Twilight Zone-ish Story

Posted by The Lone Shrinker on June 13, 2001 at 04:22:38:

First off, let me credit JZ for starting a good thing with his 'twist ending'in the Agony and Ecstacy story. While I prepared the following, I also read his story, and it persuaded me to keep on with this rather than junk it. (also note that Terry Lee Sanford is 'TLS' and the last name pays homage to the funniest sitcom dad ever, Fred Sanford!)

Not that Rod serling didn't give us some pretty good tidbits of SW's, but this one is a blending of old tales, and perhaps more applicable for some writers. (I'd include myself, but I don't quite deservre that compliment)

Submitted for your a approval, one Terry Lee Sanford, a mild mannered young man who has for years obsessed over the fantasy of shrunken women. While he has long toiled in his mundane existence, he will soon enter a place where dreams and nightmares meet, and never intersect with reality, a place found only in the Twilight Zone.

'Heh, heh, this will be my best yet!', Terry thought to himself; ďthe tiny woman screamed in terror as the giant
ordered her to eat her even tinier girlís legs and arms.
If you dare disobey me, Iíll skin each of you alive, and roast you over a stove flame.
Please, Ralph, donít make me do this, Iíll do anything you want.
Then come here and suck this bitch! If you turn out to be convincing, I may let you live. I may even let your little friend have some more height.
The terrified Lilliputian began licking his enormous pecker. After he came, she looked
'You know, that wasnít too bad', he said with a smile on his face. 'Iím always a man of my word, so bring out your friend, Lucy.'
Lucy was a mere half inch to Serenaís three inches. Now as the giant held the ray on
Lucy, she grew. Soon Serena was dwarfed by Lucy as she shot up to 18 inches.
Now looking more menacing than before, Lucy bellowed, 'You stupid bitch, you should
have killed me when you had the chance, but you're not any different than all the others!
Right, Ralph?'
How true! You know what to do now.
Say your prayers bitch, better yet say grace for me!
Nooo, No, Nooo!Ē
How do I do this, Terry asked himself. Not noticing his sprite teetering over his
keyboard, he accidentally spilled it, electrocuting him in the process.

Terry woke to find himself in a room of some sorts with a vast white space as far as he
could see. In the distances stood a nicely suited elderly gentleman.
Where am I? What is this place? and Who are you?
Iím Stanley, your humble guide. Let me show you around till your familiar with the place.
Say Stan, I always wondered, can you drink up here, I could really use a good Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Well, then Blue ribbon it shall be. Out of nowhere, he pulled up a six pack.
Holy sh- excuse me, Stan. How did you do that?
Oh, I didnít do that, you did. All you had to do was think of your desire and it was manifested.
This place is getting better by the minute, not a drag like they told me in Sunday school when I was a kid! No annoying little cherubs or anything! Just what ever I want?
What ever you want!
ďAll right,Ē becoming more skeptic, Terry demanded, ďwhatís the catch?!
No catch, in fact we have a guarantee, if your not completely satisfied, we can transfer
you to another place where youíll get even more of what you want.
Stan, can we really get anything we want?
Why yes anything, Mr. Sanford, just think it up and it shall be presented.
Okay, Iíll try ya! Closing his eyes and squinching his face, Terry thought of a beautiful
five inch harem of 25.
Opening his eyes, there they stood in all their shrunken glory.
Will Iíll be damned! It works. This is amazing, Stan.
Iím glad you like it, remember anytime you are not satisfied, give me a call.
Where are you going?
Well, I thought youíd like some time with your pets alone!
Yeah, I guess, your right, Hey, Stan, can I do whatever I want with these gals, I mean even get a little rough with them? Sure, Mr. Sanford, anything your heart desires.
Oh, boy, am I in Heaven!
Indeed you are, Mr. Sanford.
Please, Master Terry, please be good to us, please donít squash us!
Oh, your getting ahead of yourselves my dear little ones. Right now you need only pleasure me, should one of you fail, the rest will have to feel my wrath!
Because his thoughts could change anything, he had utter power over these tinies. He often enjoyed shrinking other body parts so the girls would be large breasted, or even have a larger vagina. The biggest he could make the girls was 20 inches, the smallest was
beyond the naked eyeís vision. One thing always amazed him was the ready made batch of slaves.
For five hundred millennia, Terry indulged himself in his toy slaves, then one century,
Terry paused. The thrill was indeed gone, he had all that he could take of this perfection.
Stan, Iíve got to tell you, this is just getting old, No matter how hard I try, I can only get
tiny women. Oh,what I would give for a soft, warm snatch. You know- a mouthful! Alls I gets is mice-women, and dwarves, and I just canít stand it anymore.
Very well, well transfer you. Just step through the door out here and youíll enter a new world.
He heard a beautiful female voice, whispering, so close, so assuring.
Terry, wake up, Terry!
Terry opened his eyes and cowered in terror as a gargantuan hand lifted him to a
mountain of a face.
Come on, now, Terry you remember me, donít you?
Terry tried hard, but Half a million years of hedonism clouded his memory.
Does the name Serena ring a bell.
No, I never knew any Serenas.
You knew me well enough to kill me, you bastard! You think just because you wrote a story, that I didnít have life? Yet you destroyed me! Now taste my wrath!
Lowering Terry to her poontang, she ordered him:
You said you wanted to have a nice and warm snatch- now hereís your chance!
Terry began to spit and spew out the musky wetness, but soon gave in.
Awaking from his faint, he cried out to the only friend he had known since his death.
Stanley, Stanley, Get me out of here!
He noticed another huge figure loom over him, it was Stanley, giant sized.
I told you, you would get even more than you wanted. Do you doubt me.
I thought I was in heaven, you lied to me!
Well, well, such big words for a tiny man. You are in heaven, Serenaís heaven. All those years before you created hell for those slaves. Eventually it all evens out, youíll see.
Oh, yes, I guess your wondering how Serena even exists. When I told you that all your thoughts manifest themselves here, I indeed meant all thoughts you ever had. But donít worry, in a few septillion years, Iím sure you and Serena will have worked things out. So long.
No, no, donít leave me here, sheíll murder me, she only wants revenge, no Stan , please please!

ďIt has been often said that ĎA man is what he thinketh.í but what if ĎWhat a man thinketh, is!í holds true as well? For Terry Lee Sanford the answer has become unabashedly clear in.. the Twilight Zone.