VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD
The Evil Giant - Part 5
Sunday, 22-Nov-98 10:41:20 writes:


    When the giant returned, he was naked and looked directly to us, the new ones. Unfortunaly, I'm very beatifull and he choose me and lifted my body until his face, licking all my body.
    He pointed the machine to me and let me with 15 inches. From the other fish tanks, he takes ten naked women and went to the bed carring us. He put the women on his lap and ordered that she must to masturbate him. With is left hand he took me and put my head inside his mouth, licking all my face and nape with his giantic tongue. I could fell their hands touching my breasts and legs, ripping my black dress and I had the terrible sensation of saliva washing my black hairs. He spent more than one minute sucking my head and when I finnaly saw the light again, I was crying in pannic. He was interrested then in my body liking and biting without force, but hurting me anyway. He put my right foot in his mout and suck like a pump. When he pulled out my feet, I felt my black shoe full of saliva and a little pain in the knee. I didn't urinate in this situation just because it passed more than 30 hours since I was kidnapped and I didn't eat ou drink anything, but the fear was the worst possible.
    Then, he rub me down, against his chest, until I to be next the girls who were masturbating him. I was three times larger than them, but to the giant I was just little bigger than a Barbie doll. He removed them from his enormous penis and he pressed my body against his member, forcing me to surround it with my arms. In that size, it was like a five feet hight statue of warm flesh. He rub me against his skin pressing my breasts against the base of the head and pushing my face against the piss hole. My legs were free, with my foot I was kicking his balls, but it looks only to excite him, because with my force at that size it must be almost like a caress.
    He must had spent more then one minute to pressing and to rubing me against his penis, but when I thought it was the worst he could do with me, he removed me, approached his face and looked my blue eyes by some seconds, touching my thick lips with his finger. I saw he was masturbating himself yet. I felt to go down and he laid me on the hard sheet on the bed. He approached again his massive penis and beat me with that big head. I was crying dessesperatly and he put his piss hole against my open mouth. I couldn't breath because the flesh closed my nose too and I couldn't close my mouth eighter, because the pressure was enormous. Shaking is head and pressing my lips he came. The first stream was like to push a big pudding through my trhoat. He cames again and again and I thought I will explode my stomach. In few seconds he releases my face and shaking his penis with the hand, he finally rub my face with the cum.
    I listened yet he groan with pleasure when I was trying desesperatly to breath, but it was impossible, I was feeling all my inner body full of that gelatinous mass. I fade out and when I woke, I saw him with his giantic finger pressing my chest and the doctor at my side with some gears removing the cum from my mouth. The smell was terrible and I was covered with the white semen. I came back slowly and he reduced me again, washed me in a sink with cold water and put me back with the other girls. I staied in fetal position by two days.

    Big Sade