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New story "The Table" Part 1
Saturday, 03-Jul-1999 15:18:59 writes:

    Finally!, I got back to writing, thanks to all of you, who replyied to "Marks Pets", your compliments inspired me to keep writing, and were greatly appreciated! Since this is the VSW board, I will not include and warning lable, you know the drill. And now on with the story

    The Table
    Part 1

    The machine was finally ready. Bill pushed the green button and anxiously awaited the results. He look over at the 8 foot by 12 foot table, at the center of his basement and saw a red hologram image appear above it. It was an image of his backyard. He lived in a rather large house with a huge backyard and he could see the miniature trees, fences, shed, grass and rocks, all on the table. Then the red hologram disappeared and everything on the table appeared in full color, exactly the way it looked outside.

    He walked over to the table and put his hand around his shed. It was small enough to completely wrap his fingers around it and he marveled at how real the wood felt in his grasp. Then he crushed the shed in his hand and felt it break into a pile of rubble. He quickly ran outside to the backyard to see the results and sure enough he saw that his shed outside was now just a pile of broken wood. “Great!!!” he shouted to himself “It works!!!”

    He had now successfully completed his shrinking device and it worked. How did he make such a device you ask? Well, ummm, hell I don’t even know, but that’s not important for this story anyways. He went back inside and down to the basement to do some more tests. He picked up a pen from his desk and put it down on the table and laid it on the grass beside the where the shed had stood. When he went outside again he noticed that the pen in the back yard was about 8 feet long! So his assumption was correct. If he put a normal size object on the table, it would appear to be giant sized in real life. And if he was to take out a normal sized object from the table it would appear to be shrunk in real life. Get it?

    He went back to the basement and took the pen off of the table and put it back on the computer desk. Now he wanted to find out some more things about his new device so he went to the computer and moved around the joystick which was hooked up to the shrinking device. As he moved the joystick, the image on the table scrolled in the direction the joystick moved. He watched as he scrolled all the was down his street, past the highway, over a forest, and finally he stopped at the beach. It was 1pm on a weekday so he wasn’t surprised to see that there was nobody at the beach. But as he scrolled a little bit further he noticed that there was someone there! A woman. A extremely beautiful women. She was lying on the sand by herself, soaking up some sun.

    He walked over to the table with great interest and bent his head down toward the table and looked at the woman, being careful that his head didn’t go over any part of the table (that way she couldn`t see it). She was wearing a blue bikini and sunglasses, and had long brown hair, great body, and her tan was coming along quite nicely. “Hello?” He cautiously said to the girl. No response. “Hello!” he shouted at the top of his lungs. Still no response. It was appearent that she couldn’t hear him. This is great! He thought to himself, he could spy on her all he wanted without her even knowing he was there!

    From his perspective she appeared to be about 6 inches in length and he couldn’t stop starring at the gorgeous pair of boobs that were concealed by her bikini top. He moved all around the table, trying to ascertain where the best viewing spot would be. And he found a spot where he could conveniently look down her top as she lied there tanning. The great view gave him an erection, so he pulled down his pants and started masturbating as he watched the girl.

    As he jerked, he pointed his penis at her and thought about how much fun it would be to empty the contents of his cock onto the tiny girl. But he knew he couldn’t, he didn’t want anyone to know about the device and he didn’t want to get caught, so he figured he would just turn around and blow his load on the basement floor when the time came. But until then, his cock was aimed at her as he watched, making sure it didn’t go over the table so she couldn’t see it.

    He could feel he was about to come so he got ready to turn away, but as he was just about to turn around, she moved her position and stretched her arms up into the air sending her chest and boobs forward. This extremely erotic pose caught Bill off guard and before he knew it he accidentally squirted a wad of cum onto her. To the woman, it felt as if someone had just tossed a bucked of some kind of warm liquid on her. Bill quickly turned away and shot the rest of his load on the floor, but it was too late, the first shot already hit her chest and splashed up to her face.

    She screamed out and stood up, looking around for who had just soaked her. But there was noone around. Bill watched her as she had a curious look on her face as she wondered what the strange fluid on her was, and where it came from.
    Was it birdshit? She thought to herself. No, there arent any birds around, and besides, even an entire flock couldn’t produce that much fluid.

    She had no idea what the white sticky fluid was, or that it actually came from a giant man`s penis. But she did know she didn’t like it, and she went over to the lake to clean it off her. As Bill watched her bath in the water, she noticed there was nobody around so she took off her top to clean it, and started to ring it out, in the water. Bill watched with glee as he stared at her wonderful firm breasts. He wanted to reach his hand in and touch them sooo bad! But he had already gone too far as it was and he thought about how foolish it was to do such a thing so close to his own home. So he got mad at himself and turned off the device and watched the table turn into a normal wooden table.

    “I am such an idiot!” he screamed at himself, as he sat down at the computer. “Way to go, the first day with the device, and I am already on the way to getting caught!” he thought to himself. He started doing some graphic work on his computer (he was a graphic artist who worked at home) but he couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful girl, and how he had so much fun blowing his load on her. He kept thinking about her innocent little body just lying there, tanning in the midday sun, having no clue that someone was watching her, or that a giant penis lingered over her, ready to spew its goo onto her.

    These thoughts made him horny and made it impossible to work. He noticed his erection was starting to return so he got up and turned the machine on again. This time he would choose a location far away from his home. He figured Florida would be a good choice, besides they have a lot of beaches there, he should be able to find a girl quite easily there. He typed in the coordinates on the computer and it wasn’t long before the table displayed the image of a beach, but this time there were lots of people around, of all ages. He noticed a beautiful girl tanning in the sun in her mid 20s, so he dropped his pants and started to jerk-off. This time though, he was going to blast his entire load on her.

    He aimed his cock inches away from her body and it was over the table. She opened her eyes and saw something shaking around in the air. It was his cockhead, but she couldn’t see the shaft cause that part wasn’t over the table and didn’t cross the plain. She didn’t know what it was that was lingering above her, and the sun was glaring in her eyes making it even harder for her to figure out what it was. Was it a beachball? A ballon? But before she could stand up
    And get a better look at it, he blasted his load all over her face. He moaned as he kept blasting more and more cream onto her body.

    When he was done, he looked down at her completely covered in his mess and smiled. She didn’t have a clue what had happened and she also went into the water to clean herself off. He wanted her to also take off her top, but he knew there was no chance of that cause the beach had too many people. He also wanted to tell her that the goo that was on her came from his penis, kind of like bragging about his conquest, but he knew he had to bite his tongue and keep that a secret. He pulled up his pants as he watched her walk to the water to clean herself off. Wveryone at the berach wondered what that white liquid was that completely covered her. Oh well, he thought, just another mystery for all of them.

    He had now blasted his load on 2 girls, and it was a lot of fun, but now he wanted something more. He wanted to actually touch a girl, and to see and fee1 her naked body in his hands. But this was much more dangerous for him getting caught, so he had to make it somewhere far away. He typed in a random location on the computer, and he figured it was somewhere on the other side of the world because it was dark out.

    He started the fine tuning, and moved the joystick around and noticed that a small town appeared on the table. After looking around for a couple of minutes he noticed a great looking girl walking alone, down the sidewalk. He knew it was the other side of the world and that there was virtually no chance of him being caught so he reached his hand across the edge of the table and wrapped it around the tiny girl. From the girl`s perspective, she saw giant log-sized fingers coming towards her, and she could see the hand and a small portion of his wrist, but that was all, no arm, nothing else, just a hand in the middle of the sky. What was this? she wondered. Before she knew what was going on, the hand grasped her and lifted her up into the sky.

    Until, all of a sudden, she wasn’t in the sky anymore, instead she was in gaints hand in some kind of building, looked like a basement of a house she thought. She was trembling in fear as she looked at the giants huge face. Then she looked down at the table and noticed her hometown was somehow on his table. This was all extremely confusing for her and she started to scream.

    “Now now, there is no reason to be afraid, I m not going to hurt you.” He spoke english, she thought to herself. She also could speak some english, although she didn’t know the language all that well. “Why you make me tiny? What you going do to me?” He laughed at her attempts to speak english, and at her helplessness. “Shhhhh, I will answer your questions later, right now, I want to have a better look at you.

    He looked down at her in his fist, his fingers wrapped tightly around her body pinning her arms to her sides. It had been a warm night out, and she was wearing shorts with a bikini top. She had long brown hair, nice European tan, slim body, and gorgeous face. He looked down at her bikini top, which was just about his top finger in his grasp, and decided that she would look better without it. So he reached his left hand towards her body, and as she saw in getting close to her she screamed in fear.

    He put his thumb and index finger between her breasts, and grabbed a hold of her top. “You don’t need this anymore” he said as he effortlessly pulled her top away from her body exposing her nice firm breasts. She wanted to cover her tits with her hands, but they were pinned to her sides. He smiled as he started touching her tits with his fingers. Then he took off her shorts and underwear and dropped them to the floor. He ran his fingers up her smooth legs, and began to spread them apart. He could feel her trying to keep them closed but she was no match for his strength. He took a long hard look at her wonderful snatch, and rubbed her body wherever he pleased.

    He noticed that she was crying, and shaking with fear, and he felt kind of guilty, so he decided he had enough fun for the time being. “Don’t worry little girl, I ll put you back now” he said as he lowered her to the table. As he was about to return her from where he got her, he noticed a lot of people standing in line out side of what appeared to be some kind of nite club. So he changed his mind and put her down in front of the nite club instead.

    There was one problem though, she was still naked! Surprisingly nobody had seen the hand come right out of the sky, but they all definitely saw the naked women, and all the men started cheering and whistling as covered her body with her hands as she tried to run away. She wasn’t really sure which direction to run, and she occasionally bumped into various men as she ran in no particular direction. The men she bumped into made rude and vulgar comments, and all the cheering, whistling and laughing, just added to her humiliation.

    Bill looked on, laughing and giggling, and enjoying the show. After a while he decided he was hungry so he went upstairs to the kitchen to get something to eat. He knew what he had just done was wrong, but he couldn’t stop thinking about how much he enjoyed it, and he figured that after he was done eating he would try something else.