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The Evil Giant - Part 6
Tuesday, 29-Dec-98 07:51:18 writes:

    The Evil Giant - Part 6

    I listened some screams because the giant took another woman to rape.
    She was the bride who was kiddnaped from her marriage. He put her on the bed and layed nude at her size. It was just a monster dominating a little pet. He removed her veil with care and we could see the beatifull face of the woman. She was blonde and his hair was very well, prepared yet for the cerimony.
    The giant let her dressed, he just put his big fingers between her legs and rip the white panty. He sat on the bed and put the woman on his penis, caressing her little body with the fingers of both hands. It become hard until be bigger than his doll.
    So, he let her on the bed and took his machine, pointed to her and pressed the button. Immediatly the bride was little more than four feet staying on the bed. Next him, she looked like an adult child. He let the control on the table and took the girl by her arms. She was trying to kick, but he was bigger and stronger and easily dominated her.
    He sat again confortally on the bed and pull the bride for him turning her body back to him with the legs openeds on his lap. He pulled up the white dress and uncerimonily he push his member inside her. She screamed, but it was impossible to defend. He moved her body up and down and she could do anything.
    Some minutes in this movement, he suddenly stopped. He pulled out his enormous penis hard yet and put the woman layed on the bed. He pulled her arms up and fasted both to the headboard. He arranged again the dress and let her resting a little.
    On the table was a little box. He put it on her chest and opened the lid. A little man with a black smoking went out. She immediatly beggined to cry because he was her fiancé. The giant took the man and rubbed him softly by the tears of the girl. He put him at side and penetrated her again, approaching the man to see the act he was doing with the fiancée. He put him on her chest again and pulled the dress until we could see her belly. Next to the man, he rip the dress and the sucked the two tits. The man closed his eyes, but he said him to open. He didn't obeyed until he torture the woman, biting the nipples.
    Some time doing that, the giant stopped again.
    He pulled up the head of the woman and showed her the little man in the middle of her legs. She immediatly stopped kicking for don’t hurt him. Slowly the giant licked her vagina and put the little man inside it, legs first.
    The girl couldn’t move because any movement could squeeze him until dead. We could see only his head, because all the body was inside.
    On the knees over her chest he put the penis in her mouth and ordered to suck. Some minutes after he rubbed his penis down her body and layed on her. He approached the penis of the vagina and she was crying desesperatly when she undertood what the giant was doing.
    Like a pestle he introduced fast his member in the vagina and the man gived his last scream of terror, disapearing inside the girl. The giant make some movements and pull out the penis with a little spot of blood on the head. He came. The smerm mixed with the red covered the grave of the poor man.

    Big Sade