Violent shrunken women board
The Evil Giant - Part 4
Friday, 16-Oct-98 15:44:02 writes:


    The little girl was in fetal position inside her glass cell in fish tank. One of the foremen, the doctor, came. He took her and make an examination, he listened her heart, took her blood pressure and let the girl again. She had survived. He looked all the cells, look at his board and write something.
    Suddenly the boss came back. The doctor make his report for him and the two men watched for the group. One of the women had a sexual disease and he discovered it with the blood examination. The giant didnít like sick girls in his harem, then he caught the crying woman and put her on the floor.
    First, she thought she was free and tryed to escape, but the door was closed again. The giant took a 5 feet wood bar and pointed the woman. At the first time, nobody understood what were the intentions of the giant, he made suspense. Thus, he begun to beat the point of the bar against the floor and it was like na earthquake. The sound of the barís wood against the floorís wood was very high and frightful. The woman closed her ears with the hands and tryed to walk far from the bar. However, each step of her the giant put the bar closer, until when it became a powerful danger. The bar for the women in that size was like a six floor building jumping in front her. She begun to run terrified, but the giant approached the beating bar to the woman and it cames closer and closer. She tryed to run down to the table, but the big feet of the giant closed the way.
    So she ran more than ten minutes and the giant had persisted all the time with his game. Finally she was on the corner of the wall and the bar was coming yet. She had no place to escape and just fell on her knees and waited for her death.
    But no. The giant stopped suddenly. When she watched him, he was just laughting. He let the bar and caught the woman again. He put her in a black box, closed the cover and said to the foremen protect themselves. The men went to a big cage and closed the door. We could listen the cries of the woman in dark when he shake her. He made the box to fly from an hand to another, turned the box and made the box fall some inches. When he was bored to play with the suffer of the woman, he let the box on the table.
    The giant went out and when he came back he was carrying a brown cat. He put the animal on the table, outside our fish tank and just the sight of the beast frightned all the girls, but the giant would like to protect us. He put a glass cover over the aquarium.
    He played a little with the cat and after he opened the cover of the box. Immediatly the cat lifted its ears and looked to the mouse in the box. The woman was dizzy yet and she didnít unterstand the situation for some seconds. Then she begun to cry again and the cat advanced slowly. The giant caught his monster, removed the box and let her directly in front of the cat. He took an enormous pencil and gave it to the woman. She pointed the pencil to the cat but it was like a black humor joke because each leg of the cat was the same size of her. The giant released the cat and it advanced again. She tryed to pierce the cat but it was impossible. In the first movement, the cat beat her with the foot , she release the pencil and fell down. Then it was a piece of cake! The animal caught her with the front legs and begun to devour its victm.
    In few seconds it was finished. It was only a spot of blood on the table and a big monster with red moustaches looking for us hungry yet.
    The giant carried his beast out of the door and let us alone by some hours.

    Big Sade