New Story: Their God

Posted by Blue Night Sky ( on August 25, 2004 at 04:50:40:

In honor of the reopening, I felt compelled to write a little something new for the board. Hope you all like...

Their God

She begins to awake to a gentle rocking motion. None of her senses have come back to her yet. Her mind starts to slowly piece things together with each sway of her body and each wonderful lungful of air. Nothing is coming to her mind, except for the slow returning of her sense of touch. A cool, slight breeze brushes her barely clothed, creamy soft skin. Ok, sheís definitely outside, but how and where is she. The bobbing and swaying of her body continues and she starts to detect scents around her. She smells perfumes and oils that she has never experienced before. The aromas drifting into her nostrils intoxicate her so dearly that she almost does not want to wake from this pleasing state. Her ears begin to come to life, picking out the smallest sounds from the crunching of feet upon coarse dirt and the sounds of thousands of tree leaves as they crash into each other in the supple wind. She searches for any other type of noise that could possibly be detected by the human ear, but almost eerily, there is nothing else. Her curiosity becomes aroused with the consciousness of her mind. She slowly starts reconstructing the recent events, trying to determine just what is happening. She remembers the island, and the beach, and the incredibly secluded hut her and her husband were staying in and the wonderful start of their new relationship together. She remembers their first day and all the things they did, but as she tries to remember what happened that evening, she just recalls a blank.

Suddenly the smooth flowing ride she seemed to be on was halted with a firm jerk and thatís when she felt the ropelike restraints tied around her wrists and ankles. Her vision came back to her in a very quick moment as she saw 4 large native men, each grabbing either one of her legs or arms. All at once she began to panic, but she was still somewhat under the effects of whatever had made her loose consciousness and her senses. She could do nothing but watch as she was carried up a semi-steep incline. Once at the top, the natives made quick work of tying her arms and legs to opposite posts that were sunken into the ground of the large ramp like structure. As they finished, she began to regain control of her body, and she watched the men run off.

Her weak body went limp as she realized that she was staring at a wall that would be able to dam off the Atlantic Ocean. She watched in horror as the giant doors closed and along the top of the wall were thousands of the natives, standing silent holding hundreds of lit, fiery torches which made the pitch black forest glow with a silent rage. She suddenly became aware that she was not on a simple ramp with towering posts, she was on an altar. She looked out into the darkness of the forest beyond the clearing and could not begin to imagine what possible horrors lurked behind the miles of oversized trees.

She stood tied up for what seemed like an hour. Every minute that passed seemed like an eternity, but in each eternity she believed more and more that just maybe this was not quite as bad as she had originally thought. Giant doors and altars and trees, oh my. Maybe not everything around here was that big.

Suddenly the thousands of silent natives began chanting. Slowly more and more joined in until the roar of fire and voices was filling the deep, dark forest with a calling. This is when she heard it. She almost didnít think it was real at first and thought she was imagining the sound. She turned to her other side and she saw that there was yet another giant alter-like structure. She couldnít believe how stupid she was to not realize its existence, but she could barely see it before a lone volunteer ventured out to light torches at the tops of the altar posts. Thatís when he came up behind her and lit hers as well making sure that they both stood out in the center of this clearing. She stared at the wildly screaming girl, thankful that she at least had some wits about herself, able to remain calm even though she had no idea what was going on. The tribes chanting turned into an all out insane yelling and shouting and she could not believe what was happening. She almost started to chuckle to herself as her gaze turned back towards the forest, and then her scream could be heard over the other girls.

Her eyes were staring blankly as her vocal cords strained until her lungs ran out of air. Then her body forced them to induct a lungful as quickly as possible, which she then expelled in yet another terrifying scream. Her sensation of touch was the next to finally get attention as she began to fight the bonds which held her prisoner upon the giant stand, like a present to the monster which she now feared. Her ears were next to join the party as the monstrous face peering over the tops of the trees began to let out a terrible yell as it had come upon the fiery clearing, after which its mouth warped into a menacing scowl.

She watched in ultimate terror as two hands protruded from beneath the tree tops as they each grabbed a handful of absolutely gigantic, extremely old, lushly full trees which were then uprooted and tossed into the blackness of the night. Before her stood a man that was easily as tall as a mountain. The proportions were mind blowing, but all she could think of as she stared at his massive frame, destructive hands and skyscraper like legs was not what it was going to do, but all things it could do. Her mind ran almost as fast as the screams that continued to flow past her lips, as her vocal cords were beginning to wear thin and her voice was barely audible.

The colossal naked man took a step into the clearing and as his massive foot landed in the dirt, earth gushed from under his foot as it must have sunk at least 5 feet into the ground. The towering poles that she was tied to shook violently and threatened to give way and fall from their spots inside the altar of dirt. The giants next step landed right next to his first and he was now right before both silent women. Each ramp stood before each of the giants great feet. She looked up, her eyes following the inside of its right leg almost forever until her eyes locked on his already engorged member jutting out like a craneís massive arm. That pretty much blocked most of her view from the rest of the giant, but it began to move. He bent at the waist, his magnificent arms trailing downward until she was in the shadow of his great palm.

The trunk like fingers wrapped around her miniscule body and grabbed her, tearing the ropes like the strands of a spiders web. Her head was the only thing protruding from the incredible fist as she nearly fainted being brought up to the face of the giant. As she neared the billboard like face, she watched her captors mouth open to reveal a gaping cavity, able to swallow fit her entire body with room to spare and be able to manipulate her with the giant, wet writhing tongue of his. She was hit with the smell first and then came the gusting expelled air along with the terrifyingly loud bellow of the giant beast signifying that it now owned these two little things.

To show he was pleased with the offering, she watched as the other girl dangled helplessly from the giants impossibly huge thumb and first finger right in front of the firm, angry lips. She watched as he swung her around almost playfully confusing and disorienting her and then came a snap. He crushed the bones of her leg, ankle and foot to powder in his grip with a mere squeeze. The poor girl let out a final silent scream as she dangled over the open chasm and her leg was ground to a pulp, dropping the rest of her inside the gaping mouth. The enormous lips closed and it was over for her.

Down below the natives roared and she wanted anything but to be where she was. The only thing running through her head was that she was in the possession of one giant and in a matter of minutes she would succumb to a horrible death she never thought possible. And thatís when the massive fist began to descend. She immediately realize where she was going, having seen it earlier. The palm opened and as she tried in vain her only possibility to escape, she was stopped after both her legs became caught by the monsters other fingers. She was lifted into the air before the natives as they roared and so did the giant as the hand moved swiftly and swung her body into the enormously engorged tip of his monstrous cock. She saw it come very quickly and had no time to react as she crashed into it and was dragged along its length. The giant swung her around again and again as he did with the other girl, but she continually smacked into the rigid shaft of flesh.

He then applied her body over the cavernous slit and she watched as his other fist circled around his penis and began to slide towards her with increasing speed. She had no power to move, the hand had her whole body permanently pressed into the immeasurable head of his shaft. The heat began to build and she could feel the monsters precum trying to escape but she was being used as a tiny cork and his cock was struggling to keep from orgasming. Suddenly everything began to vibrate and shake violently as she was pulled from her trapped position as the first load struck her whole body in one sharp spray. The giant continued to unload into his cupped palm releasing an earsplitting roar that echoed for miles upon miles. Of course she heard none of this being buried by the gushing torrent which was surrounding her puny body.

After a moment of silence she felt herself hit something firm as if sheíd been dropped a couple of feet. The cum was drained from around her and as she cleared her eyes she watched the giant turn and she felt his footsteps pummel the ground as he walked away.

The roaring of the tribesmen became thunderous and she heard it growing louder as all of a sudden she sat up and noticed them running towards her, sliding around in the sea of the remnants of the giants orgasm which made an enormous slick area which was filling up with the natives as they desperately wanted to get near her. Whether they wanted to kill her for possibly not pleasing the giant or they wanted her for themselves, she was so relieved to just be alive. She could see that none of them could get close to her and there were hundreds of men becoming trapped in the quickly drying slickness of the giants remaining seed.

She tried to get up and run for cover, but realized that she could not move. She looked around and found she wasnít the only one with this problem, and thatís when all hell broke loose. The ground shook and rumbled with violent force and all eyes turned to the forest. In that instant, no one could believe how silently the giant had come back and then it happened. All the trapped tribesmen and the girl looked up at the hovering foot, and in the split second it took for their deaths to flash before their eyes, the phenomenal foot of the giant made quick work of them all, crushing bodies to no more than pulp beneath his gargantuan foot, as he stomped upon all those he could catch. Pleased with his evening, he returned to the forest, leaving the devastation of a complete tribe and two women behind him as he roared with delightful pleasure.