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I've a new website that will be going live sometime this weekend. Here's a teaser of what's to be found in the updated story section...

Unit One

Unit One was a weapon of first resort, designed to shock the enemy into quick submission. There were other GT Units, but they were either trained and disciplined professional soldiers, or sadistic psychopaths. Unit One was unique in that he was both, and effective in both roles. He was perfect for abusing absolute power for geopolitical ends.

One was outfitted for infiltration in urban warfare night-fighting kit. Black BDUs, made of invulnerable and decadently sheer NeoSilk. Black leather chest harness and belt with a few compact electronic items hooked onto it, but, curiously for a soldier, no weapons save for a combat knife. He wore an American-style "Panzer" helmet, black cat's eye sunglasses beneath it. He wore them at night, because they were a visualization system, with real-color amplification, IR and millimeter-radar integration. With them, he could see civilians asleep in their beds through solid brick walls, he could see where every enemy unit was in pitch blackness. A black turtleneck covered his thick neck from the BDU shirt to his strong chin, also made of soft-yet-impervious NeoSilk. His lips were full, and hinted at cruelty.

His powerful hands were encased in second-skin-tight black leather gloves, and his BDU pants were a bit too snug, for vanity's sake, showing off his muscular legs, tight ass and bulging crotch, and were tucked into tall combat boots. These were perfectly polished black leather and laced almost to his knee, with a thick, lug sole. He whispered into thin air that he was nearing his objective, and thin air whispered back the latest satellite recon, and downloaded the updated map to his glasses. He had infiltrated the city with ridiculous ease, and was nearing the Presidential Palace, the streets around it swarming with enemy soldiers and civilians. His sunglasses showed him where the Objectives were sleeping, right where the intel said they would be. He smiled, like a shark speeding toward the kill.

* * *

Unit One grew. His fingers touched a dial on a small device at his belt, and he felt light-headed and euphoric as he became more, the world around him dwindling until he was a man among toys, or a god among mere men. He felt his cock stiffen and strain against his uniform as the sensation of power overwhelmed him. He stopped at hundred and fifty feet tall, and sneered down at the suddenly silent soldiers and civilians at his feet. He could do anything to them... anything!

With a grim smile, he walked through the crowd, the tiny people too slow to get out of the way of his giant's footfall. With the first step, he felt them crunch underfoot, like mice, like insects. The second killed at least seven people, four straight away, the others doomed to a lingering death as the cruel lugs on the sole of his boot mangled them beyond hope. Their screams of shock and agony broke the spell, and everyone in the street began to scream and yell and fire their weapons. The bullets he didn't even feel, absorbed by the leather or NeoSilk, and the rockets and missiles and artillery were burned from the air by a microwave laser in a tiny cylinder attached to the harness at his shoulder.

Another step, and he was over the wall of the Presidential Palace. He took a moment to step on a member of the Palace Guard, and with his foot still planted on his victim, he lifted the nearby tanker-truck in his hands, grunting with the weight of it. His powerful muscles bulged against the combat fatigues as he got it overhead, and hurled it an armored vehicle trundling around the corner. They exploded, the shrapnel bouncing harmlessly off the giant. Laughing, he turned his attention back to the Palace.

The new President-For-Life had four daughters he doted on shamelessly, the youngest 17, the oldest 23, and they each had a suite of rooms in the Palace along the south wall. The first was asleep in her bed, too groggy to even scream as he punched through the wall and grabbed her out of her bed, dumping her into the pocket at his thigh.

The next was already awake, peeking out from behind her curtain to see what was going on. She saw a giant kneeling before her window, peering into her bedroom. She screamed and stepped away from the window, and a gigantic hand came crashing through it after her, black leather gleaming in the flickering flames. She turned to run, but it was too late, she felt his gigantic fingers coil around her body, tight, tighter, too tight! She screamed and writhed, and he simply laughed at her before dumping her unceremoniously into a pocket of her own.

Unit One smiled wickedly as he saw through the wall of the third daughter... she had a man tied hand-and-foot to her bed, and was too busy thrashing him with a whip to notice the commotion outside. He bashed through the wall with a fist, and pulled the man free, snapping his ankles and wrists in the process, and with his other hand, went after the tiny domme. She was dressed in a black leather cat-suit, with a zipper that ran from the base of her spine to her throat, and crotch-high fuck-me-boots and opera gloves beside. She cowered in his palm, zipping up her cat-suit all the way as he gazed down at her. The soldier took her lover by the head, and dangled him, the tiny man screaming with the pain of his shattered limbs, flailing madly. Unit One pinched until the skull popped, the headless body falling to the ground so far below to land with a sound like a sack of hamburger. His IR vision saw the tiny woman blush with bodyheat, especially at her nipples and crotch. His thumb brushed her breasts.

"You enjoyed that, didn't you? I may have a use for you. Do as you're told, and I'll keep you alive," he growled at her before sliding her into a pouch at his belt.

The fourth daughter was also with someone, three someones in this case. She was in the middle of a four-way tryst with her girlfriends, naked and stoned and lost in the joy of forbidden sex. He grinned savagely, his erection almost painful with anticipation. He tore off a part of the roof, and loomed there, a modern god of war, while the women cowered before him. He raised his foot, and planted it on the roof, his boot crashing through to rest in the top floor, blocking the only way out of the room, His crotch alone loomed over them, his balls and erect cock were obvious to the terrified girls, even through the fatigues, and they screamed as he pulled down his zipper, his gigantic manhood springing free.

He picked up one of the lesbian lovers, a beautiful, raven-haired woman, and pressed her to his shaft with his leatherclad fingers. She squealed and squirmed, and he found this to his liking, so he wrapped his fist around her and his cock both, and slid her soft skin against his hot and throbbing manhood. He squeezed her, tighter and tighter as he pumped her along his length, until her shrieks of fright became wails of pain, and with a snarl, he simply crushed her against his cock. With this, he exploded into orgasm, drenching the other three women with his cum.

He let the mashed remains of his victim fall to the ground, and he reached in for the next, a voluptuous blonde. Her voice was clear and high, beautiful as it screamed. He wanted to hear more, so he took her arm between his fingertips, and snapped the bone above the elbow. The sound she made was delicious, almost operatic, so he snapped her other one, and then both her legs at once. Oh, how she screamed, pure and single notes rising to his ears. He pulled off one of her large tits, twisting and rolling it with his gloved fingertips until it tore free of her body. His hands were covered in blood before he was done, and he simply let her fall, one final wail, before she met her end, bouncing off the toe of his boot before tumbling to the ground.

The red-head was next, and he loved the look of terror on her fine features, her long, lean body looked lickable, so he took one. She cried and wept and begged, but he simply sucked her between his lips, her legs kicking wildly before she disappeared entirely. He batted her around his mouth with his tongue, violating her with it as it lapped at her breasts and thrust between her legs. Soon, he was bored of her, so he took care of her with a swallow. He smirked as he felt her thrash in his belly. Finally he captured the last daughter, and zipped her up into his trousers, trapped against his sex, the NeoSilk having just enough give so she was uncrushed and squirming.

* * *

With all four daughters captured, the primary objective was complete. The secondary missions could now commence, and the giant could hardly wait. He touched the dial again, and grew, bigger and bigger, towering over office blocks, his boots expanding to brush away cars parked on either side of the city streets. Soon he was more than 300 feet tall, and he celebrated his power by crushing a five-story apartment block under his boot, grinding down on the rubble to make sure there were no survivors.

He reached into his pouch, and pulled out the dominatrix he had captured earlier, and set her between his feet. With another touch of the dial, he grew the tiny woman until she was 50 feet tall, shorter than the top of his boot, but large enough to crush and kill at his command...

Beg me convincingly enough, and this may be continued...

Theophilous Bolt