Tiny Pet, Chapters 1-3

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Tiny Pet

By Douglas Greene

Chapter One

Tom sat at his desk and squinted at the screen of his laptop. Busy contributing to a message board on the Internet devoted to shrinking women fantasies; he would occasionally pause, and look down into the cardboard box on the floor near his chair. He smiled at the tiny naked girl huddled in corner of the box; she stared back in wide-eyed terror.

“Are you feeling any better Shannon?” Tom asked.

There was still a small dark stain on the floor of the cardboard box where Shannon’s vomit had splattered an hour before. Tom had immediately wiped at the mess with a moistened paper napkin, but the stain remained. At least she’d finally stopped screaming; those high-pitched shrieks were beginning to play on Tom’s nerves.

Until this morning, young Shannon had been Tom’s intern, helping him with his special project at a government laboratory outside of Boston. Shannon was 21 years old and quite pretty, with straight, brown hair that fell half way down her back. She was slim; the heels that she wore to the office exaggerated her 5’8” height. Her olive skin hinted at her Italian heritage; weekends spent in the summer sunshine made her skin even darker.

“I’m sure you have lots of questions. Can I put you up on my desk?” Tom reached down into the box, opened his palm, and wriggled his fingers, inviting her to step forward. Tom was sure that his invitation that would be refused. Shannon squatted in the corner, cringing from the giant hand, a hand that was bigger than she was. Her eyes got even wider, and she shook her head back and forth violently. “OK, have it your way. We have all the time in the world.” Tom returned his attention to the computer monitor. He could hear Shannon sob occasionally, and for a brief instant, felt a bit sorry for his new little pet.

Then he frowned as he remembered how she had betrayed him. He was sure that she had told everyone about their brief affair. Now he was sure that all of his coworkers were all laughing at him behind his back. She must have told them about his small penis, and how quickly he was spent. He could tell by the way that people were looking at him, that Shannon had told them everything.

Shannon was just another scheming, conniving bitch, just like his mother. Well, he taught his mother a lesson, and now it was Shannon’s turn.

The sobbing from the box was getting louder. Tom nudged it gently with his foot, sending tiny Shannon tumbling from one side of the box to the other.

“Knock it off, will you?” Tom reprimanded. “I’m trying to work here!” The crying stopped immediately. Tom watched with amusement as she struggled to her feet, pressing her little frame into the opposite corner. She tried as best she could to cover herself with her hands. Tom liked her small breasts and slim hips; she had that tomboy look that he’d always found attractive. She had quite a forest of pubic hair, a perfect breeding ground for all kinds of germs, but he could easily change that.

“Let me out of here! You can’t do this to me!” Shannon suddenly screamed, peering up over the edge of her cardboard prison at the giant seated above her.

“Oh…so she speaks!” Tom chuckled. It was funny the way people’s voices sounded after they were shrunk. It always reminded him of those cartoon chipmunks on TV. He logged off, and folded the laptop shut. Turning in his chair, he slid the box containing the hapless girl between his legs. “So what’s the problem little lady?”

“Jesus Christ, what’s happened to me? What have you done?”

“Haven’t you figured it out yet Shannon?” Tom shook the box just a bit; Shannon staggered to the middle of the box, and fell on her bottom. Holding his thumb and index finger a few inches apart, then closing them slowly he said, “I made you tiny…very, very tiny.”

She buried her face in her hands, then looked up and shook her head in disbelief. “But that’s not possible. This can’t be happening…”

“Oh, trust me. It’s happening all right. I trusted you Shannon, but you ended up being just another little cunt. You aren’t any different than the others.”

Tom reached into the box with both hands. One massive hand roughly pushed her into the other waiting palm as Shannon batted ineffectively at the huge fingers and screamed hysterically. He lifted her out of the box. She was soft and warm, and it reminded Tom of holding a tiny newborn kitten. He could feel her tiny naked bottom resting in the center of the palm of his hand.

Tom couldn’t stand the noise she was making; her shrieking was ruining the moment. Pulling some tape from the dispenser at his desk, Tom fastened her arms to her sides, wrapping tape around her arms, then her ankles. Finally, he took a small piece and carefully placed it over her mouth. Finally Tom had silence.

“Will you just calm down?” Tom chastised. “Nobody is going to hurt you.” She continued to squirm as Tom slid her off of his palm and onto the top of his desk. “Let’s get some measurements.” Pressing her knees down so her legs rested flat against the cold, varnished wood, he pulled a ruler from a drawer and carefully measured her height. He turned away to make some notes on a clipboard. “Well, little girl, you’re just under 6 inches tall. Care to take a guess at your weight?”

He rolled her back onto his palm, pivoted in his chair, depositing her on an electronic postage scale that was on a table behind his desk. “Four and a half ounces! I wish I had a better scale here at home,” Tom said aloud to himself. “I think you’ll probably lose a little weight in the next few days, but without the right equipment, I don’t have a way to measure it.”

Shannon was struggling less now. Tom could feel her shivering as he held her against his chest, carrying her to the bathroom. When he removed the tape from her ankles; she immediately kicked angrily at his wrist. He squirted a tiny amount of depilatory into the sink, touched the foam with a fingertip, and massaged it onto the struggling girl’s pubic hair, separating her legs effortlessly with his middle digit.

“Oh, don’t be like that,” he chided. “This will only take a minute, and we’ll get rid of all that nasty hair you have down there.” Tom turned the faucet on in the sink, and held tiny Shannon under the cold water, letting the water cascade over her entire body. The hair was gone in seconds, leaving bright pink skin. He desperately wanted to pull her legs apart with his fingers and lick her, she looked so clean and fresh, but that would be too much, too soon. There was plenty of time.

When Tom stripped the tape from Shannon that held her arms tight to her side, she immediately curled into a fetal position in Tom’s cupped hands.

Tom gently deposited Shannon in a cage in on top of a dresser in his bedroom. The floor of the cage was covered with large spongy pellets that had a strong chlorophyll smell. It would be some time before Shannon would recognize the stuff on the floor as rodent bedding, normally reserved for hamsters or gerbils.

“Welcome home!” Tom snickered, staring at her through the thin bars. She lay motionless on her side, facing away from Tom. Her bottom looked like two plump grapes. She was so still that he wondered, just for a moment, if the shock had been too much for her. He was relieved to see her ribs move in and out with each rapid breath.

He turned on the heat lamp positioned above her little jail, and considered removing the tape from her mouth. She could probably handle that on her own; she’d been handled enough for one day.

Chapter 2

Shannon didn’t move for a long time. At first, she could feel Tom’s eyes staring at her; she could even smell his breath. Then she heard him move away, and the loud, heavy sound of a door closing. Finally, when she was sure that Tom was gone, she pulled away the huge piece of tape from her mouth and sat up, leaning with her back against the bars of the cage.

This couldn’t be happening. Human beings were not shrinkable. She understood that the laboratory where she worked was involved in some very unusual, top-secret projects, but reducing people to the size of dolls was science fiction and simply not possible. Still, as she struggled to her feet and looked around at her surroundings, she had to accept the fact that she was either in the middle of an incredibly realistic hallucination, or she was tiny and imprisoned in a hamster cage.

She recognized Tom’s bedroom as she’d been here once before. It was just a week ago that Tom had invited her to dinner at his house. They enjoyed two bottles of wine and a movie, before ending up in bed together. The bed that they’d made love in now stretched before her as big as a football field.

Shannon wasn’t usually the type of girl who sleeps with a man on the first date, but Tom was different. Although he was considerably older than Shannon, he seemed so innocent and childlike; she was taken with him immediately.

She recalled the comic books on the coffee table, and his odd collection of books in the shelves that lined the living room. She shivered, even under the heat lamp, when she remembered the empty cage that rested on his dresser. She’d asked him about it, and he’d said that he was thinking about getting a pet. Sweet Jesus! Had he been planning this all along?

He was an inexperienced lover, clumsy and very unsure of himself, but he was a refreshing change from the men that she usually dated. When they parted ways the next morning, he’d promised to call, but the phone never rang. At work on Monday, Shannon was very disappointed when Tom acted as if nothing had happened. In spite, Shannon made a joke at Tom’s expense, poking fun at his fondness for comic books. She knew that Tom was within earshot. He seemed much too angry at the remark, and she regretted the joke immediately.

Tom gave Shannon the silent treatment for the rest of the week. On Friday, he asked Shannon if she could stay late to help him with something. She quickly accepted, hoping to rekindle the relationship, or at least come to some understanding.

“This will only take a minute,” Tom said, leading her to an area in the building that was restricted to people with high security clearances.

“Tom, we need to talk…” Shannon said as she traipsed after Tom.

“We’ll have plenty of time for that later,” Tom snapped as he used his palm print to open a door. Shannon noticed a sign that read, ‘Restricted Level One’ which signified that the room was an area that was strictly off limits to her. She paused in the doorway until Tom motioned her in.

Toward the center of the room was a small raised pedestal about a foot high, just big enough for a one person to stand upon. Tom pointed to the platform. “Just stand on that; I need to check something.”

Shannon stepped onto the platform. She glanced up at something that resembled a large chandelier suspended just a few feet above her head. She saw a bright flash of light. Then came the pain; incredible, excruciating, searing pain that was worse than anything she’d ever experienced. Then, thank god, she felt nothing at all.

The light was very bright, and even though Tom wore protective goggles, he was temporarily blinded. When he took off the goggles all that appeared to remain were Shannon’s shoes and clothes, gathered in a messy little pile on the pedestal. Tom rushed to the platform and gingerly picked at the clothing, lifting each piece and giving it a gentle shake before setting it aside. He shivered when he first saw her, laying half in and half out of her shoe, tangled in her panty hose. For some reason, she was smaller that he expected. She was ghostly pale, and looked like tiny, naked fetus.

He lined a readied shoebox with her panties and panty hose, and, trembling, carefully rolled her tiny body inside. He put a lid on the box and, using a pencil to poke holes in the lid, slid a rubber band over the top to hold it in place. Finally, he put the rest of her clothes and shoes in a paper bag. He would take the clothing to the incinerator immediately. She would no longer have a use for them.

An hour later, Tom had little Shannon safely transferred to a bigger box on his office floor. He didn’t know how long she’d remain unconscious, and wanted to watch when she finally woke up. He improvised a little mattress by arranging her panties and hose in the corner of the box, before carefully rolling Shannon’s tiny nude form out of the shoebox.

Positioning Shannon on her back, and splaying her legs wide apart, he took a few minutes to admire his handiwork. Such an exquisite little body! Such perfect little titties! He gave into temptation and gently prodded one of her breasts, massaging the warm, soft orb with the tip of his finger. She squirmed just a bit under his touch. His finger traveled south, and he softly probed her womanhood. His knees nearly buckled when her legs closed around her finger. He wanted to continue, but knew she need to rest. He covered her body up with a washcloth to keep her warm, and then logged onto the Internet to kill some time. Tom did not have to wait long.

“What happened?” he heard Shannon squeak, as she struggled to a sitting position. Tom immediately abandoned his keyboard, and stared down at her, mesmerized. As she sat up, the washcloth fell away and the tiny woman immediately realized that she was naked. Suddenly Shannon was fully awake; she pulled the washcloth up to cover herself, and looked around, wide-eyed with terror. It was several seconds before Shannon thought to look up. When she did, and saw Tom’s huge grinning face looming down at her, the screaming began.

“I guess you won’t be needing these anymore,” Tom said softly, reaching into the box to retrieve the panties that he’d used for her bed. Pinching them between thumb and forefinger, he momentarily dangled the gigantic pink cotton underpants directly in front of her as she pressed her little frame into a corner. “I hate panty hose. Don’t you?” he whispered as his hand reappeared to whisk them away as well.

She stared up at him in absolute horror. Without warning, her stomach heaved, and she vomited on the floor of the box. Sinking to her knees, she covered her face with her hands and sobbed endlessly.

Chapter Three

Shannon found it hard to stand up as the floor of the cage was covered with large pieces of a spongy material that, in places, seemed at least a foot deep. She looked down at her body, lightly running her fingers across her denuded vagina. Christ! She hadn’t looked like this since she was ten!

Stumbling around the perimeter of the cage, she quickly realized that it would be unlikely that she could escape from the enclosure. The bronze colored bars were narrowly spaced and unyielding, and the hinged door was held fast by a massive spring clip. Even if she managed to get out of the cage, the floor seemed at least a hundred feet down.

At the end of the cage were rather large white ceramic containers. She suddenly recognized the green floral pattern around the top edge and her stomach turned. They were part of an inexpensive set of Pyrex china; she’d had the same set in college. The bowls she’d owned were small, probably less than five inches across. The ones in her cage were nearly five feet!

One bowl held what appeared to be fresh water; she dipped her fingers into the cool liquid and gave it a taste. Good, at least she wouldn’t die of thirst. The other contained large orange chunks of woody vegetable matter. She hoped to God that it wasn’t bits of carrot, but her nose told her otherwise. Whatever it was, it wasn’t edible.

At the opposite end of the cage was yet another ceramic dish, filled halfway to the top with clean, coarse sand. She grimly guessed that she was looking at her litter box.

The only thing that seemed to be missing was the exercise wheel.

At least she wasn’t cold. The lamp was keeping her toasty warm despite her lack of clothing. She suddenly wondered how she’d keep warm if the light was turned off. She supposed that she if she had to, she could make some sort of a nest out of the strange material on the floor.

There was no place to comfortably sit down. She leaned against the bars for an hour or so, studying the cavernous room and the closed door on the far side. Eventually she sat on the edge of the dish of water.

She took a deep breath. Shannon was a pragmatic young woman and in order to come up with an action plan, it was time to accept some cold hard facts. Although it defied logic, somehow Tom had made her tiny. She was less than six inches tall. Her immediate needs seemed to be taken care of. She was warm and had water. Escape, at this point anyway, was impossible.

If she could survive long enough, surely they’d come looking for her. Heidi, Shannon’s roommate, would alert authorities when she didn’t come home. And there was the matter of her car, still parked at work. She suspected there were security cameras hidden throughout the building; someone would eventually take a look at the tapes, it was just a matter of time.

Sitting on the sharp, uncomfortable edge of the bowl, she separated her legs slightly and looked down. Tom was insane! He intended to keep her here as a pet, or some sort of a sex toy, to satisfy his own twisted, perverted desires. Perhaps the best course of action would be to try to reason with him, and if that didn’t work, play along with the game until she was rescued. She heard the door open.

Tom lumbered into the room. Mother of God, he was so huge! He walked to Shannon’s cage and looked down at her. His smile seemed almost sympathetic.

“You look like you’re getting used to your new home,” he said softly. Shannon could smell his breath, a mixture of tobacco and garlic.

“Change me back, Tom,” Shannon pleaded as she stood up. “I won’t tell anybody. Just change me back, please!”

“I think we both know that it’s too late for that Shannon,” Tom replied as he opened a drawer directly beneath Shannon’s cage. Retrieving a baggie filled with marijuana, Shannon watched as Tom sat on the edge of the bed and crushed a large bud onto a sheet of newspaper, letting the seeds fall into a trash can on the floor. He rolled the joint with practiced efficiency.

“Are you warm enough?” Tom asked casually.

“Let me out of here! You can’t keep me like this!” Shannon wailed.

“I’ll let you out in a minute, Shannon. But first things first.” He lit the cigarette and inhaled sharply, holding the smoke in his lungs for a long time. “Oh, silly me, I really should share.” Taking another hit from the joint, he lowered his head to cage level and blew smoke into Shannon’s face. “I get this shit from a pal in Hawaii. I bet it will help calm your nerves.”

Shannon coughed and retreated to the other side of the cage, holding on to the bars. Tom retreated the procedure several more times.

“What do you plan to do with me?” Shannon asked nervously as she watched him take off his shirt.

“Well, you said you wanted out. I thought that we’d play for a while.” He lowered his pants and kicked them off before settling back on the bed. Tom lay down on the top of the bedspread, dressed only in his underwear. Shannon couldn’t help but notice the huge bulge in his underwear, a throbbing lump that was easily bigger than she was. He put his hand over the lump, and gave it an appreciative squeeze. When he took his hand away, Shannon could see that the bulge was much larger.

“Have you figured out what’s going on yet?” Tom called out from the bed, as he continued to massage his groin through his underwear. “You belong to me now; it’s very important that you understand that.”

“Fuck you!” Shannon screamed. “They’re going to come looking for me, and you’re going to go to prison!” She regretted her outburst immediately. She was in no position to be making threats.

Tom moved with incredible speed. The cage door sprung open, and Tom’s hand closed around Shannon’s naked torso. She shrieked and beat at the monstrous fingers with her fists. The skin on his hands was thick, like the leather on a battered suitcase. She felt herself being lifted. Seconds later, Tom sent her tumbling to the bedspread.

As Shannon struggled to get to her feet, Tom sank heavily to the mattress next to her causing the mattress to sink. She fell and rolled toward him, stopping when she hit his chest. His smell was everywhere.

His hand closed around her once more; she was surprised that she was able to keep herself from screaming. Tom was again lying on his back, with Shannon trapped beneath his hand on his chest. He started to stroke her, the way a person would caress a beloved pet, running his open palm back and forth along the length of her body.

“You’d better be nice to me, little girl. Things can be very bad if you aren’t”

Shannon could feel Tom speak; his entire chest resonated with every word. She tried to get up, but Tom’s massive hand kept pushing her down on his chest. Eventually, she stopped struggling, and simply rested on her stomach.

“Such a pretty little bottom,” Tom whispered as he pinched both of her cheeks between his thumb and index finger. “Too small to spank…luck for you. But I have other ways to punish bad little girls.”

His hand suddenly tightened around her torso, and Shannon felt herself being roughly dragged down toward his waist. He pulled her across his stomach, and then over his navel; the opening was big enough to accommodate Shannon’s entire head.

“There’s someone I want you to meet,” Tom giggled. He pulled at the elastic top of his underwear and his enormous erection sprang out. “Shannon, I’d like you to meet Mr. Happy. I really hope you two get along, because you’re going to be spending a lot of time together!”