Story: The Used

Posted by Blue Night Sky on June 30, 2004 at 08:05:53:

‘The Used’

The large windows of the high office building reverberated slightly in their fixed panes. With glass stretching from the floor, all the way to the 10 foot ceiling on the executive floor of the Enterprise, the magnificent view of the surrounding city was easily viewable from virtually anywhere on the floor. It had been a strangely quiet morning in the city. The sky above the city, clear, the air within the maze of buildings, still, and the ocean beyond the limits, silent. There was nothing wrong, yet something wasn’t right.

Jennifer Cole, an extremely successful businesswoman, often times had to make difficult decisions. Her career was very prestigious, and very much sought after. As the CIO of the corporation, it was vital that she was completely in control and very much in charge of everything. That’s why the day before she had to fire Stephen K. Ward. That was an easy decision.

Steve wasn’t always the popular kid. Come to think of it, he was never popular. He considered himself special, so that’s all that mattered. He focused on what he could do rather than what he was no good at. Instead of living the typical life of a growing boy, he often times resorted to expanding his mind, which to him was all that he needed in life to be successful. One day he would be able to show everyone that he didn’t need to date a cheerleader, or play sports, or hang out in social situations to lead a successful life.

Yesterday, Jennifer and Stephen met for the very first time, even though they both worked in the very same building, in the exact same department, on the same definitive project. Jennifer of course was heading the project while Stephen was one of the lead developers. To be brief, the conversation that transpired wasn’t all that positive. Stephen left the office, and from there he packed up his things into an available brown box, and left unemployed.

It seemed that he wasn’t right for the job. His ideas were a bit far fetched, and he had a problem communicating with others. Although he had been there for nearly 5 years, he was dumped faster than a sack of potatoes. And the one thing that stood out in his mind was the fact that he believed that this woman had no idea what she was doing and should have in no manner been in charge of anything, let alone his idea. She thought she was so powerful, able to tell him how to run his project, able to decide what goes and what doesn’t, and most of all, fire him in an instant. Fire HIM. She hardly knew who he was. Well Stephen wasn’t too pleased and for the first time in his life decided that he was going to take control.

The large windows of the high office building reverberated slightly in their fixed panes. With the glass to her back, Jennifer turned and looked to her right, out over the cityscape. How she wished she could be out there, leaving this place where no one knew a damned thing. She was tired of always having to fix other peoples problems and direct everyone. Why couldn’t anyone just listen to her from the beginning? It would be so easy.

The windows shook again, but this time she felt it in the structure of the building. It happened again. And again. Again. She grabbed on to her desk, thinking that she had never heard of an earthquake out here and for the first time in her life, she couldn’t think of what to do. Not only was there a supposed earthquake occurring, but after the next shock, her office and part of the floor was masked in darkness. Where had a cloud come out of on this day? And the shaking stopped. Jennifer picked up the phone and dialed her secretary, “What the HELL was that? Hey, where are you, answer your phone!!!”, she yelled at her closed office door.

From behind her came a frightening ‘thud’ at one of the giant windows. She turned in her chair and was face to face with a giant digit tapping against the thick glass. As she screamed, no sound came from her throat as she looked past the finger, then the hand and into the eye of the giant face smiling at her, right outside her window. The hand then crashed through the glass as Jennifer toppled over in the chair and clumsily made her way towards the office door, and as she lunged for the handle, her body came to a complete stop. She felt the pressure, and looked back to see a thumb and first finger that were as thick as telephone poles, squeezing her ankle up to her calf. The fingers dragged her past her discarded furniture, all the way to the edge of the building when they let go. The massive palm came completely in the building, its fingers wrapped around her petite body, and he squeezed her nice and tight as she was torn out of the building.

Trapped inside the monstrous hand, only Jennifer’s tiny head was visible. The huge thing swung through the air high above the ground until it stopped inches in front of the awaiting face of the giant man. The man whom she had fired. His face gleamed at the prospect he now held onto and relished in the fact that no longer was he the one with no control in the situation. Now that he had what he so desired, he intended to finish taking what he so desperately craved. He looked into her miniature eyes and began to drink her fear. She was powerless and had no control over any thing, not even her own life. Stephen intended to show her just how little she could do by doing anything that he wanted.

She stared up at his enormous face, trying to scream, but his grip left her with no ability to do so even if she wanted. She was helpless in his encircled grip around her body. For the first time in her life, she was scared. She didn’t know how else to react to being at the mercy of someone else, let alone a towering man. Especially a towering man whom she could tell may not be very merciful. When the lower fingers began to unravel she began to kick frantically, which was the only thing she could do besides blink and slightly breathe. Within seconds, her legs were again seized by the fingers of his other hand and she was now dangling upside down, stories above the streets of the city. She could finally scream, and when the giants other fingers roughly tore off her blouse exposing her voluptuous breasts, she had even more to scream about.

As if what he planned wasn’t enough, humiliation was another goal of his. Before it was over, he would reduce this woman to a beaten, used, and humiliated female. He then unceremoniously tore the skirt right off of her waist and without further hesitation hooked his tiny pinky nail between her ass as he started to pull off her little panties, before yanking them to shreds around her thighs. He watched her flail upside down in his pinching grip, naked and screaming. Impossible of rational thoughts or decisions. Unable to hide her most intimate of areas. Completely exposed. Nowhere to go. Power. He had it and was loving it. Now it was time for the next step. He began to lower her.

In all the commotion and swinging and screaming as he easily stripped of her of her clothes, she never thought to look down. She didn’t have far to go, and as she neared it, she was thrown into an emotional breakdown like she had never experienced. She was in a downward spiral from the second she turned to see the finger tapping on her window. Then she was captured, stripped, and in a few moments was sure to become the victim of abuse on a level that was over two times her size and enormous in girth. She was dropped a few feet and fell face first into his other palm, the quickly rolled over by an enormous finger and was flattened into the expansive palm with the thumb of the hand. She looked to her side as she saw the jutting tower of flesh. In moments, the platform, her body and this monolith would soon join, where she hoped that she would not subdue in the meeting. As it moved into position above her, consuming her with its shadow, she no longer knew what to do. What does a powerless, naked, humiliated girl do when confronted with a giant’s manhood when she is forced upon it? Pray to him that he does not kill her.

The sensation was immediate. Not only would he satisfy his bodily urge, but he would now dominate this defeated female. He began to slide his hand along his shaft, rubbing her naked body along its complete length as he slowly wrapped his gigantic fingers completely around. His grip was not overly tight, but knew it would steadily increase. He quickened his motion, gripping tighter, reveling in the thoughts running through her head. Pummeling her miniscule body against his throbbing cock without care of her survival. If this ended her, so be it. He would have succeeded. He continued his increase of speed and strength until he began to feel that familiar sensation.

Her muffled cries in her entrapment between his hand and shaft were heard by no one. Her body being bruised and beaten at his pleasure. She felt it when he gripped tighter and also felt it when his manhood became stiffer and was on the verge of exploding. She was beaten a couple more times until everything suddenly stopped. As if her survival of this experience could have not come sooner, she watched as the titanic shaft sailed away right above her head until she watched as he aimed his cock at her, strapped to his palm. Ultimate degradation. She would be used to deposit his gushing load and she could not begin to process anything else. She watched on helplessly as she tried to take in the giant’s total size, and the sight of one working himself until she winced as he let out a deafening yell that was undoubtedly heard for miles, and then it began.

He looked down and saw his massive cock explode, erupting again and again into her ensnared body, covering her and then splashing her again. The sheer volume of his cum was unbelievable. Cupped in his palm she was drowning underneath a bath of his juices as they overflowed and fell to the streets below. He watched her arms periodically break the surface and began to drain his hand as he felt his erection subsiding. Coated, she slid nicely against him some more, but this was her end. For the final test.

His hand had finally drained and she could breath, only to be slammed against his shaft one last time for a few strokes in the goo. Then without warning, the hand began to lower and he dumped her out onto the street in front of his colossal feet. Jennifer looked up, drenched in the remains of his sticky cum, sitting on her knees, in silence.

“How does it feel? To just be used and be treated like nothing? That's exactly how I felt when I worked under you, and then you fired me. And now I'm going to give you a taste of your own medicine. I worked under you and then you crushed me and I will do the same to you.”

The giant raised his foot and Jennifer fell backwards to her back. The foot hovered a couple of feet over her and she raised her sticky arms in a pitiful defense.

The giant grinned, and slammed his foot into the pavement, creating a massive footprint a couple of feet deep.

She looked up as the foot rushed down and smashed into her body, grinding her into the crumbling pavement.


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