Story "Death at the foot of the T.V goddesss'"

Posted by Talisman on August 31, 2002 at 20:59:38:

Always different, always bored with daily repetitive events, Hennesy couldn't be confused with someone with patience. Considered quite lucky in his extra ciricular activities, he still couldn't get enough.
His Job of the last 3 years brought him money and prestige to do as he pleases, but he still looked for better, and more money. His girlfriend of 5 years was beautiful, and submissive, as well as a excellent lover, but yet he still waundered.
This would be the crutch that led his life to possible ruin.
He must of tried every means of sexual appetite, with various women he found in all walks of life. The more perverse, the more he was attracted to it. His moment of affliction with fucking homeless, street waundering women was thought to bring about a transferal to honing down his wants, but the experience didn't hinder hiim at all, her merely flew higher to break the envelope.
It was his girlfriend Pam who introduced him to Karl and Dennis. Pam was not excited about his fantasy sexual tastes, but she was in love with the lifestyle, and money, so she tried to exhault his fantasies whenever possible, in order to keep tabs on him.
Karl and Dennis were T.V's (Transvestites) Not particulary professional, they did it for fun and sexual pleasure. Hennesy met with them at his luxerious apartment, the two were dressed to the nines, Karl went by his tv name of Tamara, his 6"1 heght was even more punctuated into a buxoomy, tall reubeneque woman. Dressed in a silk top, and a short black leather skirt, his muscular but tonned legs, looked erotic in thos flesh colored hose. Dennis was of a different build altogether. Going by Heather, also 6"1, but slim, he transformed into a tall redhead, his long toned body bode well in a velvet slitted dress, with elbow to hand matching gloves. with coffee colored hose to finish off the experience.
Hennesy found the two extremely sexy, but he had already experienced the tv sexual experience some years ago. Pam on the other hand brought upon a different twist to the scenario.
On Tamara's concpet, she and Heather introduced Pam a new electronic manipulator of the senses. Worn like a walkman headphone, and a few rods attached to the spine, images would be brought to life within the occupants mind, tranposing any fantasy desired.
When this was brought to Hennesy's attention he marveled at the invention. As the foursome talked on about the contraption, to Heather's and Tamara's urgence, they described a new fantasy called morphing into macro and microphilia. Hennessy was even new to this experience, and was instantly interested in trying it out.
Two units were supplied by Heather as both Pam and Hennesy would enjoy it together.
A ringing sound came from within the earphones, sending the two into shock, and body tensing paralysis, before long both went into unconsciousness.
Upon coming back to consciousness, Pam and Hennesy found themselves in familiar but out of place surroundings. As Pam looked up at the enormous furnishings, that she recognized as her their own, she couldn't believe the surealness of seeing them from a bugs point of view, as she demeaned herself, after taking stock in her size. The floor pattern beneath her which she remembers being quite subtle only a few moments before, now took on a massive pattern, which connected with other, which expanded throughout the now massive room. Hennesy, who now rose up also took to the new surrounding with sheer delight, as he walked around, feeling his size fully. "Wow, this is what sheer tiny size feels like, how exhilerating, I actually feel lighter." He added as he leaped with ease.
The tiny couple frolicked, and toured the newfound surroundings, stopping to fondle each other near vastages of table and chair legs.
They encountered a massive pump shoe. Walking to it, they peered inside. Hennesy figured it was a plant in the program left in by Tamara, probably her own, since it looked like hers, which was hard to know at it's extreme size now. the pump looked big enough to house a family, as the couple peered inside, and finally walking in. The insole stretched out far, and the width was also monstrous in size. Pam was suddenly distressed by the realness she felt, as the aroma was thick, of sweat, and perfume. Hennesy assured her of the program authenticity for realism. Not totally convinced, Pam followed Hennesy.
Out through the toe part, the couple ventured back out, when a thick dark shadow fell. Pam looked up, but the thickness of the dark made it hard for her to focus. As the light evened out, both Hennessy and Pam stopped in their tracks.
High above, towrering so to match any size skyscrapper they had ever seen, was Tamara, and Heather. Hennesy strained his neck as Pam to take in their sheer size and girth. Both T.V's looked to stand 90 feet tall, even though it was they themselves who actually stood 3 inches tall.
Both Tamara and Heather surrounded the diminitive couple, deep in combined shadows. Tamara spoke in a thunderous voice to Heather, but the magnitude was unaudible, as the words boomed.
Hennesy stepped back, as heather's massive foot slide forward, taking Pam beneth it. To his amazement he found himself excited as he watched Pam's struggles quashed, as the giant t.v pressed and rolled Pam's tiny body beneath a nylon clad toe. Pam's body was reversed and transversed in continual action, as Heather worked Pam's body wormlike around her toe, cathing it between her other toe, and playfully lifted and dropped her.
Tamara leaned over her great body, and plucked up Pam.
Pam, dumbfoundedly lay tangled in Tamara's massive fingers, as she was raised to chest level for both giants to peer and see.
"I don't know, perhaps we shrunk them too small! I can't get around to doing much with them at all." Tamara spoke. "I don't think they will be much use." Heather agreed.
Tamara crumpled her fist, folding Pam inside, before dropping her hand to her side, letting Pam drift downwards to the floor.
Hennesy watched in shock as Pam's body bounced before resting near Tamara's gigantic foot.
Tamara leaned close to the floor, and began to whisper. "Do not get any preconcieved ideas, ths is really happening, you are not in a program." Tamara then stood erect again, and unceremoniously lifted her foot and trodded down on Pam's limp body.
Hennesy could only watch, as the realness took another dimension.
Pam's body stuck and caked off continously, as the giant stomped, and crushed her repeatedly, before finally being left in a mound stuffed between her lower toes, amidst debris.
Hennesy turned and ran. His legs bust on, but even he knew he was merely crawling at a snails pace, as compared to the giant above, who only had to stretch out one leg to meet him off. Heather did so effectively. With one giant step, Heather's foot came to pound just in front of Hennesy's path. Henneay stopped as he crashed into the fleshy side, before falling back on his buttocks.
Heather met the left foot with the right foot, standing over the hapless man. "This isn't even turning me on either!" Heather exclaimed.
The Tamara walked up to Heather. The two embraced in a kiss, both bodies rubbing together. As they enjoyed some heavy petting and tongue action. They interupted their kissing to walk hand in hand to one of the elegant bedrooms.
As they walk off, Heather's foot lifts, sprinkling debris and Hennesy's crushed body.
As in the distance the vision of the giant t.v's walking, backdrops against the lifting footfalls, both of which hold each of the couples demise.
Hennesy, who longed to break the envelope of desires, finally found the summit of both his fears and lusts, to a climiatic end.