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The table part 2- The apartment
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    The Table part 2 The apartment

    Bill finished his food and went back to the basement. As he was walking down the stairs he decided that he wanted a girl that would stay with him for the night, or maybe even a couple of nights. Where should he get her from? American chicks were by far his favorite, but he didn’t want to abduct someone from his own country, cause there was more of a chance of him getting caught, and he felt more guilty terrorizing someone from his own country anyway. The women of europe where very good looking, but he wanted a girl that could speak good english, so he decided that Canada would be the best choice for his latest victim. He didn’t know a lot about Canadian geography, or where the best looking chicks were located, but he knew that Pamela Anderson was from Canada, so he had a lot of confidence he would find a suitable girl.

    He typed in a random Canadian location on his computer screen and turned on the device. He looked over at the table and at first was shocked! Along with a the 4 houses that were on the table, there was a huge apartment building across the street from them. Well, it was only a normal sized building, but until now, he had only seen small house sized buildings, so this took him by surprise to see a apartment building that had floors higher than his eye level.

    His basement ceiling was 12 feet off the ground, and the building, which was on a 2 ½ foot table, reached almost to the top of his ceiling, and it appeared that the building had even more floors which couldn’t be seen, because the plain of the field above the table seemed to be set at about 8 feet. Until now, he had only thought of length and width of the table, he didn’t take into consideration about the height. He adjusted a knob on the device, and watched as he could change how high the plain above the table would be.

    He brought the plain down to about a foot off the table, now he could only see the first 2 floors of the apartment, but to his amazement, he was able to see inside all 8 apartments on the second floor with a birds eye view! He could see all the tiny furniture, all the walls that separated the rooms, the long hallway that was in the middle of both rows of apartments, the staircase at the far end, and the rectangular hole in the middle, which was the elevator shaft. This was an amazing view, he enjoyed watching the elevator rise form the lobby until it disappeared out of view once it past the second floor.
    Of course every thing seemed normal to the people in the elevator, and they had no idea that anything was out of the ordinary.

    Only one room on the second floor had someone in it, and it was a fat man sitting on the couch watching TV, not exactly what bill was looking for, so bill adjusted the knob on the device and made the building as high as he could without touching his ceiling. He walked around the table examining the building from all sides and occasionally looking down at the road where he saw cars drive by from one end of the table to the other, it looked like they were going to fall right off the table, but they just went out of viewing area when they passed the edge.

    The 5th floor was at his eye level and as he looked in, he noticed a beautiful women, probably in her mid 20`s in the kitchen cooking. He stood there and stared at her for a couple of minutes, then he decided that he wanted her, so he reached his hand over the balcony, and smashed through the paper thin, glass doors. The loud crash of the glass breaking startled the girl, and she screamed as she saw a giant hand appear from the outside, reaching towards her. Bill was amazed how easily the glass broke, and within seconds he had the pretty girl in his grasp. He pulled her out of the apartment, being careful not to cut her against the broken glass that clung to the doors, then he moved his hand so it wasn’t over the table and he held her up to his face.

    She didn’t know what to make of the situation, one minute she was cooking, the next she was trapped in a giants hand.
    She looked up at the huge face that took up almost her entire field of vision. He appeared to be in his mid 30s with a stalky build. His deep blue eyes stared down at her with lust. “Who are you, what are you going to do with me?” she asked in fear of her giant captor. He went on to explain how he was running some experiments, and that she would return to normal tomorrow. Of course she didn’t want to be any part of it, and she wanted to go home now, but she had no choice in the matter.

    He brought her upstairs and put her on the kitchen table and talked to her. Her name was Jennifer, and she was a secretary in Calgary. He told her his name was Bill, but he didn’t tell her the last name or where he was from, as they got to know each other a little better. Then he looked at the time, “Dam, I have to go to my baseball game now!” He played softball and had a playoff game, a game that they had to win or else the season was over. “What should I do with you in the meantime?” He thought for a minute then reached into his cupboard and pulled out a jar. “No, no, you cant be serious! Please don’t put me in there!” she begged as he unscrewed the lid. “Don’t worry, I wont be too long” he said as he put her in the jar and screwed the lid on. She kept shouting and begged to be released as he poked holes in the top with a knife so she could breath. He ignored her, and waved bye, as he went to his game.

    A couple of hours later he returned. He went into the kitchen to see Jennifer curled up at the bottom of the jar. “I’m back!, did you miss me?” He said as he lifted the jar to eye level and started at the tiny girl in her jail. “Please, let me out of here!” He liked watching her beg, in this helpless state and he carried the jar into his bedroom. He unscrewed the lid and turned the jar upside down, and watched her fall to his pillow. His clothes had dirt and grass stains on them so he took them off and laid down on the bed wearing only his underwear. He then picked up Jen and put her on his chest.

    She didn’t quite know what to say, so she asked him how the game went and he went on to explain how his team lost by 1 run, and it was all his fault, because of the 3 errors he made in the outfeild, and because he hit into the game ending double play. “I feel like shit!” he said, “But I can think of a couple of ways you can make me feel better” he said with a sinister look on his face. “You got such a pretty body, I bet you look even better without any clothes on, why don’t you take them off and show me?”

    She became scared at his request, “Please, I just want to go home.” “Later, right now I want to see you naked, now do as you are told!” She reluctantly began removing her clothes until she was standing in only her bra and panties. She screamed as he tore away the remainder of her clothes from her body, then he took off his underwear. “Go over there and give my cock a big hug!” he said as he giggled. She walk over to his semi erect penis, standing in his knee high pubic hair, and wrapped her arms around his member. “Now start moving my skin up and down!” he commanded. She did as he was told, as he moaned with pleasure. After a couple of minutes he spoke out again. “Get down on your knees before me, and beg me to blow my load on you!” “W-what? Pease no!” “If you ever want to go home again, do as you are told!”

    She got down on her knees and started to beg as she cried, “Blow your load on me master, please blow your load on me”
    He was franticly jerking off as he aimed his weapon at her tiny body. “ Uhhhhhh Uhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh” He groaned as he released his pleasure onto the helpless girl, completely drenching her body with his warm sticky goo. After he was done he looked down at her soaked in his mess and smiled. “Whew, that was a lot of fun! I guess we ought to get cleaned up now?”

    He lifted her up and carried her to the bathroom, where he turned on the shower and got in. He held her under the nozzle and cleaned his cum off her body, then he rubbed soap all of her body, touching her wherever he pleased. “I cleaned you, now its your turn to clean me!” He shouted as he smiled. Bill then rubbed her all over his naked body, until he got to the cock area. “Now, clean me here” he said as he held her against his cock and watched her run her soapy hands on his member. “No, no, no, not with your hands, use your tongue!” He stood under the falling water for about 10 minutes while she licked his cock. He moaned and smiled with pleasure and he couldn’t believe how good he felt.

    When the shower was over, he put on his robe and carried her to the kitchen. He put her on the table and started to open today’s mail, all of which were bills. His job as a graphic artist wasn’t going that well and he was way behind on his bill payments, especially the mortgage. One of the letters read that the bank was considering foreclosure on his house. He
    Threw the letter across the room in anger, then he looked at the beautiful, tiny naked girl on his kitchen table, and he thought of all the pleasure she had brought him. “Well, even if I lose the house, at least I still have you.” He said to her, but she was to distraught from the entire ordeal, so she didn’t answer back to him. Then all of a sudden he had a great idea!