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    By Talisman

    Jorge and his wife considered themselves quite liberal, and were apt to try pretty well anything new. When they first married, they decided to try a threesome and then even foursomes and fivesomes. With the balance of men and women tilted in either direction on different occasions.
    As their marriage continued through the years, both Jorge and Wendy urged on their appetite for the bazaar and weird scenarios.
    Jorge had come upon a idea of shrinking, when he was turned on to it through the internet. There were always adds for this special ointment that would enable a couple to reduce each other as much as they wanted. At first he thought this was just another gimmick sold to the schmucks who would fall for it.
    It was purely by chance when Jorge was lounging with a good friend who he and Wendy often partied together whenever this friend named Charles would hold a swingers party.
    While the two shared old times and other topics, the conversation slowly shifted to this phenomenon of shrinking. Jorge had stated that he was aware of some kind of false advertising of this wonder ointment. Charles corrected him to the true source of the serum rather than a ointment. Charles told Jorge on how he had obtained this rather expensive drug and had already applied it to test it.
    “Who did you use it on a animal?” Jorge asked unconvinced. “Actually it was on Tina my wife.” Charles answered rather glum.
    “You used some kooky stuff on Tina, not knowing what the hell it might really be.” Jorge asked urgently. “Look it was recommended by a friend of mine overseas, and I was on the line to rather trust him, so once I got it I sprung it on Tina, and before I knew it, she was about six inches tall.” Jorge got up and stood quietly for a moment before answering Charles. “You mean it works, is she still small?” “Oh no, I only gave her a small dose, it lasted some hours and she regained her size again.” Charles said. “How did she react to it?” Jorge was really interested now. “Well at first she was pissed, then she freaked, then after calming down, she saw the value in it and we got it on for the next few hours until she started growing again.” “Wow, how was the sex?” Jorge sat down again. “Well I have to tell you there’s nothing like having a tiny woman at your mercy, and the way she can fit inside your crotch, and stoke it. Man, it was the best head I ever experienced. I used her whole body to get me off.” Charles continued. “ What about later when you came did she manage well?” Jorge asked. “She almost drowned in it man, I mean I just watched as she disappeared from under all of it. when I fished her out, she was still sucking away.”
    Jorge couldn’t believe his ears, he really needed to see this for himself. “Are you going to do this again?” Jorge asked hopeful.
    “Well I was thinking of having another swinger party, and I thought of making it more interesting, you game?” Charles asked eyes rising. “Well of course, when?” “I was thinking a couple of weeks from now.” Charles started to rise out of his chair. Jorge had really hoped to get a look sooner like even now. he dared to ask.” Is there anyway to get a sneak preview?” Jorge looked into Charles’s eyes. Charles watched Jorge Jockey around and studied his demeanor. “You really want to do this now with her.” Charles pointed toward his wife inside his house. "Well Wendy doesn’t know anything about it, and I thought since tina already went through it, maybe!” Jorge said excitedly.
    Charles waved Jorge back, and went into the house for a few moments.
    Jorge waited outside and paced the patio. He almost leaped when he saw Charles walk back outside. He saw the look on his face as a go.
    “Okay cowboy, she’s all ours. Just give her a few minutes to take effect.”
    Both men sat down and waited, Jorge too excited to concentrate on any of Charles mutterings. When Charles looked at his watch, he got up and ushered Jorge into his house.
    Jorge followed Charles all the way into his master bedroom. Upon entering, Jorge looked around the large room, he didn’t really know what to look for, since he never saw anyone smaller than humanly possible. All at once, he then spotted a small figure rustling along the top of the bed. Upon closer inspection Jorge saw the tiny wife of Charles sitting pretty on her back, wearing a tiny leather outfit on her chest, as well as tiny lace stocking. She had her legs crossed and was hanging a loose leg over, rocking it just so. Jorge’s eyes almost popped as he looked on at the tiny beauty. Charles ruined the quiet with his voice. “I’ll be outside when you are finished, have fun kids.” Charles then left closing the door.
    Jorge started to lay his leg on the bed and continued to stare at Tina. He started to hear a squeaky voice coming up from her, and leaned over to better hear her. “Isn’t this a trip? Am I what you expected?” tina giggled. That little voice gave Jorge the biggest hard-on, he had to push his cock inside himself to not look so obvious. “Oh please, take your clothes off, I want to climb you naked.” Tina chimed. Jorge backed out of bed and removed his clothes in record time. He then sat down on his knees over Tina. Tina got up abruptly and crawled over to his knee. She caressed it a while with her little tongue, and slowly climbed on top of it till she was standing upright. She then shot her eyes upwards toward his erect cock hovering high above her.
    Jorge stayed on his knees and watched the tiny woman with excited breath. He watched on as the tiny woman started to climb up his thighs and finally reach his bottom crotch sack. Jorge lost sight of her as she entrenched herself into his bush. He felt her clinging onto every strand of hair until she was at the base of his cock. She came into view again as she was crawling across his shaft toward his protruding head what seemed a few feet ahead of her tiny self.
    Tina kissed every inch of flesh as she inched along the huge shaft. The flesh tasted and felt salty and fresh at the same time. Tina had reached the peach like head, and started to wrap her long legs around it as she fashioned a bull rider type of stance on top of it. Jorge was beside himself with sensuality, he looked on at the tiny woman straddled on his erect penis. He obliged her fervor for adventure by rocking his shaft up and down slightly giving her a swaying ride. He then proceeded to massaging his shaft lengthwise, each time pulling his foreskin back away from Tina. She started to feel the initial pre-cum oozing out from his pee-hole. It seemed to tingle her between he legs as it flowed under her. She started to buck the ride with her legs and feet. Jorge had now started to shake his cock more with passion, and Tina many times had to hang on as the ride got real bumpy. Finally not able to take any more, Jorge engulfed the tiny woman within his huge hand. Pressing her against his cock and palms, he jacked off insistently until he would ejaculate. Tina knew this was coming, and braced for the sudden hold. While inside the grip, she released her grip on he penis flesh, and let the huge hand of Jorge guide her along his cock. She searched to align herself with his head in time for his cum explosion, she wanted to make sure she could get the most of it before it gushed out in huge amounts.
    Jorge finally felt it coming from inside as he released the tension and let himself go. Tina first felt the ooze gush out at her face. She lapped it up as it came to her. before she knew it, the flood was upon her, and she merely let it flush her further down into his grip. The slimy presence, loosened his grip, and allowed cum and Tina to flow down into his base.
    Tina layed there it seemed for some time before she felt the ease of pressure released from Jorge’s giant hand. Apparently He had slipped into a daze and actually napped, all the while still holding onto his wad and his cock.
    Jorge awoke from his momentary nap, to find Tina entrapped with in his bush. The cum had hardened to a hard glue and held her trapped like some tiny creature, as she was wiggling to get free. Jorge suddenly felt a urge from inside his cock and saw his shaft rise once more. Tina was pulled free from her prison, only to be brought to another task of licking of previous sweat and cum, only to lure another one of his ejaculation out. Tina worked feverishly to end it fast as she grew a bit tired from the previous ordeal. Jorge insatiable appetite was more than she could handle right now.
    Jorge was intent on making the tiny woman jack him off for hours if it took that long, as he obviously had come to expect this now. The whole time he was watching Tina lick him off, he would think of his own wife and what a kick both him and her would get from this. He even imagined both Tina and Wendy working away on his huge cock at that very moment.
    Jorge had finally went his limit, and lost his hold. Once again Tina was caught in the storm of cum gushing out at her. Jorge winced his eyes but caught the spectacle of the tiny woman’s fight to stay on top of his pool of cum flowing past her and taking her with it.
    As Tina came to stop her movement by grabbing a hold of his sack, she looked up at him and squeaked out. “Are you satisfied now lover.?” Jorge looked down and answered. “ for now, I’ll see you at the party.” He then lifted her up from the depths and ran her across the inside of his crack, lengthwise. Tina instantly held her breath as she witness this action before with her own husband. She was dragged across for what seemed eternity, until finally arriving out at the other side. Smelling slightly of shit and sweat, she was released in-between his feet. “ I want to play a trick on Charlie.” Jorge said as he took Tina and started to stick her to the soles of his foot. When he was convinced the coating of his cum had provided enough of a glue to make her stick. He rose up and walked gingerly on that foot toward the exit door. Jorge found Charles in the kitchen getting a drink. He looked up rather expectantly. “Had fun buddy?” “Man I had a accident, I didn’t see her then suddenly…” Jorge acted terrified as he lifted his foot up on his other knee for Charles eyes. Charles eyes bugged out as he saw what he felt looked like what it intended to be. Tina’s body appeared flattened beneath Jorge’s foot. “Shit, you killed Tina, you fucken clumsy ox.” Charles was shooting out the words. To add more mayhem, Jorge dropped his foot, appearing to slam it down accidentally. “Oh no, not again.” Jorge said apologetically. Charles was beside himself in grief as he only imagined what Tina had gone through. Jorge finally stopped the prank and merely held his foot up and peeled the still alive Tina off his foot. He handed her to Charles surprised face and almost lost his balance laughing. “Sorry man, couldn’t resist.” Charles was a whole lot relieved but seemed still perturbed at Jorge. “Man what kind of joke is that, I really thought you crushed her.” Charles said as he caressed his tiny wife. Tina sat up in her husbands palm, and looked up at him. “He almost did, man he was horny.” Tina squeaked. Charles looked down and seemed pleased with the developments. “Enjoy yourself?” Charles asked as he was moving her lower on his body. Tina realizing it started to moan her disparagement. Charles looked down in anger as he located his zipper and plunged the squirming woman inside his ample underwear. “Suck me off a while slut!” Charles growled. Jorge saw something new in Charles demeanor, as if he actually minded his sharing Tina. “Your okay with what happened, I mean you said it was okay.” Jorge stood his ground. Charles zipped up his fly and looked back up a Jorge with a smile. “No problem, just got to keep this little sluts in their places. I’ll let you in on a secret, this time she is permanent." Jorge’s eyes widened. “Does she know?” “She will” Charles said as he showed Jorge to the door. “I’ll call you tomorrow to make plans for that party.” Jorge left the house a little uneasy after seeing that display, but he felt it on himself with Tina earlier on when he had the excited feeling of seeing Tina toiling around his manhood, maybe even suffer a bit in his less appealing voids. He smirked it off, and rushed home to share the bed with his wife. Tonight he would have a real scenario to share with her while they roll played in bed.

    Wendy couldn’t keep a straight face as Jorge continued on about Charles new discovery drug. “You boys have been on that net too long, your starting to believe any lame story being downloaded.” Wendy mused on. Jorge was too excited to let Wendy throw water on his parade. Later that evening as they went to bed, Jorge told Wendy a story of how he could shrink Tina from Charles, and have his way.
    Wendy got into the story as his others before. Both went into a frenzied intercourse.

    The weeks couldn’t have ended fast enough for Jorge as he prepared himself for the coming party that night. Wendy still didn’t believe any of Jorge story of that evening with tina and Charles. But he knew it was only a matter of time when Wendy would get the low down. He was so excited to see his wife miniaturized and nestled into an unknown giants hand. He also looked forward to who he would have for the evening.
    The guests arrived, a different crowd than the previous parties Charles had thrown before. Charles confided with Jorge that only certain friends were able to handle this coming evening, and the utmost secrecy was too important to have the wrong people partake in this nights offering.
    As the guests were offered drinks to no end, Jorge and the rest of the men in attendance were privy to the nights events, while their wives, and lovers drank and laughed along totally void of any knowledge.

    The evening progressed into the wee hours, by this time most of the women had passed out and were being brought out into the next room by Charles and Jorge for prep. The remaining few were groggy at best and was only mere moments away from following the rest of the ladies into dreamland. As the last woman was pulled out, her being Wendy, Jorge watched in wonder as the cast of women in the back room were now in the midst of shrinking. Some had already reached the diminutive size of 6-8 inches. Jorge finally got his wish and watched as Wendy started to lose her size to the drug. She slowly started to falter in size until she reached the same 6-8 inches in length. This only taking mere minutes to accomplish.
    Charles started to fill a large ceramic bowl with hand lotion. After filling half way, he then began assemble the tiny women one at a time in circular row around the ridge of the bowl. As the tiny bodies came to rest on their buttocks, they sat waist deep in the warm lotion.
    After some time, Charles had elevated the bowl up to his head and carried it proudly to the waiting men in the play room.
    Whistles and sighs were heard, as the elegant bowl with it’s even more elegant cargo was brought in for everyone to admire.
    Jorge looked on with delight with the rest of the horny men, as each jockeyed for a look at the tiny sleeping women, sitting pretty in the round row.
    “Okay everyone, it works the same way as the swinger parties, you close your eyes and dip your hand in and grab a tiny honey. Only one please, don’t be greedy, you will have the opportunity to swap later. Now in a moment the little sluts will awaken, and that is when the fun begins boys.” Charles always the showman barked.
    Every one watched as the first of many of the tiny women started to come to. As they rubbed their eyes and got their bearings they were each shocked to find their strange predicament. Some began to scream in terror at the huge smiling and laughing faces from above. A couple of others merely fainted at the sight. The women began to try to stand up and flee as they may. The lotion had stopped them in their tracks as they continued to slip and fall over each other. To the joy of the giant men, the women were now gleaming in the creamy lotion on their naked bodies. It looked like some wicked oil wrestling scenario.
    “All right, get your slaves.” Charles announced. The men formed a line and started to shove their hands and grope and paw their way to grabbing a woman. The men had a hard time getting a hold of the slimy women as their bodies had become extremely slippery, this and the fact that all the women resisted.
    It was total mayhem for Wendy as she looked up for any signs of Jorge, but all she could see were the strange giant hands groping in and out lifting up screaming and squirming women around her. she cried out for Jorge or even Charles. As she tried to maneuver around the expansive hands pawing every one in sight, she managed to get under the cream and crawl to the opposite corner of the bowl. as she emerged she just caught the face of the huge man almost upon her with his hand. Wendy was plucked, as she squirmed, she did manage to come free, but was caught repeatedly by the determined giant. As she was finally lifted up to his face she was only able to call out no repeatedly. “ Where were you going? You’re my little slut now.” Poco the huge native man proclaimed as he started off with Wendy in his grip. Jorge watched from a far as he witnessed the capture of his tiny wife at the hands of Poco. He couldn’t believe the hard on he was experiencing watching another giant man handle his tiny Wendy. All frightened and squirming about, he felt now she finally had believe him.
    Jorge carried his captive woman with him and followed Poco to the rear room. Jorge waited for the man to enter the room before entering the adjoining room. This room was equipped with a special see through mirror, which Charles had made for special voyager sessions in the past. Jorge had opted to take the room and watch his wife being handled, Charles had made sure to who ever got Wendy would be put into that room.
    Jorge sat down and petted the tiny woman, Diedrie, who was the lover of one of the men he played golf with during office get together. He had seen her a couple of times and always felt she had a lovely body, only now did he really appreciate holding her tiny soft body against his rock hard penis. Jorge petted his penis with the squirming Diedrie, while taking in the show Poco was putting on with Wendy.
    Poco had laid Wendy on the bed while he undressed. Wendy tried desperately to dash off he bed, only to be met with the huge hands of Poco at every turn. He finally tired of her insolence and belted her sideways with his fingers. Wendy flew across the bed and landed on the pillows. She bounced off and landed on the bed cover. Poco, was totally naked now and sitting on the bed just inches away from a dizzy and shook up Wendy. Jorge eyed the grossly out proportioned size of the huge man as compared to his tiny wife. Jorge had thought that one slight misplaced sitting, could completely make Wendy disappear literally. He wondered at now long a time it would take the giant man to finally discover Wendy, deeply encased inside his anus. Jorge only imagined at how the man would have to find out. This thought gave him his first discharge. He milked it as he smothered Diedrie’s tiny head into the gelatinous liquid. He looked on at the tiny woman in his hands moaning in his scum.
    Poco turned around and spread his legs around Wendy. Completely surrounded by the mountainous range of legs, she laid quietly and looked on at the gigantic beast of a man. “You look real pretty, and soft, hope I don’t squash you too much, not quickly anyway, I want to get my kicks in before that happens. But if you give me any shit, I don’t care what happens, I will mush you to a pulp and shove you up my ass.” the giant man growled. Wendy tried desperately not to shake, but both the sensation of the danger and the sheer erotic nature of this got a hold on her nerves. She found herself shaking uncontrollably as the giant man reached over to pick her up. In his expansive palm, she leaned on her hips while holding her ground with her raised arms holding her upper torso up. All the while looking up at her captor with the slow burn of bedroom eyes. Poco held her to his lips and blew on her briefly. He then stuck out his long and wide tongue and lapped her up. Tasting her salty body urged him to take another lick and start sucking on her bottom half. He took her in his mouth fully and held her torso and head protruding out of his huge lips. Wendy sprung her arms back against the soft lips, and seemed to push herself outward as she felt her vagina wilting under the extreme pressure of the giants suction. She then let out moans of pleasure as she suddenly felt his tip of his tongue penetrate her inner thighs and the outskirts of her vaginal lips.
    Jorge was beside himself with erotic fervor. He was now feverishly stroking the tiny Diedrie against his sack, making soft and direct slides up his shaft and head.
    Poco finally cupped his mouth and spit Wendy out, in a ceremonious splat on the bedspread below. Wendy sat up stupefied, only to be smothered by the flabby long cock collapsing on her from above. Poco dropped his organ and made it rub the length of the tiny woman’s body beneath it. Wendy first connotation was to try to roll over to her side, but the sheer weight of the cock held her helplessly beneath it. she relegated herself to being used in this manner until the giant tired and tried something else. Poco pulled his cock up, taking up with it, Wendy stuck to it’s shaft. The giant native stroked her back up and down, and unstuck her enough to drag her upwards to his peach like head high above. Wendy herself approach it like some huge tower of Babylon. The head was perfect in it’s cermetrical circumference. It was glowing in the night light with dispersed cream. Wendy had finally thrown herself into the circumstance and started come to the realization of her dream come true. She still had disdain for Jorge in abandoning her. but in the same breath she longed to experience this with him soon. As it appeared Poco wasn’t done with her yet, and was now positioning her to sit on his huge wide head. She sat quite comfortably not swaying or losing her balance. She looked on for the first time at the hulking gigantic man before her. He looked to be about 6”6 weighing in at about 360 lbs. His skin was a brilliant tan, and bordered on steamy sweaty. He had no hair on his entire body except for his pubic region. And there she felt she could easily hid inside with all it’s abundance. She imagined herself after being used like a live device, being disbanded and left to cling into his bush glued to it from all the cum. She imagined being left there for maybe hours or even days at a time.
    She heard the trembling from below as the tower size cock started to expand even further up as it increased in mass. She was now holding on as she felt herself rise up with the hot flesh below.
    Jorge had now cum some two times and was profusely sweating from the vision cast upon his eyes. Wendy perched on the giant mans cock. She looked like some tiny toy sitting there not really moving as the cock seemed to be inhaling her.
    The giant had finally started to erupt and Wendy had maybe a few seconds to prepare for the flowing seamen beneath her. she was then ushered to the bed below by the huge hands surrounding her and the behemoth of a cock. Once on the bedspread, she was compounded by the sheer volume of cum followed by cum.
    In no time she was submerged in the thick smelly cum. The giant held her tight beneath his pee hole to ensure she got the majority of it.
    Wendy tried to swallow as much of the quantity as her body would allow, the taste was extremely salty and gelatinous to the taste. But her determination was to enjoy as much of this treatment as she can take.
    Jorge lurched over the mirror to see his tiny wife submerged in the white cream from Poco’s orgasm. To his delight she was beneath it so deep he couldn’t really make out her form anywhere. He took great pleasure in his fantasy image, as to give Diedrie some treatment of her own. He took her in his hand and spun her upside down. He then leaned over and spread his cheeks. His anus was wet and wide open as he shoved he screaming woman head first inside. her screams were completely muffled as he clinched his cheeks shut. Inside he felt the tiny woman start to climb her way out of his anus. He would use this sensation to trigger off another orgasm. Jorge stuck his finger up his rear and inserted the tiny woman inside again.
    She would repeat this escape route endlessly, each time gasping for air on her emergence. Jorge only knew too well at how cramped and airless his ass must have been, but this did not deter his actions as he held the tiny woman at bay. Finally he felt the chance of really humiliated her approaching in a form of flatulence. He leaned over once more and spread his cheeks as he felt the disturbance near.
    With a great loud blurt he shot the tiny woman out mere inches toward his resting calves below. Deirdre coughed and gagged as the prevalent aroma stood firm for a while. She could only look up as Jorge sat down slowly to begin the torture once again.

    Wendy emerged from the pool. She looked upon the resting giant. His cock now a huge limp blimp of flesh, still holding on to the last spillage of cum from it’s center head. She got to her knees and crawled past the foreskin and scaled the side of the shaft to the top side. She then stood there and gazed upon the mammoth size of the giant with whom she had just been used by. As she walked up the shaft to the bush region. Life again sprouted in the giant. She was quickly caught up in the giants grip as he began to masturbate with his one hand. Wendy tried to gain some ground in order to ride out the next storm of sexual conquest. She would have to be quite maneuverable as his masturbating started to take on a rough ride.

    Wendy awoke as if just from a shipwreck. She ached all over and couldn’t see anything it was so dark. As she slowly moved around a bit she began t sense herself tangled in a sticky substance. Above her she could hear distant rumblings. She tried to see some light, but the darkness was stifling as well as the air. It was so thick with sweat and gas, that she couldn’t even fathom where she must be. After thinking a while and coming out of her fog. She started to put two and two together. She felt the below herself and felt under the slimy residue a rough fabric. She then reached around and still felt the same. It came to her that she was inside the giants underpants. At first she panicked at the thought of many happenings that could’ve occurred, but felt lucky enough to be alive and well. She toiled in the captive state until she felt he would recall her again.
    Unknown to her Poco was on his way home in his car. As he hummed to himself with the music on the radio, he imagined what luck he had coming to this party and coming away with his own slave girl.
    Poco got home and got a beer out of the fridge. He sat at the kitchen table and drank it dry before heading off to bed where his sleeping wife was already. He stumbled into the bedroom and removed his pants and shirt and socks. Climbing into bed with his underpants still attached he cuddled up to his wife and fell asleep.
    During the night Wendy was awaken by the sudden movements of the giants penis from just above. She felt it rubbing up and down on the inner coating of the underwear. She could tell by the rubbing sounds it made as it slithered up and down. Before she knew what was happening she was douse with the residue cum leaking from above. The giants groans only matched by a unrecognized groan from outside. Wendy spent the rest of the night slowly fusing into the surrounding moisture and slime.

    Morning had broken a while ago and as Poco slowly rose rubbing his eyes, he looked over at his wife slowly coming to life. He got up and peeled off his underwear stepping over it on his way to the shower.
    Beatrice, His wife from 10 years, sat up and slowly got to her feet. She walked over to the other side of the bed and almost stepped on the abandoned shorts on the floor. She reached down and picked them up. “Man when are you going to pick up your dirty drawers?” she moaned as she entered the bathroom. She started to spread them apart to show to Poco when she came across a weird sight inside. she looked closer and saw what she thought looked like a human figure imbedded in his stained interior. Upon closer inspection she now saw the tiny woman in plain view. “What kind of freak show did you go to last night? And why did you put a toy in your short?” She was suddenly stopped by the vision of the tiny woman shrieking in her tiny voice. Beatrice winced at the scene, standing still naked. Poco came out of the shower almost face to face with his wife, still holding the discarded underwear. With a weird look on her face as she was eyeing the interior still. Poco grabbed her hand and peered inside to see Wendy caked on to his waste. He chuckled to himself and ripped the underpants from Beatrice. “ I have to tell you what I found last night” Poco went into the last nights events as he dried himself off casually. After callously discarding the underpants to the floor at Beatrice’s feet. As he continued to drone out the story, Beatrice couldn’t keep her eyes off the tiny squirming woman trying desperately trying to free herself. Only looking into her husbands eyes once in awhile in shock. “You shrunk some woman and used them like condoms. What kind of party, what kind of people were you with last night?” Beatrice was finally able to ask. Poco didn’t elaborate much, but chose to go into the subject of his reason for getting involved in such a wild conquest. “Baby just think of it my way, the chance to have total power over some little broad. Who was only there for my enjoyment.” “But why is she here now?” Beatrice asked loudly. “Well I figured what the hell, take her home and see if your interested in this. If not, well I’ll just keep for myself.” “think of what your saying man, this is like kidnapping on a real fuck up scale. Wont anyone miss her. I can’t believe I am seeing this, and I am talking about this like it was normal.” Look, she’s some slut hoe, who this guy got somehow. He told me himself she wouldn’t be missed.” Beatrice looked down and nestled the underwear with her bare toe. “Look she’s barely moving. she’s probably done anyway, why don’t you just step on her or something and get her out.” Poco through his towel into the tub and bent over for a peak. “ No she’s still alive and well. See she almost loose.” He then lifted the underwear and held it for he and Beatrice to see. “Shit, what did you put her through, I’m surprised you didn’t shit on her, although looks like you wiped your ass a few times at her expense. God that’s gross get it away from me.” Beatrice swiped Poco’s hand away. Poco looked down again at the struggling woman. “Had fun last night slut, it’s just getting interesting.” Poco laughed as he peeled her out finally and tossed her into his new pair of underpants.

    Jorge was livid as he searched high and low for Wendy. Charles couldn’t give him any ideas where the stranger came from or even why he was at the party. Charles was lying through his teeth. He managed the whole charade and was looking to do some payback to Jorge for having the nerve to get some of his wife’s goodies like he was asking for candy. He knew the native would come and vanish without a clue. And for all he knew Wendy was a crushed memory within the big mans organs.
    The party had broken up since early morning. All the women had been permanently shrunken for their lovers and husbands. Each man left with his booty in hand grateful to Charles. Charles showed each man out as the parade began. Only Jorge remained and had to be calmed down by Charles. Always the showman, Charles kept up the charade to a constant. “Look man what happened I thought you were watching the whole time” Charles said. “I did but some time in the night I passed out and when I came to they were gone. Even the tiny Deirdre was gone.” Jorge accounted for the last evening. “Oh her well, her boyfriend wanted her back in the morning.” Charles countered. “What about the chief where was he?” Jorge asked holding Charles lapels. “Hey he was gone sometime last night, don’t know when.” Charles broke free.
    Jorge was later sent home with a promise Charles would look into the matter, in the mean time he promised him another woman shrunken for his own for his trouble. Jorge couldn’t even think about the offer, as he wanted Wendy back. But in the far reaches of his mind he had the feeling she was lost to him forever. Probably dead right now. he would go home and sulk for some time before taking Charles at his offer.

    Night was upon and Wendy started to get nervous at what to expect next. There had been no activity except the odd small masturbating. She was now becoming used to the coating on her once soft skin, the endless orgasms from the previous night, and as well as any fluid the giant discarded from his orifices. She kept herself nourished through the continuous availability of cum. After a while she began to aquire a taste for it under the conditions. Wendy was in a constant state of movement inside, as the giant walked and adjusted himself, she would find herself inserted in either the ribbon along the crack of his ass, or entangled within his cock and sack. Her preference was the latter, as the giant had constant attacks of gas daily. The stench was something she learned to live through.
    Something different happened finally as she was taken into full freedom from her prison. The giant had picked her out of his loins and was cupping her in his hands. There was a strange giant woman lying next to him. She was not the previous woman who found her. this one was younger and seemed quite enamored with her sudden appearance. Wendy looked on at the giantess. A native herself with huge sagging breasts to go along with her rotund figure. She looked to be some 5”10 over weight at 195 lbs. Her skin too as the giant mans tanned dark, her hair jet black hanging long over her back.
    “Geez, where did you get a real looking toy.” Jade asked. “She’s not a toy, she real look.” Poco pinched Wendy slightly causing her to squeak out. Jade shot back in surprise at the reaction. “Wow just like real, where are the batteries?” She drunkingly asked. Poco had quit trying to convince the drunk woman he picked up at a party, he only wanted to have the experience with a full grown woman along with this tiny one, since Beatrice wanted no part in it. Had he not kept her in his shorts, Beatrice would surely have killed the tiny woman.
    Wendy looked on as she could unquestionably smell the stink of alcohol around. The giants movements confirmed this as they clumsily tried to make out.
    Poco after ascending off the obese woman picked up Wendy and started to insert her into the massive breast of the giant woman.
    Jade felt the tingling along her chest and reached out and took the tiny woman away. “You want to see me fuck the little toy don’t cha?”
    Poco simply laid back and nodded. Jade sat up on her aplenty rear end and started to caress her enormous breast with the tiny woman in tow in her fingers. With clumsy strokes she manage to enlarge her nipples tenfold. They quickly reduced the tiny woman’s head as she came in contact with them. Jade pounded the tiny woman into her heaving chest. She then rolled up and forced her way on her ass and spread her legs as much as a big a woman she was could. She then took hold of the tiny woman with her left fingers and inserted her into her wet juicy vagina. Poco could hear the suction sounds and moist swishing as each time the tiny woman was inserted inside. Jade quickened her pace and started to moan with every insertion. “Oh this toy is a real turn on?” Jade moaned with her high pitched yell. Her hands were moving quicker and quicker as the tiny woman became a blur. Wendy was losing her bearing as the movements were exhaustingly rapid for her head. Twice she lost consciousness, only to be revived in the same situation. Poco was now in high gear himself as he jacked off to Jade’s rhythm. He wanted so much to enter her but wouldn’t move from the sight. Jade let out a much maligned scream before finally stopping. At last poke, a sound of crunch was heard. Wendy was out at the time but her back had gone to the constant beating from the giant woman. Poco waited no longer as he jumped her and their love making reached earthquake proportions. Wendy had been mercilessly dumped to the side of the massive bodies in motion. The extreme passion and turbulent love making was lost on the motionless Wendy.

    Poco woke up first and rushed to the bathroom. He washed up and returned to the bedroom to find Jade already up and on her feet. “Make some coffee?” Jade asked. Poco agreed and went to get dressed. “Jade had just got dressed as she was placing her stocking foot into a shoe when she spotted the tiny woman figure on the floor.” Your toys on the floor by the way.” She said in passing. “what ever.” Was Poco response. Jade looked again as it seemed like the tiny figure was actually creeping along the floor.” Don’t you want to play with it any more little boy?” Jade mused as she placed her foot on top of the fallen tiny woman. “ It’s not a toy for the last time bitch.” Poco said. “Bitch? See what bitch I am.” Jade then stood up at full height and slammed her stocking foot down on the weakened Wendy. Wendy only saw her sky falling in the shape of the huge woman’s nylon shrouded foot, before subsuming to the immense mass.
    “There I crushed your toy, who’s a bitch now.” Jade said angrily at Poco. He quickly rushed to Jade’s side and held her foot up to inspect it. “What the fuck did you do, you killed her.” Poco cried out.
    “Killed what, it was a toy retard.” Jade pulled her leg back and walked into her waiting shoe.
    As the giant woman wafted her massive foot into the shoe, Wendy form could still be seen forever stuck to the soles of the unknowing woman. Poco had since given up caring as he stop looking for any evidence of the tiny woman’s mashed body on the floor.