They might be giants

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Peter knew trouble was afoot ever since Ben entered his apartment. Ben eagerly took to Beth's size, as he stood ominously over her, staring down at her nestled between each of his massive size 17 naked feet. Ben ignored Pete's questions, as he was intent on enjoying the view of the diminitive woman. Her tiny svelt body, cautiously positioned, as she craned her neck to look up. Her emotions were hard to see, but her stance told all, as she stirred back and forth, as if deciding whether to flee or stay pat. Her own view was that of immense proportions, as the giant man spanned up what seemed like miles. His massive feet stood in the forefront, stretching back yards. His threetrunk like legs, rising up, his tanned flesh, glistening in the light room. Up higher past his heaving chest, his head hung like a planetoid, looking high and enormous. His mouth would open agape, as his lips salvated at her very being.
Ben's view was somewhat different, as to him, she encompassed every will and desire he ever had to control, and utilize a speciman such as herself. Remembering the days that proceeded this day, when he would come over and admire her petite frame, her long subtle legs, dreaming of having her to himself, but he never dreamed of such a experience would be bestowed upon himself, especially from her husband Pete.
At first when Pete talked about this with him, he was purely imagining having her at her normal size, but couldn't wrap his mind on the very idea Pete advocated. The very though of shrinking was that of fantasy and fiction, that he quickly estinquished from his mind as soon as Pete talked about it. Now ever since he walked in, looking around for Beth, only to have Pete insist he peer downwards, did Ben finally take the bait, and peer down. He almost crushed her instantly as he shuffled his massive feet, as he stepped out of his hot sandals. As he looked below closer, he finally noticed her, appearing at first like a bug, then a toy, before finally acknowleging her for what she appeared to be, as real as he, only thousands of times smaller in stature.
Ben's cock unfoled, stretching out from his concealed shorts, as he began compiling things he wanted to explore. A sudden influx of ideas never entertained before started to flow through his mind, as visions of seeing her strapped to thick member, her body glistening in his spunk. Or feeling her struggle within the confines of his enormous ass. Lastly he very much wanted to end her beneath his feet. Never before being a fetish for the feet, seeing her now like she was, brought that out in him, as he firmly imagined her body beneath his heavy foot, as he flattened her in his orgasm.
Pete finally got his attention as he appeared with a glass of brew. Ben took it greedily as he continued to stand his ground, finally speaking. "She is totally amazing at this size, what to do first! is the question." Ben chugged the glass down, burping before stuffing the glass on an table nearby. His eyes grew narrow, as he brooded. "On your knees you little slut!" Pete shuddered as he sipped his drink, never before hearing Ben's tone before. He watched anyway as his Beth, kneeled down caustiously before his massive friend. As she fell to her knees, she continued to stare up, waiting for more instructions, and also dreading them. Ben leaned over slightly, as he spat down. "Flat on your back you pathetic little slut!" Beth wiped the thick spittle of her body as she layed back, stretching herself out before the giant. Ben licked his lips, as he raised his monstrous foot up over her, as he body disapeared beneath it's size, he brought it down, feeling her tiny frame beneath his soft wide sole. He firmly planted his foot down now, as he felt her start to panic and struggle, this brought joy to his spine, as he fought hard to not crush her, as he wanted to enjoy more. Pete watched in horror, as well as in excitment, fearing Ben would just crush her, and hoping to see it happen. Pete was mixed on the experience at this early stage.
Ben relegated his foot back off, as Beth stuck momentarily before caking off landing on his buttocks back in his rising footfall. Ben seemed pleased, and overly horny, as his shorts now seemed to give him discomfort, causing him to strip them off, now revealing his enormous torso, as well as hips. His cock now was uncombered, as it rose up and out from his body. The thickness of his head, looking awesome as well as poetic. Beth could only stare up as she wiped herself, the vision of the giant's enormous cock ranked high on her attention, as she both pictured herself riding it, as well as fleeing it. Even fleeing it turned her on so. Pete as well felt likewise, imagining his tiny wife invaded in such a way, her body soaked in his funk and spunk.
Ben snatched Beth up as he leaned over, pulling his massive frame up, as he towed her up in his grip.
As he stood erect once again, he revealed his clamped fingers, concealing the tiny image of Beth, now trapped helplessly between his flesh tips. Ben held her close to his face, near his lips, as he breathed on her openly, while admiring her body now, as he could now see her features, as well as her expression. "Hmmm, looks like your wife is now a small fan of your's truely. Ben remarked. Pete didn't take offense as he followed Ben toward his living room. Ben sat his large frame down onto the couch, his buttocks trapping the one of the cushions between it's flesh. Ben slammed his feet down, shaking the room's small fixtures. Pete took a seat on the opposite side of him, as he continued to watch things begin to unfold once again. Ben pulled Beth toward his open maw, sampling her tender body, as his enormous tongue. Beth would disappear and reappear, as Ben swooshed and suckled her within the confines of his enormous mouth. Once he relenquished her, she was spat out back into his vast palm, where he fondled her about with his other fingers. Prodding and smearing her about, he playfully bullied her about in his palm. Beth looked disheveled and wet from Ben's saliva, as she tried to keep up with the giant's advances, but would be bowled over again and again, under the massive fingers.
Ben finally picked Beth up by her legs, dangling her as he giggled, while hearing her tiny squeals for help. Ben savoured every moment, as he enjoyed her new found fear of him, as she was now displaying it with her screams. "I love it more when she screams, I can tell she fears me now, just how I love it." Ben smirked as he belched at her. Ben then snatched her up in his fist, reveaing her tiny head only from the top, as he held her close to his eyes. "You puny isignificant little slut, you are going to do me right, you got it, or end up crushed in my mush." Ben swore as he brought his fist down, opening it to deposit Beth onto his vast pubs. Beth tumbled before gaining her ground, as she found herself crawling now within the mounds of the giant's moist pubs. Ben sat back, staring down at his pubs, while first staring at Pete's expression, before peering back down at Beth's struggles. "Shit, my cum is larger than this tiny slut!" Ben mused, as he laid his hand down, to brush her toward his large erection. Beth found herself now at the base of the giant's cock, where she scanned it's size, it's girth, before starting to scale it upwards.
Pete watched, his cock already wet with joy, as Beth's climb became viewable. The surrealness of it, as her tiny body moving up slowly against the backdrop of Ben's overly gigantic body, not to mention the sizable size of his cock compared to her diminitive size. As she reached midpoint Ben brought his hand to encompass his thick cock, as he groped it, Beth disappeared from sight, as she was now firmly encased between his palm and cock. Ben freely jacked his grip up and down, stroking his erection, with no regards to the captured Beth, hidden deeply wihin his grip. As he probed and masturbated roughly, his tip oozed pre-cum, coating his shaft, as he smeared his grip upwards and downwards, neither time, showing any signs of Beth in her horrific struggles.
Ben relenquished his hold, as his cock erupted, as huge wads of cum oozed down onto a now noticable Beth, whom was smeared hoplessly onto his still thick shaft. Cum oozed down, capturing her in it's plight, encompassing her entirely, as it seemed to pour off his cock.
Pete had since blown his own erection, after just watching Ben's cock consume and leave Beth in it's wake. Ben stetched his arms, before wiping his cock free of cum, wringing his hands, clean, as shards of cum, containing Beth's body, were forced onto the floor below. Ben grabbed a cushion as he wiped his hands clean, before snatching up the telephone. "Shit Hilde has to see this for her own eyes." Ben said a she punched her number. "Hey babe, are you done at work yet? great head on over to Pete's and pick me up, I got a excellent surprise for you." As Ben slammed the phone down, he continued to sit, as ripples of his exhaust expelled from his ass. Ben looked over at Pete. "So you say this thing, serum whatever, you have it, and it can be used on anyone?" Pete sat nervously. "Well yes, I can use it on anyone." Even yourself?" Ben asked. "Well sure." Pete answered. "But how do you bring yourself back to normal?" Ben inquired. Pete pulled out a vile. "I have the antiserum for that." Ben looked at it. "And what does the serum look like?" Ben asked. Pete pulled it from a drawer in an nearby bureau. Ben noted it's complexity and color difference, as green was the reducer, while blue was the recitifyer. Ben looked disinterested. "I don't think you do have it at all, who really did this?" Pete was started to this line of questioning. I did do it, it's my invention, I did this." Ben stood up, calously lumbered about, sending Beth sprawling off his foot, dangerously close to being consumed and crushed utterly beneath his heavy foot falls. Ben moved away from the couch, as he poured himself another beer. "It's ok, Pete, I believe you, even though I never seen her shruken in the first place, for all I know she was like that from another source. Pete stood up angerly, as he held the green vile. "Oh yeah, I'll show you." Pete said vindicitively, as he ingjected the vile standing adamantly before Ben. Ben put his drink down, as he watched amazingly as his ploy worked. Pete's size diminished abruptly till he was equal to Beth's size. Pete stood on the vast floor way now staring up at Ben in victorious. He then started to make his way to the blue vile he left on the floor. Ben was quicker as he stepped lively snatching up the vile as he stood over the shocked tiny man. Pete looked up incredibly pleading for the vile. Ben smiled as he peered down. "You are obviously the dumbest person to live, and now you are the tiniest dumb person. Pete recoiled backwards as he now found his folly, wondering how he let it get this far.
The bell rang, as Ben lumbered away to answer it. Hilde, Ben's wife walked in. A large robust woman, in Red hair, she matched Ben's large frame perfectly, with her own 5'11 180 lbs. She followed Ben further into the apartment, as she stepped out of her pumps, walking in her nylon clad feet till she was in the living room. Hilde stood confused as Ben seemed to be drawing her attention to the floor. She gazed downwards, not knowing for what she was supposed to see. As she cast her eyes on the floor, close to her nylon clad feet, she now noticed something odd, tiny and moving. She leaned over for a closer look when she noticed a doll like figure waving and jumping for her attention. "What the hell!" Hilde said. Ben smirked as he urged her to look closer. Hilde did so, and came upon the notion that it was a new kind of toy. Ben leaned over, and plucked up the moving figure, before bringing it up for her inspection. As Ben opened his hand, Hilde now saw first hand the tiny woman laying on her back, after being smeared in Ben's palm. She rose up, sitting on her hunches as she looked up at the massive faces of Ben and Hilde peering down on her. Hilde focused her eyes, before finally uttering the words. "Beth!" Hilde looked at Ben in confusion. "What's going on, why is she so friggen tiny?" Ben giggled, as he opened up his other hand containing two viles. "With these my pretty, I can control size at our leasure." Hilde couldn't take her eyes off the tiny Beth as she searched for answers. Beth looked over the edge of Ben's palm, as she scanned the floor for Pete, unable to locate him, she looked onward till she finally caught a glimpse of him tapped down on the coffee table, she slightly smirked and felt somewhat guilty, but again changed to smirking. "Serves you right!" She whispered.
Hilde reached out her finger as he probed over Beth. Beth stirred under her touch. Hilde took quick to situation. "What now? A little slut for your pleasure is it?" Hidle showing her nasty side. Ben smiled. "I have always thought of you as well as myself babe." Ben walked over to the coffee table, peeling the tape off the tiny Pete, before plucking him up and returning to Hilde. Ben opened his other palm dispalying Pete who now was firmly in Ben's palm, his body implanted. Hilde's eyes widened. "Pete!" Pete rose up pleading with Hilde, before Ben crumpled his fist tight. "Well there you have it in an nutshell." Ben remarked, as he studied Hilde's expression. "This is just too weird, too much too fast. Let me think for a moment." Hilde said as she sat down. Ben stood holding Beth in his palm, while clenching Pete in his other hand. Hilde finally looked up. "Ok, but there is a hitch!" Hilde said. Ben looked on. "I cannot entertain the thought of these two, too many memories, too close to the situation." Hilde said as she rose up. Ben looked dumbfounded. "What do you mean, what do we do with them then?" Hilde stepped up to Ben, prying his other hand open. She then snatched Pete away, before snatching Beth from his palm. "It's better this way, beleive me, we can find others." Hilde said, as she sprinkled the tiny couple to the floor beneath her and Ben.
Beth fell first, followed by Pete as they both rose up and embraced. High up, Hilde held Ben back, as she whispered to him something, which Ben responsed by stepping back. Hilde peered down, her looming head seeing past her ample heaving breasts. Both Beth and Pete looked up, thier eyes scanning up her silkyhosed legs, past the hem on her skirt and up to her eyes. "As for you two, Beth I cannot have you pleasuring my husband, regardless of your size, and Pete you were never my type, I cannot even see any use in you at all." Beth broke free of Pete as she ran to Ben's feet, sprawling herself on them as she pleaded. Ben shuffled his feet forward, sending Beth sprawling back in front of Hilde's nylon clad foot. Hilde rose her foot effortlessly and without much fanfare, brought it down, capturing Beth in midscream. Pete recoiled back as he watched his wife disappear completely beneath the gigantic foot of Hilde. Pete stepped backwards as he tried to plead his way out of it. Hilde simply stepped forward, capturing the tiny man, til he too was crushed beneath her foot, smearing him along where Beth was tattoed to her nylon clad sole.
The couple ransacked the apartment, gathering up all the viles Pete had unmassed. Hilde and Ben returned to the forway. As Hilde stepped into her pumps, she left the remains of the tiny couple implanted in her footfall.
The door slammed shut.

It was a month later, when Hector led a woman into the room, he closed the door behind them as he opened the lights. "Don't worry about the furniture I'll have it cleaned out." Hector said. Beatrice, the lady he was showing the room too, looked around. "So what is the story with the last couple here?" Hector held his hips as he surveyed the room. "Just cut out and split, no return no warning." Beatrice stepped further into the apartment, when she felt something under her shoe. "Ohh, what is that?" She said as she lifted her shoe, the remanents of the tiny couple crushed to her sole, lifted up in unison, not looking remarkabley like anything to the giant's above. Hector looked down. "Not to worry, I'll clean the room too." Hector said, as he took out a cloth, and wiped her shoe off.