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The table part 3 "paying the bills"
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    The table Part 3 Paying the Bills

    He slowly reached his hand towards the tiny woman. She saw it coming and she was full of fear but she knew it was hopeless to try to escape its grasp, so she bowed her head down, waiting for him to do as he pleased. Bill gently wrapped his fingers around her and lifted her up, then he put her in a pouch, the kind that holds change and goes around your waist, he did up the zipper, got dressed, and got in his car.

    He drove for almost an hour until he came to this huge mansion. As he turned into the drive way he had to stop at the closed black gate that encircled the entire estate. He got out of his car and walked up to the intercom and pushed the button. A few seconds later a voice answered “May I help you?” “Yeah, I`m here to see Roger” “Do you have an appointment?” There was a few seconds of silence. “Ummm, no, but its very important, please tell him that Bill Shipman is here to see him.” “One moment please.” After a couple of minutes the gates automaticly opened and the voice on the intercom returned. “Mr. Turnson will now see you.”

    Bill got back in his car and drove up towards the mansion. The front lawn had a waterfountain, and was surrounded by flowers. As he drove up to the cement stairs that lead to the front doors he was greeted by a man wearing a very expensive suit. “Billy!, how the hell are you? It’s been a long time.” Bill and Roger (Mr. Turnson) used to be good friends, but they had an argument a few years back, and havnt spoken since. “Good to see you Rog, looks like you ve been doing well.” “Cant complain, so tell me, why are you here?” “I have a little business offer for you” Roger laughed, “ You do? Well comon inside and have a drink with me and tell me all about it.”

    Roger didn’t really like Bill that much, but he wondered what the hell on earth Bill could have that he would be interested in, and besides inviting him in, he could brag and show off how incredibly rich he was. Roger poured drinks for the both of them, and then asked what Bill had to offer. Bill put the pouch on an old antique table and unzipped it. Then he pulled out the beautiful girl inside, and put her on the table beside the pouch.

    “Wow, that has got to be the most lifelike doll I have ever seen.” “She is not a doll, she is real” “What?” “Show him Jen, say hi to Roger.” Jen spoke out in a soft voice as she covered her breast with her arms. “Hi Roger” Roger spoke out in amazement, “Holy shit! She talks!” “Of course she does! I told you she was real, Jen, why don’t you put your arms up in the air and show Roger you wonderful boobs?” She did as she was told as Roger stared at her gorgeous body. Roger had pretty women around his house all the time, but none were 6 inches tall. “Go on Rog, pick her up, touch her.” He lifted her up and started caressing her breasts. “Where did you get her? How did she get so small?”

    “Nevermind any off that, do you want her?” “Yes!” he shouted, “I mean, yeah sure” trying to conceal his excitement. “How much do you want?” This was the almighty question, bill thought for a few seconds and then blurted out a number.
    “$250,000” Roger quickly turned and looked at him. “$250,000?!” Bill then went on to explain how great she was and that she would obey all his wishes and be his slave forever, and Roger accepted the offer, without even counter-offering!
    They both agreed that this would be kept a secret between the two of them, as Roger wrote out a check for Bill.

    Bill finished his drink, said his goodbyes and left with his check. Now he could pay off his entire mortgage, all of his bills, and still have enough money to support him for the next few years! Still, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for Jennifer.
    He knew what kind of a man roger was, and he knew Jen would be forced to do all kinds of things. But the nice, fat check in his hand would help ease his conscious. It was late by the time he got home so he went to bed and thought about how wonderful this day had been.

    Bill woke up the following morning as the sun shone in through his window. The first thing on his mind was to use the device again. He went straight to the basement, he didn’t stop for breakfast, get a shower, or even put on clothes! He was just wearing his rope, and his slippers. He turned on the machine to a new random location and on the table appeared someones backyard. It was a very large lot with a very large house, and there were about 70 people all dressed up standing out in the backyard. What was going on? He thought to himself.

    Then he realized, it was a weddding. Both bride and groom stood before the minister, as he was performing the ceremony. The bride and the bride’s maids were all very attractive, and this gave bill a raging hardon, so he started to jerk-off. As he was jerking, he thought about the time when he was engaged, but she ended up breaking off the engagement. This hurt Bill very bad, and took him 8 months to get over it. He looked at the bride, she had a bright smile on her face, as she had looked forward to this moment for all of her life.

    Look at that stupid bitch! He thought to himself, here she is, all happy and in love, while I have been spending my whole life alone! He now felt unjust anger towards her as he continued to masturbate. I’ll show her! He thought to himself. He aimed his penis at the bride and then blasted out a shot of his spunk onto her, completely ruining her wedding gown. Then he took turns shooting his wad on all the bride’s maids faces, until finally he blasted the remainder of his load on the crowd of people that were watching the wedding. Everyone was screaming franticly, not knowing what was going on, as they felt a down-pour of semen fall onto their dresses and suits. The bride went running into the house crying, as the groom went running in after her. It was complete pandemonium, and he laughed as he watched everyones reactions. He giggled at the bride’s maids, knowing that the gooey fluid on their pretty faces had originated form deep with in his cock. “Enjoy the rest of your wedding!” he said to nobody in particular as he laughed and turned off the machine. Then he went uptairs to get some breakfast.

    As he was eating, he thought about his bride to-be, from along time ago. He knew she was now divorced, and that she had 2 daughters, but he couldn’t remember where she lived. Then after thinking hard for a while, he remembered, and he thought he`d pay her a little visit and pay her back for all those years off loneliness and suffering.