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Sunday, 04-Oct-98 12:54:46 writes:

    This is my contribution to this forum. Iím sorry about my poor English. Feel free (and I thanks) to fix the mistakes and modify anything. Anybody can also ilustrate this story with collages or poser pics. The use in web sites of SW is free too.


    Part One

    Everything happened in few seconds. I went to dance with some friends and I was a little drunk dressing my black dress again in the toilet cabinet. I saw a flash and tough by an moment someone was taking pictures in the WC. But not, it was the beggining of my terror.
    The room turned very big like a cathedral and a giantic hand came to me from the space between the cabinets. Without thinking or breath I felt going up to a huge smiling face that was looking at me. The fear take place and I beggined to scream. The hand opened and I was laying on a very big palm. A gigantic finger of the other hand approximate and pressed strongly both of my breasts. I felt pain and panic, but I noticed that the gigant was enjoying with my suffering. He aproches his huge mouth and put out his tongue to lick me.
    It was the most disgusting and terrible experience I have in my live just then. The tongue covered my face and I suffocate until I faint.
    When I wake up I felt like in an airplane in turbulence. It was dark and I could ear dozens of screamings. I felt a body at my side and noticed the floor was cold and smooth. We all could ear noise of traffic. We were in a car and the movements hurted us. The car stopped and we felt our floor going up like an elevator. In few moments we felt going down and finally everything stoped.
    Above us grew a light because the ceiling was opened. The giant looked all of us. We were inside a huge mettalic box with 20 feet high walls and I saw lots of beautifull women in panic like me.
    His hand came to the box and we all gone back, trying to escape but it was impossible. He choose a brown skin girl very well dressed with a blue skirt and a white silk shirt. Later I will know she was a very important executive in a big company. He took and carry her out our sight and we just listened her helpless screams. In some minutes she returned to our box in shock with her clothes ripped up and all his body covered with sperm. So we all understood what the giant could do with us.

    Big Sade