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The Evil Giant - Part 3
Tuesday, 13-Oct-98 21:28:01 writes:

    Part 3

    The giant said to someone take care of us and go out by a door.
    We saw four figures climbing the table. They are men four times bigger than us. When we saw them, we beggined to cry for help. They could not be so big than the other, but they could save us because they were bigger than the aquarium we are.
    They just smiled and look to us. I noticed one of them had a woman like us in a collar, like a little pet. One jumped inside the fish tank and took each girl giving to the others. They was talking and laughting in his job. They extracted blood from us and left each girl in a different box without food or water.
    Also we all were dirty with shit because the fear made it. The "little" giants cleaned us removing our painties and washing our bodies with cold water they were touching us without shy and it was an awfull experience.
    Later we discovered they were foremen of the big giant: a doctor, a gym instructor, a hairdresser and a dressmaker. Every woman there was forced to be very beautifull, thin, with beautifull hair and use gorgeous dresses only to please the giant.
    I saw the room we were. It was a place only for sex and torture. In a wall had a high bookcase full of fish tanks exactly like ours. In each one had some slaves, so that it must be more than two hundred women captured by the giant.
    His technique was simple: he went to public places, like shopping centers, parties, night clubs and so on and shrunk women in the bathrooms or elevators, exactly like he have done with me. He had a strange device and it made all the work.
    Of course nobody could sleep when the foremen went out. The cries were terrible. Most women had sons, husbands and families, then we were all in the same situation, our lifes finished , we only were trying to survive and hate the giant all the time. He had no feelings, for him we were only little toys to play with.
    Next morning he cames again. He look us and chose three: me, a girl clothed with a white dress because she was kidnapped from her marriage and a very young girl who looks only sixteen. He caught us, put us on the table and said to remove our clothes.
    The other two girl did it immediatly but I hesitated. The giant approched his finger and knocked me once. It was like a truck running over me! With pain I stand up and obeyed my master. It was the last time I didnít make all his desires.
    He took a magnifying-glass and caught each one, opened our legs without mercy and looked our pussies, opening it with a kind of pincers. The bride was the first one, he looked inside her and put his little toy back in the fish tank. Then he did it with me touching me like a think in his hands. The point of his instrument was very big and hurted me. He put me back too. With the little girl was different. When he watched her he smiled because he was looking for a virgin and found it.
    He took his device and pointed her. She grow up to three or four feet hight and he flung her to a bed in the corner of the room. She tried to go down the bed to escape but the giant held her. He removed his clothes and laid over the poor girl. She was only half his size and she was terrified with the rape.
    It was a girl like an angel, with curly blonde hairs, very beatiful face, blue eyes and a skin like porcelain. She had tits with large nipples and clear hair between her legs. Her feet were little and in that size they could be holden inside the hand of the giant.
    First, he only let her feel the weight of his massive body. She couldnít move or draw and the trials of the girl to escape excited him. His penis begun to grow and it was an huge cock even for a normal sized woman. For the little girl, it was like a bottle of wine.
    He sat on that little body and show to her his member. She cried desesperatly when he put it on her little breasts and pressed. The head had the same size of each tit, it was a scene of a terror movie, the girl was in panic and the pain must to be enormous.
    He went to her head and put the penis in front of her mouth. She tried to turn the face to the right side, but he took her head and pressed the jaw forcing to open the mouth. She had a big mouth, with large lips, but the penis was very big too. He put it in her lips and the head of his penis sealed all the mouth. He forced the penis inside and we all saw the body of the poor girl to moot without air until she faded.
    When the moves stopped, he aproached his mouth to her and make a resucitation. When the air blew again, he had continued his sadistic rape. He put oil on his cock and laid over her again placing his large member on her vagina with an hand and with the other, he held her arms up. It was unbelivable that enormous cock could enter inside the little angel, but it happened. With only one movement he struck inside her.
    We listened only a cry when the hymen tore. He struck again and again and the girl couldnít do nothing against that colossal cock.
    Finally the cum drenched inside the poor girl. He laid few seconds, releasing her arms and after they both rolled on bed. We could to see the blood dropping down her little legs. She was trying to scape yet, but two gigantic hands held easily her ass. He begun to force little movents again without to pull out the penis. By the cries of the girl we supose it was hard again and it was hurting her.
    The second atack was longer than the first because the giant was few satisfied. Thus, the girl suffered much more, even without feeling the big weight on her. Each time he thrust her, she felt like balls of fire shocking against her uterus.
    Finaly he cummed again and release the girl.
    She jumped to the floor and tryed to run, but there had no place to go, the only door of the room was closed. When he bored to see the little girl, he took his machine and made her to be in our size. He caught her easily, put her back to the fish tank and go out to wash his cock covered with cum and blood.

    Big Sade