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The Table Part 4
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    Hi all, sorry it took me so long, been very busy, anyways, heres part 4 of "The Table" let me know if you want me to continue


    The Table Part 4

    It was now 11:00pm. The machine was focused on a rather large house, that was semi isolated on a road that had only 5 houses on it, spread out over a good distance apart. He had finally found it, the house were his x-bride to be, and her 2 daughters lived. The house took up a good portion of the table, and he adjusted the vertical plain so he could look inside from a birds eye view.

    There she was, the woman that had caused him so much heartache, was sitting on the couch watching the news on TV.
    Bill stared and stared at her, so many feelings were going through his mind. Yes, she had hurt him, but in a way, he still felt very strong for her, even after all these years. She was now in her mid 30s but the years had been kind to her. She still had her wonderful blond hair, and her nice firm tits, and she was completely unaware that someone (especially Bill) was watching her.

    Without really thinking about the consequences, Bill reached his hand in, and wrapped it around his X, (Linda) and lifted her and the couch up in the air. Then he put her down on his desk and sat down in his chair. Needless to say, she was extremely startled and confused of the entire ordeal, and she asked all the (what happened) type of questions. Bill answered her questions, and they talked awhile as Linda tried to remain as calm as possible, to avoid upsetting him. She knew how she had hurt him, and the last thing in the world she wanted was to make him mad.

    “I see your looking pretty good” he said as he reached his fingers towards her nice firm breasts and started fondling them, “And you still have those nice boobs that I always liked.” “Stop it Bill!” she yelled as she tried to push his fingers aside. Bill retreated his hand and looked down at her, thinking about what he was going to say next. Linda gave him a dirty look at first, not too happy with his actions, but then calmed down, until she heard his next words.

    “Lets see if you are as hot as I remember, take off your clothes.” “No way! Leave me alone! And put me back right now!” Bill picked her up, and brought her over to the table as he spoke out, “Let me show you something.” He said as he held her over the table. They could both see the two separate rooms were both her daughters were sleeping. Julie was 14, with a nice innocent face, with brown hair, while Krista, at age 9, had her mothers blonde hair, and was curled up in her bed, sound asleep. “You see that?” referring to her kids, “You are gonna do what ever I say, if you care about them at all!” Linda’s focus immediately shifted to her children, as she took off her clothes.

    “I ll do whatever you want, but please don’t hurt them.” She begged, as she stood there naked. Bill pulled down his pants, sat down in a chair, and put Linda next to his hard-on, and told her to massage him. He looked down at the sleeping Julie, as he felt Linda’s tender motions on his penis. She begged him a number of times to allow her to stop, but he told her to keep going. Who knows what she said, or did, to make him mad, but he did get angry and shouted out at her.

    “You stupid bitch! Your family will be punished!” He stood up, walked over to the table, and aimed his gigantic cock right at Julie`s sleeping face. He grunted his mouth and masturbated vigorously as her mother screamed out, begging him to stop. He ignored her, as she continued to scream at the top of her lungs, as he focused on the tiny sleeping girl in front of his penis. He felt the pleasure build in his cock, and he moaned as he blasted his first shot onto Julie’s face. Then he keep firing shots all over her and her bed. There was cum everywhere! All over her sheets, on her walls, floor, nightsand, U2 posters, everywhere.

    Julie woke up immediately, not having a clue what had just happened. She reached her hands to her face and felt the sticky goo that was on her. She got out of bed and headed for the bathroom, her eyes squinted as she turned on the lights.
    What is this stuff on me? She thought to herself as she looked in the mirror. Linda was screaming in anger at Bill as he turned to look at her. “You ll shut up, and behave yourself now, or else your other daughter will be punished!”

    “Im sorry, I learned my lesson, please leave her alone, she is only 9” Bill had no intention of harming or molesting a 9 year old girl, he just wanted Linda to obey him. After she saw that Bill had calmed down, she asked if she could get dressed, and he replied yes. She went to pick up her clothes, as his huge fingers swiped them of the desk and onto the floor. “Not these, I ll give you something else to wear.” He said as he reached into Linda’s bedroom and pulled off the bedspread of her bed. He then wiped the sperm off the head of his penis with the bedspread and dropped on the desk in front of her. “There, you can were that!” he said as he laughed.

    Her beautiful quilted bedspread was ruined with giant gobs of cum, as she looked at it in disgust. “Whats wrong? I gave you something to wear, you can stay naked if you don’t like your new outfit.” He said as he giggled. She now had 2 choices and she didn’t like either of them. Meanwhile Bill was staring in at Julie, who was taking a shower. Bill liked looking at her naked body, and watched as she washed her hair, and soaped her body. When Linda finally realized what Bill was doing, she gave him a dirty look and spoke out. “Are you getting a good eyefull there pervert!” she said, obviously not happy with the fact that he was staring at her naked daughter, much less the fact that he blew his load on her.

    After her shower, Julie wrapped a towel around herself and went back to her room, as she walked through her door, a horrible, stale, smell overtook her, and when she turned on the lights, she noticed that her entire room was covered in this bad-smelling liquid. Bill admired the mess he made of her room, as he looked at Julie’s confused face, then he reached his hand in, and lifted her semi-naked body up. He put her down on the desk beside her mother as they both embraced each other. Julie had no idea what was going on, or how she got so small, or why her mother was naked in front of a gaint man.

    Linda explained who this man was, and answered all the questions she could, until a gaint hand came down and pulled on the towel that was covering Julie`s body. Both her and her mother tried to fight off his powerful fingers, but it was no use, as he effortlessly pulled away the towel and dropped it to the floor. Julie screamed as she tried to conceal herself. Linda got infront of her daughter to try to block Bill’s view of Julie. Bill laughed at the 2 naked beauties in front of him.
    What was he going to do next? Well… He had a few ideas.

    Bobx To be continued