Story: The Wife

Posted by Blue Night Sky on July 29, 2004 at 08:40:36:

'The Wife'

Jen had just opened the door to her home and she could not wait to see the look on her husbands face when she surprised him. She had left the convention early, snagging a sooner flight home. She had been gone almost a week, which was the longest period of time they spent apart since the wedding only a few months earlier. They only had about 8 months of dating under their belt before deciding to tie the knot, but they felt that they were ready to begin the rest of their lives with each other.

She walked up the stairs, tossing her keys on the coffee table, kicked off her shoes and undid the first button on the blouse under her business suit. Oh how she couldn’t wait to take a nice relaxing bath and lay down with her man for awhile. She was surprised that she hadn’t seen him either in the den or the kitchen, so she began to head towards the bedroom. Halfway down the hallway, she stopped, and what she heard scared her.

With only a few more feet until their bedroom door, she could hear her husband slightly moaning and sometimes speaking muffled words. Her body began to tremble as she could only think that he was cheating on her. She didn’t know what to do…confront him, or just leave and call later. All she could do was hope that maybe things weren’t what they seemed. She walked up to the door, grabbed the handle and turned it. As she opened the door, she didn’t know how to feel.

Jen’s husband Phil was naked, on the bed, pleasuring himself. He turned to her as she slowly walked in, and he looked at her in shock, as if she shouldn’t have been there.

“Honey, what are you doing home so soon??”

“Well I was going to surprise you, but it seems you’re a little . . . busy. Miss me much,” she said with a slight smile. That was when she saw something that wasn’t quite right. Inside his palm, something was moving, flailing around, and it hit her. It was a tiny person. “Wha…what is….what is THAT???” And as her gaze went from his groin to his face, she saw him point something at her.

Before she even thought about raising her arms in defense, everything was black. She was in a dream like state, with thoughts about what she had seen repeating over and over in her mind. She slowly started to gain her vision back, remembering only her dreams she just had, but as she began to look around, she knew that what she had dreamt was possible.

To her left and her right were her husbands towering thighs. They looked to her to be over twice her height. And directly in front of her was something she had seen and enjoyed many times in the last year, only now there was nothing to like about it. The only feeling she could conceive about her current situation was fear. Her husband had shrunken her like that other poor little woman . . . the other woman! Where was she?

She began to follow the enormous body of her husband up and up until finally she made contact with his billboard like face gazing down upon her. His mouth opened and he bellowed, “I’m sorry you had to find out about this hun, but then again, I’ve always wondered what you would be like to have.” He finished speaking and a giant grin spread across his face. She was stunned and couldn’t speak. She watched his huge member starting to gain rigidity, and mass. “Strip for me baby,” he yelled. Jen looked up, and could not comprehend the request. “Strip NOW . . . or you will end up like her.”

As Phil’s gigantic cock became stiff enough to rise off the mattress, Jen saw the crushed, lifeless remains of the brunette on the ground, a couple feet in front of where she now stood. She watched in horror as one of his now monstrous hands came inches from her, and it plucked the lifeless girl by one of her legs. She dangled in the air as he raised her up. He took a quick glance at her to see if she had indeed passed, and he dropped her into the palm of his other hand. He saw his wife watching this event as he slowly closed his gargantuan fingers into a fist, as he crushed the woman into nothing.

He lowered his hand to wipe it on his leg, and then he grabbed his wife by her skirt. As soon as she was slightly off the ground, he jerked his hand and the thin fabric tore away from her waist. She began to quickly remove her blouse herself, knowing that she did not want to experience anything like what she just saw. After the final button, she pulled the blouse off, now only in her undergarments. She then slowly stepped out of her panties as her giant husband watched her. Finally, she reached behind her back, and unclasped her bra. She knew that once this was off, she was about to become an instrument for Phil’s dirty pleasures. The cloth fell from her ample breasts, as they swung freely, and then it began.

His hand came up quietly behind her and pushed her closer to his groin, and then with one finger he knocked her legs out from underneath her. His hand came above her, and he extended his first finger, pressing down onto her heaving chest. Jen did not make any noises, nor did she move. She was just hoping that this might be some weird fantasy that he wanted her to take part in, and hopefully when it was over, they could go back to normal. She was by no means comfortable, but she hoped that she would live, because she was his wife.

His finger playfully knocked her large breasts around, mashed them, and squeezed them until he couldn’t think of any other way to play with them. Then his finger slowly traced her body and he began to spread her legs. She lay there obediently as he played with her womanhood, rubbing as delicately as he could with such a massive finger. He soon tired of this and started to push hard, and at the same time began to jerk himself. His playing being both pleasureful and painful to her at the same time, so she did not notice what else was going on, until he yelled, “Your turn!”

As his hand moved off her, she had no time to react as his other lowered his towering shaft onto her tiny body. The pressure was so great that she could feel herself being pushed into the mattress of the bed. He began to gyrate his hips, grinding himself into his puny toy of a wife. As Jen lay there, being pounded by her husbands throbbing penis, she could not comprehend what was happening to her. All she could see was it sliding past her, over and over. Her whole body being rubbed against by it. She felt her body trying to feel any kind of pleasure from the ordeal, yet the abuse by the cock which was 3 times her size was impossible.

And just when she could barely take any more of the beating, he stopped. She watched as Phil grabbed his shaft and picked it up off of her, only to drop it back down on to her. The blow drove the air from her lungs and smacked into her body hard. She could feel the stinging and pain along her body. She could hear him laughing as he repeated this a few more times, smacking her miniature body with the meaty organ.

He then pinched her arm between his thumb and finger and dragged her out past the tip of his long shaft, and then he placed his finger across her ankles so that she couldn’t move. Jen looked up and watched the final moments as Phil’s massive hand continued to pump himself. She saw his head, high up, tilt back as he let out a terrifying yell, and then she was hit with the first of many streams of his thick, white orgasm. He erupted again, and again onto her until there was nothing left to come.

He lifted her body out of the pool of his cum by her ankle, and he dangled her next to his face. “Mmm, that was great hun. Was it good for you too? HAHAHA! Now, lets get you cleaned up.” She was relieved to hear that it was over with, and he was somewhat concerned about her appearance. She began to be lowered and was quickly dunked into a cup of water, held in his other hand. She thrashed wildly as he swirled her around in the water, dunking her in and out, and round some more. He pulled her out and that’s when she heard the news… “I missed my snack earlier, and when I saw you so teeny tiny, I couldn’t help but postpone it until after I had my fun. I can’t really hear what your saying, but that’s ok. Can’t leave any evidence, right? Too bad you never came home from the convention. I’m going to be sooo upset. Well, right after I’m done tasting you of course.”

Phil dropped Jen into a new glass awaiting underneath her. He swirled the chardonnay around, watching her spin with the fine glass of wine. She stared out through the glass as it made contact with his huge, soft bottom lip. As he tipped it, she watched the wine flow into the darkness of his cavernous mouth and disappear into his throat. She had no chance to grab on to anything as she was swept past his giant pearly teeth, and then onto his gigantic tongue. She looked out as the glass dropped out of sight, and she saw her bedroom from this staggering height one last time as she was enveloped in complete darkness.

The tongue swirled her and the remaining bit of wine around and then she was pressed into the roof of her husbands mouth, and was quickly sucked down into his hungry stomach.

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