The Uncanny

Posted by Talisman on September 02, 2001 at 01:58:10:

Somewhat a true story, that was done recently, except the dimensions were changed for obvious reasons, and much of the rest is made up along the way.
Connie should be given much of the credit for this story.

Since Paulo came upon the gift of shrinking, he would constantly harrass Connie into shrinking for the night, like he would ask for a blowjob. Connie recalls quite well the first time he brought it to her attention, and didn't tell her about it until she was already 1' tall. Paulo experiemented all night long, birnging her size smaller and smaller, experimenting each time with devious ways to get off on her expense.
He enjoyed her best at 2' tall, she was big enough to offer him a brilliant blowjob, and keep him in greater size to control her between his legs, He found her smaller stature at 5 inches and under, great for some rutualistic giantism, He loved the power he felt having her insect size. He amazed himself on his restraint from totally obliterating her underfoot as he became overly excited chasing her around the rooms.
Usually by next morning, she would wake up next to him at her regular 5"2 size. Paulo was pleased to find Connie a willing participant, after some tense first few days of first trials.
Paulo had found himself at aa loss for new and exciting things to do, he came up with a new kink.
At a bar where he frequented, he ran into a pair of friends. Phil and Matt. They struck a conversation and became good aquaintances instantly. Paulo likes his Gin and tends to talk too much when he is having fun. He talked about his Connie back home, and described her erotic desires as well as his. The two took him to his word and invited themselves to see for themselves. Both men expected to find a kinky couple, where the husband liked to watch.
At home Connie took some of the serum for herself, and delighted in the sudden drop in size to 2 feet tall.
She walked around the house, carefree and naked, dancing and jumping as if light as a feather.
She put on a pair of nylons reserved for children of that stature, and eyed herself in the floor mirror.
She walked out to the living room, and was swooning in her nakedness when the door swung open. Connie turned quick expecting Paulo himself, but shrieked when she saw the huge men behind him following him in.
"Whoa Ohhhhh! what do we have here? Man you weren't kidding when you called her the little woman." Phil remarked eyes bulging. Matt walked past Paulo and stood before the trembling tiny Connie. Paulo still drunk fell against the wall, and seemed proud of the fact that he had this to show. Both men now surrounded Connie as they towered over her, with their hieghts at 6"1 and 6"3 respectively, and large girth bodies, they easily dwarfed the miniturized woman.
Paulo made another drink and upon return to the living room, both men were naked, and aggressively were sharing Connie between them like hungry bears. Both men seated, Connie's body barely came up to crotch level, as she was tugged from cock to cock, forced to lick and gulp down. She had a tough time getting past the foreskins perimeter of each man's cock, and her jaw was overwhelmed at that.
Paulo swigged his glass, as he watched Connie moaning, and posting the odd protest as Phil grabbed her head and stuffed her between his crotch, pumping her outward, taking her whole body with the swing. Matt would interfere, and snatch her away, hiding her within his own deep thighs. Paulo was excited as both men showed no gentlemenly conduct and openly called her a tiny slut and bitch as each greedily fought for her body. things got even more aggressive as Phil would shatch Connie back, and slap her as he took her into his thighs, cursing her and Matt, Matt would do likewise.
Both men finally erupted on various occasions, as Connie's tender little body was now becoming a fly paper of cum coated disfigurment. Both men held her tight and spewed thier thick gism all over her hair, face and upper torso.
Kicking back beers, Phil and Matt, sat like beached whales, trampling the diminitive woman underfoot, rubbing and rolling her around to each other.
Paulo continued to drink, as the sessions began and ended the same, both men getting physical beyond any means controlable, the tiny woman had somehow become their private personal property, neither time did they invite Paulo to partake, rather they indulged themselves in telling him how much they enjoyed thier new slave.
Paulo did break his silence when he showed them the serum which would shrink her even more. Both men beyond drunk thought of Paulo as joking or crazy, but offered to let him do it.
Connie layed on the floor at the mammoth men's feet, as Paulo sprayed her firmly, she lost most of her size within seconds and flattened out at 4 inches tall.
Looking like a paper mache likeness of herself, she seemed unreal in the design of the carpet. Phil leaned over first and snatched her up with his fingers like a fly. He brought his hand up and opened his palm to let her lay flat for viewing. both men looked on with amazement, before smiling at themselves.
Matt grabbed hold of Paulo and demanded the spray. Paulo weakened upon being grabbed and volunteered the spray. Matt marched him throughout the house looking for more. Phil continued to look at his palm, and salavate at the developments of future happenings.
Matt came back with a a few boxes. He laid them down and loaded the spray into the one only open one. Phil was already using the toylike woman on his erect cock, having her balance herself on his longated shaft. Matt watched in amusement and sat next to Phil watching intently on her falling.
Connie held on tight as the sound of thunderous laughing fell on her from the godlike men. She trembled as she looked down at some 70 feet and maybe more of a fall. She made it to the wide head, and dug her legs around, as she sat confidently.
Phil started to jack off lightly while talking with Matt, causing a uproar as Connie now was bronko riding the living member. She managed to stay balanced, and was in the know when darkness surrounded her. Phil cupped his head, and stripped Connie from her perch. When he opened his fist once more, Connie was deposited onto Matts cock, both men moved in close, cocks touching, shouting commands for the dumbfounded woman to crawl onto each cock and lick feverishly or else. Connie worked quick and moved from moving cock to moving cock, crawling on all fours to stay balanced as she serviced each man's expansive shaft. Both men then took turns cupping their cocks masturbating, they continued to do so until they could reach a simultaniously orgasm, by which Connie was deposted on the couch and spewed on by a steady rush of thick cum.
She slipped and fell as the pounding gism slew her. On her buttocks she managed to stay still, as her mouth opned and closed between breaths and mouthfuls of cum.
In the end, the pool proved overpowering and she was diluted underneath, her body could be seen as Phil smeared the mess with his fingers. Phil and Matt decided to make thier leave. Phil wrung his hand free of Connie's cum drenched body. She tumbled, hitting the floor twice before resing on her side.
She lay there unable to move, bruised and pummeled, she could only watch as the thunderous feet of the giants stomped around her, eventually she would be in the path. Darkness hit her for the last time, as Matt massive size 15 foot descended over her slain body.
In thier haste to leave, both men trampled the hapless woman, leaving her in a flattened and broken state in a flurry of footfalls.
Phil looked around on the floor, noticing her, her motioned to Matt. "Did you want her?" Matt shrugged and anwsered,"No she's used up." Matt then stomped down on her body for good measure before finding his socks and shoes.
Phil carred the boxes and looked around before asking Matt where that guy was. Matt smiled, He pulled out a tiny wrapped man out of a pocket. "A gift for my mother!" both men chuckled.