Violent shrunken women board
The Evil Giant - Part Two
Sunday, 04-Oct-98 12:57:59 writes:


    Part Two

    Few minutes later the giant came back and played with our terror. Sometimes he shook the box and all girls fell on the floor. He also blew over us and it was like an hurricane.
    Then, he rotated the box and we slid to the walls. Finally we fell out to a wood surface. It was a table, but to our size it looked like a football field. He removed our prision and I could to see it was just a cracker’s can.
    One of the girls run in panic and went to the board of the table. She tryed to jump but the giant was faster and caught her on the air. He took her by the legs with the head down and said it would be a good example showing her to us.
    First he carried to the table an empty fish tank and carrefully put each of us inside it. The girl who tryed to escape, he let on the table. Then he talked to us she was a very bad girl and in his home nobody could try to escape or suicide because the punishment would be hard!
    With a device like a remote control, he pointed her and pressed a botton. With a flash, the girl became yet smaller than us. So he took a glass of water and put the woman in his mouth closing his teeth. He approached his face to our group and we could see the girl betwen his teeth trying desesperaly to force the jaw to open, but it was a patetic situation, she had no chance against that big monster. He drunk the water and opened the mouth again. The girl was swallowed! He put his big head inside the fish tank a opened the mouth. We all could listen the screams when the girl was dissolved in his stomach’s acids. Finally the silence cames...

    Big Sade