Throbbing Desires

Posted by Miss Point on October 17, 2001 at 16:17:25:

As they came to, Louanne and Marylene could hardly believe this was happening to them. The night had seemed to have been gone well, but now they found themselves dizzy and waking up in what looked like strange surroundings. What the hell, said Louanne, shaking her head and clutching at Marylene to get to her feet.
Both women screamed in unison as they saw the sight that was to see before them.
Two great flat feet soles were planted on the outsized crapet, rising into great pillars of leg. The naked torso above that was nearly too high to see, and almost seemed to fade into insignificance, like a mountain. A great naked manhood hung down from tentoid boxer shorts, like some godzilla tree trunk, and booming laughter was heard.
Phallo allowed himself a smile of satisfaction as the tiny screaming women turned to run from his gargantuan girthness, and enjoyed planting his feet down to cut off their escape paths. He was a heavyset, dark skinned man, standing at 6'3, and of great stature. He boomed laughter at the women's antics. Ahahaha, where do you think you're going, he roared, and reached down to snatch up the puny shrunken women in his meaty fists. Ah ha ha ha ha, you're going to do me some good service with those bitch slut bodies of yours! He first took a screaming Louanne and felt himself rise to aerodynamic proportions, with the excitement of what was to come.

He kept Marylene under one Arizona sized foot while he used Louanne to rub himself to engorgement. Lick my toes, shit slut! he roared, as his cock fully responded to Louanne's tiny struggling body, throbulating with slum lust. He rubbed harder and faster, thoroughly spending Louanne's body, until his huge man head exploded in a gigantoid cum flood.
Louanne was now limp and covered completly in Phallo's jizz, and he roared laughter as he dropped her to the floor and raised his size 18 foot. Louanne stirred at the sight of the great appendage, but her puny raised arms were snapped into twig as Phallo pounded down, mashing her slut body to stainage proportions.

Now he raised his other foot and stared down at the terrified Marylene. Another shit slave for my giant appetition, he boomed, placing his wide sole again on top of her. You will serve me well with your puny bitch gyrations! He lifted his foot and laughed down, then grabbed her with his giant fingers of flesh. he shoved her skratting form into his underpants of smut, then swaggered into the bathroom.
He felt her stir as he reached there, completely smothered under his rustling balls. She tried to scream but was helpless in the huge bollock embargo. Ah ha ha, said Phallo, as he hardened once more in arousal at the sight. Reaching into his cock dungeon, he extracted the tiny woman, then pulled down his pants to sit on the lavatory. Phallo sighed as log after stinking log plummetted into the bowl, like a surreal behemoth themepark ride. When satisfied he used Marylene's tiny body to wipe his ass - she screamed aloud as the giant peaches loomed around her, but was soon silenced as her face was filled with Phallo's potent man flesh. Ah ha ha ha! Cringe from my grammar, slag-whore bitch! laughed Phallo. Once more he took her to his giant cock playground, using her as lube mash for his erectoid pleasure.

He excelled himself to the point of excitement, pumping for the explosive climax of his inhaling knob member.
When both Marylene and Phallo were spent, Phallo held the slimed woman up, roaring with laughing approval. Suddenly hungry, Phallo tucked her tiny shittulated stink form under his balls, and strode back down to the kitchen. Marylene was now mere smut for his giant kink, a smear that would forever remain in his obliterated sack chamber.