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    By Talisman

    Vic smiled as Angela passed by, intent on not tempting him further; she simply sneered back at him. “Shit, what’s wrong with that bitch, fuck! She’s stuck up or something.” Vic spit. Phil was standing over the cooler and watched Angela walk away to her desk. “ She’s not into you that’s for sure.” “I get on her, you’ll see.” Vic said. “In your dreams pal, look at her, she model material, she’s not gonna hit the sheets with your ugly ass.” Phil said.
    Vic reiterated before he walked away toward his cubicle. Vic sat down and stared at his reflection in the screen. He was always chubby, but never considered himself fat. Standing at 6”1, and weighing now 260 pounds, he was quite formidable. Vic played football in his younger years, and played well, but no enough to go pro. He always loved the ladies, and in college got his fill on pretty co-ed types who always hung out at the jocks clubs and frat houses. His fancy these days was a woman named Angela. A tall girl, standing at 5”10, and slender, bodies sugared, and blonde to boot. Vic spent many of days fantasizing about getting in on with her. But to his regret, she never much cared for his advances, as well as his constant one liners. To this Vic felt even more hooked on grabbing her attention in some way.

    Months went by, and still Vic worked at the same company along with everyone else and Angela. His progress hadn’t change much, and Vic was getting desperate.
    One evening while traversing a shrine in the little china, Vic came across a shanty shop, with intriguing ornaments and foodstuffs. Prompted by his hunger, he entered and eyed the glazed ducks and pigs on the hooks. While Vic was munching down, he came across a booth of some sort. An old lady was manning it and held out colored glass jars for his attention. Vic studied each jar and was interested in some of the smaller ones she held in the back. Unaided by her English, she was unable to deter him from getting a closer look. Vic was urged on by her reluctance to sell him any of the pretty jars, and upon his insistence he accidentally knocked a jar over. The lid popped off and splashed the elderly woman entirely. Vic stood back embarrassed by his actions, but was shocked to see the old woman suddenly shrunken down to some few inches tall.
    Vic stepped closer and looked down at the miniaturized woman standing in a panic before his feet. “What do we have here then?” Vic whispered down. He looked around to see if anyone was coming, and then reached down and plucked up the tiny old woman in his hand. Concealing her in his shirt, he quickly vacated the shop and headed quickly home.
    Vic returned to his house and deposited the tiny woman on his kitchen table. Vic stood over and gazed at her walking in circles, and jetting out to the edge of the table for some sort of escape.
    Vic opened the bag and emptied out the two jars he was able to scramble away with. He sat down and started to play with the woman with his fingers. Tossing her about, and smothering her beneath his tips and palm, Vic was enjoying his new past time. He could hear her tiny voice squeaking up at him as she was still in a panic to get away. He neither could pronounce any of her words when she was at regular height, let alone now and basically ignored her pleadings.
    Alone with her, Vic searched his brain for what he could do with her and the other jars. He suddenly was a flush with sexual innuendoes. With his newfound power, he felt quite fearsome, and now knew what it was like to over power someone entirely. He rammed his fists down on the tabletop for effect. He watched as the elderly woman rocked and fell after each hit. He then growled and pounded the table fiercely. Each time, she would fall to her ass, and knees, and shriek. Vic loved this and urged himself on more. He snatched her up in his hand and raced to his bathroom. Vic undressed until he was nude. He then held the tiny woman in his palm, with her body outstretched toward his wrist. He then plunged his erect cock in her and his palm. Vic watched at the mirror as he was overpowering the tiny woman in his grip. His cock was massive, and monstrous compared to her puny features. At times she completely disappeared beneath his cock.
    Vic jammed and coaxed his cock into his palm, feeling her writhing and squirming about against it increased his erection even more. Vic kept his eyes on his reflection and watched he masturbate. The image was too great for him not to miss, and never strayed his eyes once. He watched and moaned as his cock trust up and down on his hand, each time smothering and pressing the woman flatter against his palm. Vic then moved his palm toward his mushroomed head, and smothered her tiny head into his pee-hole. Vic loved the way she felt every time she inserted into his fleshy spout. He then returned to his original position, and began to heighten his pulses, until he climaxed. Vic filled his hand, and then some. Heaping full of cum oozed down off his wrists and fingers, as Vic’s orgasm flowed freely. As Vic finished himself off, he flicked his hand into the sink and watched the pool ooze off with the old woman incased. The pool lofted down to the basin, and spread out evenly before the drain. The thickness of it prolonged its venture further. The woman could be seen cloudily in the midst of the cum juice. Vic washed his hands and whisked some water at the cum. He washed it away, revealing the limp woman. Vic then plucked her up and held her at his face. “See you little bitch. Sold me those fuckin bottles, and none of this had to happen, not look at you. Now you’re my toy!” Vic smiled as he saw her twitching and squirming at his words, as he sprayed them at her. Vic laughed as she made a vain effort to thwart off his further advances with his other fingers. “fuck your stupid, one little flick, and your dead.” Vic then brought her down to the floor and hung his foot over her. “I could step on you and mash you into paste.” The woman held her hands before her and pleaded. Vic was high with his newfound power. For now though, I want you to clean out my toe jam.” Vic placed her deep into his middle toes, and placed a sock on to keep her intact. He then went about his business almost forgetting about her.
    Vic was lounging at his patio; his feet were stretched out and spread, as the tiny woman was tending to his toes. She had since come to terms with her survival and conceded herself as a slave.
    Vic was talking on the phone and making plans for Phil to con Angela to his house. After constant haranguing, he managed to persuade Phil to lead her in.

    The night approached and Vic was pleasantly surprised to see Phil bringing Angela to his front door. Vic answered it and saw Angela’s expression change. “What the hell is going on here, this isn’t Tony’s house.” Phil turned red while standing behind her. Vic smiled relentless and was polite. “Please come in, I got drinks and great food.” Angela turned to Phil. “Take me home now!” Phil stepped back. Vic grabbed hold of her arm. “Come on Angela, can’t be that bad now can it?” Angela swung her arm free. “Get your filthy mitts off me, you ape.” Vic turned cold suddenly. “Ape what you want, how about King Kong.” Vic then grabbed hold of her for good and drew her inside. Once inside Vic threw her into a waiting couch. Phil walked in slowly. “Look man, if she’s not willing, lets call it a night.” Vic turned his anger to Phil momentarily. “Look Phil, take a seat.” Phil walked toward the other side of the entrance, and leaned on the wall. Angela looked up; her eyes were red with fiery. “You fuck, your going to jail, got it, I’m gonna fuck you up for this.” Vic laughed her off, before reaching for a jar behind him. “Laugh this off sugar.” He tossed the contents at her. Angela was dowsed, and dripping, as she was shocked at the sudden outburst. “What the shit is this stuff?” Vic laughed as he stood and waited. Phil looked on in horror, thinking his friend has lost it.
    Then it happened once more. In an instant, Angela was reduced herself down to some 3 inches. She stood up and glared at herself, and up at the now giant men. She then fainted and collapsed to the floor.
    Phil looked over at Vic and shook his hands. “What did I just see?” Vic seemed curt with him and was looking for a way to get rid of him, for he was now a witness. Vic walked away with Phil following him and still screaming at him. Vic then found the other jar and turned and splashed it as well. In moments Phil too was now shrunken. Vic looked down at his once friend and ticked at him. “Couldn’t see for what is was worth, and I was going to share it with you. Well I got other plans for you now, but not yet, some time later. You’ll love it.” Vic then plucked up Phil from the floor and took him to a drawer and deposited him before locking it tight. Vic then turned his attention back to Angela. He walked up to her, still laid out. He dreamed of this day, but only felt it was better now, that he had the upper hand and body.
    “You little bitch.” Vic said as he laid a course finger across her delicate features. “ Think you high and mighty now? I didn’t think so. Let’s see now flexible you are.” Vic grabbed hold of her tight in his fist and took her to his bathroom. He stood brooding at the mirror as he looked at her tiny features as compared to his massive structure. He never felt so much more powerful than he did today. He was not going to let this opportunity slip him by, as he stared down at the squirming woman in his fist. Vic opened his fist and let Angela stand in his palm. She began to scream and protest for her release. This only brought out laughter from Vic, and made him even more aloof. He turned his hand upside down and let the tiny woman tumble the tremendous height to the carpeted floor. Angela landed hard, and bounced until she came to rest by the wastebasket. She turned on her buttocks and looked up vengefully at the giant.
    Vic stepped over to her until he was standing over her. Angela changed her expression as the vision of the man standing like a massive skyscraper high above her turned her scared and panicky. “And just what are you gonna do about that hey bitch?” Vic thundered his voice down. Angela pleaded now, as she became aware of just how real and crazy this was all becoming. “Pleading will do nothing but upset me, slut, now turn over.” Vic yelled as he lifted his big toe and flipped her onto her stomach. Angela laid there in shock, as she didn’t know what to expect next. Vic raised his foot high above her and compared her miniaturized body to his gigantic foot. He was so impressed as to the power over life and death, and now easy he could snuff her out with so much as a light step. “Turn over on your back slut!” Vic commanded. Angela obeyed immediately and was shocked to see his foot raised in that fashion. “Please don’t I’ll do anything you want, please don’t crush me! I don’t want to die that way.” Vic became interested and peered down at his captive. “Well anything hey? Let’s see.” Vic pondered his thoughts as he took a seat at the toilet. He whizzed as he continued to think, all the while keeping the tiny woman at his feet. When he finished he suddenly came up with an idea. “Climb up my leg slut, and hurry!” Angela all at once leaped to his foot, and took grabs at flesh to gain the ground in order to scale his gigantic legs. She managed to scale all the way up to his knees and stood at his caps waiting for further orders. Vic had his cock in his hand and it was still leaking spent urine, in small driblets. “Vic get over here and lick this up cunt!” Angela, with her jaw gaped, didn’t move an inch. “I said get over here and lick this up! You deaf and tiny?” Angela new this was going to happen, lessen she wanted to end up a grease spot beneath his massive soles. She closed in slowly and walked up to his shriveled foreskin. She stared up at the giant as she began to take the position with her head. Vic looked down intently. “ Well lick it up!” Angela shivered at the voice, and then placed her head up to the dripping pee-hole. Urine poured freely over her entire face, as she tried to hold her breath and stick her tongue to his tip. She managed to stick her tongue and tasted the putrid droplets pouring out. She jerked back and coughed out. She then looked up as Vic thundered down. “Lick it all up, till I say so, or else!” Angela forced herself in once more and took her lashings. She kept herself in this time, licking his tip clean, and taking extra laps around his tip to make sure he didn’t complain. Angela pulled away as Vic instructed her to stop. She stood on his lap shivering as she tried to get the stale taste out of her mouth. “Not to tasty is it? Well wait till you taste my cum, bitch, I’ll see to it that you drown in the shit, and then you get a mouth full.” Vic laughed hysterically as he reached down and plucked her up. He then raced into the bedroom and began to stroke her body against his cock. His erection took hold immediately and grew enormously as he kept her body hard pressed against his shaft. He would then take her on slides toward his tip, and dip her in and out of his pee-hole, upon then taking her down his shaft again. Vic could feel his climax reaching cataclysmic proportions, when he rushed her body toward his tip. Holding her firmly, he pumped his wad out in clumps of mash cum.

    Angela was clenched in his palm, and could only mouth in the sour mash, as it came down on her in waves. She managed to cough out mouthfuls before being forced to take in more. She tried in vain to keep up, but the giant came a lot, and wasn’t even close to stopping yet.
    Vic could see his cum flowing through his fingers, as his cum still pumped out it frothy cum.
    He was garnering another erection as he imagined the trapped woman in his palm; being drowned in his slimy cum. Vic then did something unprecedented, he suddenly ejaculated again.
    Vic finally fell over in delight as he held his hand cupped. Still, his juice spilled forth and therefore Angela also. The giant lay still on the bed, while the cum oozed out from his hand. The tiny woman was encased in his slop, and was having a hard time trying to stand up in it. She finally managed to get a foothold and try walking, but would just slip and fall face first in the mush once more. Vic watched this folly and giggled to himself. He watched her stand and fall repeatedly, until he finally slammed his hand over her and stuffed her body into his cum fully, completely.

    Angela awoke, feeling groggy and tired. She was awakened by the pleadings of Phil who was now lying next to her. She turned to him and then looked up at the still giant Vic standing menacing above them both. “We are going to play a game, I am the jealous husband who comes home to find his tiny slut slave wife, sleeping with tiny lover. I then rampage, and have some fun with you all. Lets start shall we?” Vic smiled down. Phil stood up and continued to plead his case, and was shunt by Vic’s huge toe, as he swung it at Phil knocking him back a few feet.
    Vic placed the tiny couple into a dollhouse, and kept the roof off to see the tiny couple in the tiny bed together. He then instructed the two to start making love on command and take action when he walked in on them. After some haranguing, the tiny couple went through the motions of lovemaking. Vic walked out of the room and then re-entered. He walked around the room, before stepping toward the dollhouse. He peered in and smiled before making his acting debut.
    “What the fuck is going on here? You little slut, and you! What the fuck are you doing with my woman?” Phil rushed off Angela and backed to the wall, he was never so frightened in his life. Angela sat up in the bed, and cringed as Vic continued his tirade. “You both are the slim beneath my feet, you tiny insects, trying to pull one over on me. Well let’s see how much in love you two are.” Vic then reached inside the house and plucked up Angela in his fingers. Phil stood in shock as he saw the woman being lifted in a surreal manner, like out of some sci-fi movie. Vic brought her up to his crotch and opened up his cock vent. “Don’t worry little man, You’ll be joining her, but for now, I need something from her.” Vic then crushed his crotch together and began to make monstrous groans and growls as he began to violently play with himself. Phil could hear the faint screams of Angela as she was beaten about and manipulated within the giant’s shorts. Vic’s facial expression would change radically as he approached climax, until he let out a sigh. Vic’s shorts were leaking the ejected cum from all corners of his shorts, but no sign of Angela. Vic then reached down and plucked up Phil in his fingers. Walking to the bed, Vic tossed the tiny man down on the sheets. He then dropped out of his shorts and stepped out of them. Phil looked in dismay as he saw Angela totally obliterated in the giant man’s cum, as she was caked to his towering shaft. Vic looked upon himself and snapped at his shaft with his hand. He played knocking it back and forth, getting off watching Angela go with it each time. Laughing hysterically, Vic was now drunk with his newfound power, danger was now persistent.
    Vic drew his attention to Phil and slowly peeled the tiny woman from his cock. He tossed her down to Phil’s side. Phil grabbed hold of her as she wept and sobbed uncontrollably. “You freak, why don’t you just kill us and get it over with.” Phil said as he consoled Angela. “In due time little man, in due time. But first I have to get off.” Vic arranged the tiny couple to his wishes. He laid them on top of each other, and forced them to intercourse. He then sat on his knees over them and watched a while. The tiny bodies in action as they jerked and bobbed at each other, turned him on greatly, like he was watching some new kind or porn, live.
    He watched on for a while longer, until he got hard once more. He then grabbed hold of his cock and drew it down the hapless couple.
    Angela saw it first as the great shadow of the giant cock came over them. Phil sensed it as well and turned his head just in time to see the expansive tip over take them both.
    Vic had in moments pulsated his enormous cock down into the sheets and as blood coursed through his veins, his cock reached it rush, and climax on contact. He growled and moaned as he witness first hand. He smeared them beneath his tremendous cock, and rubbed them about, as he became extremely horny at his actions.
    Pressing, and smearing, and slamming, Vic never gave an inch, and was relentless on getting off on his kink. As his ejaculation drew to a close, he finally quieted down his breathing and let up.
    Vic drew his still throbbing cock up, and was flabbergasted at the vision before him. His sheets were drenched with his pulpy cum, and amongst it all, were the mangled and flattened bodies he lay to waste beneath his erection. Vic felt his erection once more upon looking at his work, and gathered up the bodies in a tissue. Vic sat up on his hunches and with his hand, dug the tissue into his spread anus. He felt the tiny bodies evenly distribute along his crack, and after spreading them about a little more, drew his cheeks together and sat back down. The feeling in his ass brought on a tremendous climax. Vic drew his body back down and utterly enjoyed this last one.

    The next day, Vic was busily getting ready for work, he kept a steady stream of coffee pouring, as he washed and dressed. As he passed his linen basket, he tossed in his last drawers from the other night. Laid out flat on the top, the underwear displayed the streak marks or skid marks, and deeply entrenched in them were the tiny bodies of the couple. Vic passed by the basket without so much as a second thought, as he quickly grabbed his coat and case before leaving the house.