Story " Turkish Baths"

Posted by Talisman on June 15, 2004 at 05:02:38:

Turkish Baths

From the onset, Yiroh wasn’t quite sure how Suzzi would accept the arrangement. She agreed, upon his description, but once she was there, he would have to see exactly how she’d react. The two had arrived some weeks ago from Japan, mostly business, and were starting to take in the various fetishes presented in Turkey.
Suzzi was typical of Japanese women. Demure, and ultra petite at 4’7. Barely tipping the scales at 90 lbs. Yiroh himself stood 5’3 at 120 lbs. Coming from a land where everyone was similar in structure, now since travelling to the far and wide to the western nations, like the U.S, quickly found themselves in the land of the giants.

They entered the large building, the graphics and writing were in Turkish, but Yiroh had directions, and knew they had the right place.
Once in, they were shown to a room to undress, and towels were supplied. The couple then went into the common room and wait for their host. As they sat, drinks were served courtesy of the host. The common room was swarming with mostly the native folk. Large brown men, some as tall as 6’6, roamed to and fro. Greeting others as laughter and conversation echoed. The couple sat feeling incredibly alien, but also excited to explore the culture.
A man walked up to their table, wearing a robe, greeted the couple inviting them to follow them to the hosts. The couple picked up their half-emptied drinks, and followed the robed Turk.
Through a long tunnel like hallway, there were rooms on either side, enormous rooms, with such large doors, resembling vehicle doors back in Japan. The couple walked through an open door at the end of the hall.
Once inside, two ultra enormous men rose up. Yiroh was astonished as Suzzi as both men scaled upwards to 7’7 or higher. Both were hulking in size, deeply brown, dark both bald, with goatees. The giants walked up to the couple and leaned to shake hands. Yiroh looked up and back at Suzzi who was in awe, but not at all scared, as she looked up eyeing the giant men with wide open eyes.
“My name being Aydin, and him being Burder.” The men said in their best-broken English. “Yes well I am Yiroh, and my wife Suzzi.” Yiroh answered. The large men stood watching the tiny Suzzi, talking in their own language, while chuckling. Yiroh took exception as he made a face. “Yes! Yes, so sorry, were just talking business.” Aydin said. Yiroh hardly believed him. “Well we are here as arranged. What are we to start?” Yiroh said, as he downed more of his drink, Suzzi doing like so. “Vell, we con begin now.” Aydin, then leaned over and lifted up Suzzi in one motion, carrying her in his arm as he and Burder walked back to their lounges. Yiroh edged back a ways till he found a chair to sit in. He was holding Suzzi’s empty glass, and set it down, as he began to down his own. He then sat back and watched the events unfold.
As both the men settled in, Aydin, placed the tiny woman onto his lap, his erect cock already revealed through his loin cloth style towel. In an instant, Suzzi, started to moan, as the surprise of it caught her. Burder, leaned over, clutching her tiny breasts, as his wild-eyed, glance, and his odd giggle, while enjoying the tiny woman’s touch.
Suzzi was risen in succession, as the massive man bounced her up and down on his erect cock, from Yiroh vantage point, Suzzi was utterly dwarfed by Aydin alone, let alone looking minuscule compared to Burder as well.
Aydin lifted the woman up, sliding her along his shaft, as he eased her toward Burder’s cock. With her mouth elongated to take in the large man’s meat, Aydin, thrust his into her clit from behind. With each push, Aydin, shoved the tiny woman into his partner, as her mouth struggled to take Burder’s cock in, with each push.
Both men began to rhythm their moves, as Aydin’s Push circumvented with Burder’s thrusts.
At times Yiroh found it hard to see his wife, when the giant men closed in together, their bodies clinging sweat on sweat. Each time they moved apart, Suzzi would appear worse for wear, with her body covered in the accumulated men’s sweat. Her hair matted as well as her mouth soaked in Burder’s pre-cum, she found the urge to continue in the pleasure she was giving the men, as with hers.
Burder then swung Suzzi up and around, placing her on the floor between both men’s legs. Each one jockeyed for position, as they surrounded her puny body, enclosing her in their legs. They then shoved her forward, shoving their cocks into her face, hair, breasts, and mouth, everywhere they could manipulate her. Yiroh’s bulge increased, as he watched the large men’s huge legs and feet stomp, and rub together as they pummelled his tiny wife between them.
After some time, Suzzi’s almost worn body was lifted up. Now lifted high, as both men began to partake in sopping up her juices, as her clit leaked freely. Aydin, raised her up, holding her legs above his face, while his tongue dug deep, licking and swirling around, soaking up every available juice. She would then be traded back and forth, with Burder doing likewise. Both men wiped their mouths, before taking her on again, looking like they were devouring her.
Both men shouted in their native language, seeming to be voicing their disdain for her, calling her dirty names perhaps. Yiroh couldn’t translate, but had the feeling just the same. As they traded positions with her, they would roar down at her, before roughly thrusting her down for her next choir.
Suzzi was then brought down again to floor level, while both men sat around her. The hulking men’s cock’s were thrust into view, each one resembling sheer clubs compared to her tiny face. With their hands around her head, she was easily shoved in and around, as they’re sheer sized cocks, bashed her, and penetrated her swollen mouth. Suzzi was hammered side to side, as Burder and Aydin, growled and shouted down to her, each one looking like there were reaching climax. In mere moments, both men gushed forth, their cocks frothing as they engulfed Suzzi’s face with their thick mush. The men didn’t stop or relent as they continued to pummel Suzzi with their still hard cocks.
Yiroh had wet his pants since, watching his wife totally coated in the men’s accumulated cum baths. He sat back, looking up at the ceiling as he enjoyed the warm feeling.
The air started to lighten up, as both men rose up. Suzzi collapsed away from Burder’s thigh, her body landing on the floor flat. Both men stood about her, taking turns stepping on her face, as they seemed lost in conversation over their actions.
Burder, then leaned over and lifted up the fallen woman, placing her on the seat behind him. Burder then pulled his cheeks apart, before sitting squarely on her face.
Suzzi head was swallowed how, as Burder reamed his ass over her, before letting out a thick wet fart. The action sends the woman flaying back into the cushion upon impact. Both men chuckled before staring at Yiroh. “Yes then, we take her!” Was their response. Yiroh looked up startled. “Say what? What was that you said?” Yiroh answered back. “We take, we take her, she do fine.” Aydin replied, as he reached back to pick up Suzzi. Yiroh stood up dizzily almost falling back. “Now hold it! This was a fantasy, not a sale.” Yiroh’s words stunted as he then saw Suzzi’s form melt.
In an instant, Suzzi’s already petite body, then shrank down till it was held comfortably in the now gigantic hand of Aydin. Aydin then dropped her into a waiting sandal, before trudging his thick foot into it, covering her limp body completely. Aydin looked over at Burder before nodding his head. “Vit vit!” He said.
Yiroh then found his legs, and thrust himself forward. “Wait, wait, this is fantasy, please bring her back, bring her back!” Yiroh shouted. Burder rushed forward, holding the tiny man at bay. “Soon! You too!” Burder replied. Yiroh, then felt his body shrivelling. Burder released him as he stood back watching Yiroh melt down to similar size as Suzzi.
Yiroh looked up from his gigantic towel, as the massive hand of Burder reached down for him. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” Yiroh screamed.
Burder held the tiny man in his palm, as he quietly conversed with Aydin, who was sitting down at this point, his legs crossed, drinking from a large bottle.
A man walked by the door, when Burder spoke. ‘Ah, Igdir, Igder, vit!” Burder said getting the man’s attention. Igdir pranced in. A man just as large as the two inside, maybe 7’4, his body more heavyset, his head also bald. The two stared into Burder’s palm, Igder face lighting up as he poked his thick finger against the tiny frantic man. Burder then offered his hand forth, as Igder plucked up the tiny man into his own. “Da da,!” Burder said with a chorus of other words in Turkish. Igder walked out making squeak squeak sounds into his palm. Before disappearing beyond the door.
Burder sat next to Aydin, both men drinking, as music flourished from a pair of ceiling speakers.

In the adjoining room, Igdir pranced in, another man was sitting already in wait. Another huge man, hefty like Igdir. His face lit up as he quickly noticed Igdir’s erect cock with the tiny man hanging for dear life. “Vit vit!” The man spoke to Igdir.
Igdir walked up holding his cock out. The man plucked the tiny man off, holding him up to his large eyes. “Squeak, squeak!” He sounded, as he lifted his body up slightly, guiding his hand around to his ass.
Igdir watched smiling as his friend, easily shoved the tiny screaming man deep inside, before leaning forward, as he growled and moaned, straddling his own cock. In a mere instant, he climaxed, sending thick spurts out, the relax state caused a disturbance, as he suddenly blasted out a thick fart.
Yiroh was shot back and out, his dishevelled body landing on the soft platform. He opened his eyes, his lungs bursting for air, as he looked up at the giant’s massive ass hovering above. The man lunged back with his hand, plucking the tiny man and tossing him aside, before sitting back down. Igdir spoke irritated as he poked at the tiny man with his toe. “Ickk Icckk!” He kept saying, as he refused to touch the man with his hands. His friend merely reached sideways, plucking up the tiny man, and dropping him on the floor before him. He then raised his massive foot, and stomped down, obliterating the tiny man beneath his foot. “Da!” He merely responded.