too, and I slipped them
in my pussy right before he entered me with his throbbing penis. He
pounded them, left and right pummeled against the walls of my vagina,
choking on my juice. "serves them right I said, fuck me harder." in mock
concern my boyfriend asked "you don't care that they are getting slammed?"
"Baby, just fuck me, I don't care if the die in agony." We fucked
forever, standing, sitting, up against the wall, sideways, and backwards,
pounding the faimly on and on. Finally we both came simultaneously, his
cum shooting out, drowning them, my orgasm rippling through every muscle,
squeezing all of them, incuding ass-boy, one last time, as if anything of
them was left. My boyfriend and me collapsed, rolled over, and
immediately fell asleep, forgetting all about the little family drowning
in our cum.