Story: Training Day

Posted by DD on July 29, 2002 at 06:00:47:

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Training Day


He enjoyed training sessions like this. It was a nice beach day, so sunny and hot. The sweat was thick under his tight bathing suit. A close observer would have noticed two slowly swaying lumps under his suit, aligning with the outline of his cock and through the crack of his ass.

The man was in his early forties. He was happily married but forgave him his little vices. Every so often the man rubbed the outline over his cock a few seconds, then it would look like he was fingering his anus, except he was rubbing his whole crack as well. Still wading in the water, he finally he left his privates alone and stopped.

The "lumps" in his bathing suits were two recently acquired "Gentleman's Comfort Sluts". The company (of the same name) that sold many varieties with all sorts of training. Generally the more training, the more expensive. There were exceptions of course. these usually involved over-training either by an intern (learning to be a trainer) or or just a bad day for a more experienced instructor. Where did they get their reqruits? {This is a subject for a different story).

Two tiny women were warming his already hot crotch and asshole. He had hoped they would be making at least token attempts to please him. His cock was getting hard, however, anticipating what was to come.

She was a 35 year old, slightly over weight but had fairly good muscle tone.. and wrapped around his cock. Her feet were tied, by what felt like were huge velcro straps, up as though she was kneeling. Due to the girth of the cock her feet did not meet and were pressed into that hard/soft flesh of the cock. She could even feel the pubic hairs of the man rubbing her pussy and asshole. Her arms were similarily tied just under the huge mushroomed head. Her face was presently pressing against a very slick cock head, her cheeks rubbing with every movement of his body. The slick pre-cum that coated her face was all she could smell, besides the sweat of the cock she was against. She could never forget that erotic odor.

The other woman had a different kind of odor to contend with. She was younger 25 with nice big titties that were pressed into the area just above his asshole. Her feet were spreading the top of his ass and her entire boady was encased between his cheeks. Her body was wet with the sweat between his cheeks from the heat of the summer sun. Her arms were pulled at times like she was on the rack as the monsters cock shifted on the other side of his body. There were ties on her hands linking her with a tie around the waist of the other "lucky" woman through the crease of his balls and above. They could safely be worn like that as a new style of "thong" on many private beaches.

Her face was pressed against the rosebud of his asshole. since her face was almost embedded from all his pushing, the best she could do was keep her mouth shut and tried to breath.

[ Damn even this is exciting that monster, she thought. ]

Both Women were severely under-trained. They had just been replicated a day before he showed up to get his order. He was cheap and this was the lowest price. They even struggled while they were fitted for their g-string harnesses. It was fun for him too since a trained 2 foot replicate did the fitting. She had to make sure that soft and hard the sexy little toy women were oriented correctly. Face at anus and head at head position was standard. He would always insist on a complete blow job at the end of a fitting, easily accomplished by "body" language.


They felt his body swaying, but fairly still and heard the waves slosh against the bottoms of his briefs. The grew and they both slowly became immersed in water. His cock bobbed and grew with her struggles. Her face rubbed the cock head franticlly trying to free her arms and legs. This pulled up in the woman embedded in his ass crack, who was also struggling.

The ass girl felt the water first leaking through th pourous material of the bathing suit. Here struggles nearly brought him off right away. Her face tight against his anus made him fart a little. It made him giggle as he waded deeper. His cock was stroked and the erect head rubbed with a tiny face. He almost came before walking into more shallow water. The were moving a bit more now, knowing what he desired.

A less experienced person would consider the training to me over, but he knew better. He storked hard and pressed the head over his anus hard. After feeling the results he waded deeper again. The struggling renewed and the results more rewarding. The women were getting the idea. They knew what he wanted.

After a few more cycles of this and the first phase of their training was complete.


There was a definite writhing in his bathing suit as he walked back to his girlfried on the beach blanket. She was awaiting him with a cold beer and a gleam in her eye, enjoying his expression when his new toys caressed him. They would have fun tonight.


The end, for now.