VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

Tuesday, 27-Jun-2000 00:05:43 writes:

    Kim glossed through the classifieds until she located the most interesting ad.
    "Looking for SWF to enjoy casual sexual encounters with mature couple. He is 6"2 234lbs, she is 5"11 168lbs, both white, and broad minded."
    Kim circled the ad and took it with her to respond.

    The meeting was set for the three to meet at the couples house. Kim walked into the tastful decorated home of Zon and Rachel Dreshner. Kim found the two to be personable and relaxed, this made her more and more trustworthy of the arrangement. Kim told Zon and Rachel of how she wanted to experiment with couples for some time and was only now more brave to follow her fantasies.
    Dinner was superb and all went into the lounging room to relax by the fire. Kim was given a drink to enjoy while they all continued to talk.
    After a while Kim became transfixed and dizzy. Rachel looked concerned and guided Kim to the bathroom. Once inside Kim collasped onto the floor and fell unconscious.
    she awoke and was disoriented to find her surroundings strange and distorted. As she raised her head to look around she was speachless to find a horizon of massive fleshy hips and legs and feet surrounding her body. As she reached out her hand to get an idea of how far away the mirage stretched, she was shocked to realize that the massive illusion was moving and stirring at her movements. before she knew it a thunderous voice hovered over her. She looked up to see Zon sitting on his hunches. Even at his relaxed state, he looked to be standing some 80 feet tall. His body emblazed in bronze and smooth skin, gleamed in the room light. Kim shrieked as she came to realize how real everthing was becoming. Suddenly she saw Rachel stand before her now. She looked just as huge if not bigger standing above Zon.
    "Oh god what have you done with me?" Kim shrieked again. Both giants giggled as they looked at each other. Rachel spoke down finally."Well didn't you read the ad?" Kim nodded her head as she was trembling at Rachel's thunderous voice. "You were looking for a single women." "Ha ha ha. Not single white woman! Shrunken white woman." Kim shrieked once more as the giants laughs started to drown her out.
    Kim lunged her arms up as Zon made a move to reach down for her. She was plucked up easily and kicked her dangling legs as she was raised to the dizzying heights.
    Once Zon had the tiny woman at his chest, he stroked the tiny woman with his other hand, before looking at Rachel. "Come on baby put her in there I want to eat you bad!" Rachel purred.
    Zon guided his hand down to his crotch, and placed the near unconscious woman on his erect cock. Zon played with setting Kim on his expansive tip, just before Rachel went to her knees and took his enormous cock into her mouth, cock Kim and all.
    Rachel slobbered as she sucked and licked up Zon's shaft. She used her jaws to keep Kim in place and moved her about in her mouth as she traded placing her on either her huge tongue or Zon's cock again.
    Kim was past hysterics as she was in a state of shock as to her situation. The inside of the giantesses mouth was humid and sticky, as for the intruding cock, it only made things dangerous as Kim was constantly smeard and plowed into.
    Rachel took Zon's cock for some time before she finally sucked her mouth off his shaft slowly.
    She shot her head back and gargled with the tiny woman in her mouth, before bringing her head forward and spitting Kim out onto Zon's belly.
    Kim was stirring and coughing as she was pasty and slimy looking from the experience. Zon slid his hand down to his belly and took Kim in his grip again. He brought her up slowly and shook her abit to make her scared. Rachel slowly stroked Zon's thighs and once in a while took his cock into her mouth as she watched the tiny woman dangle and kick in Zon's grip.
    Zon watched as Rachel rose up and stood before him. "It's my turn now, give her to me!" Rachel ordered Zon. Zon smiled and offered his open palm with the frantic Kim sitting on her buttocks. Kim grimaced as she watched Rachel massive hand come over her and take her up.
    Rachel brought her hand to her vast bush and playfully stroked her hairs with the tiny woman. She then waved her through her gouged lips, and made passes through them. As she made numerous passes, Rachel finally stopped the tiny woman in mid drift, and stuffed her into her juicy twat whole. Zon looked on in awe as he only saw the tiny woman's feet utterly kicking as they stuck out.
    Rachel was in her zone as she moaned her pleasure of being poked. she jammed her fingers in to enhance the feeling, as well as make things worse for the already pressured Kim inside. Rachel took to the bed and layed down flat while still playing with herself. Zon mounted her and rode her for a while before he stuffed his massive cock inside. He made short and stout pokes, feeling the tiny woman in his path of entry. Zon stuck his fingers inside and moved the tiny woman around his cock as he dug it in deeper. Feeling more comfortable with the tiny woman draped over his shaft, Zon started to pump Rachel as he began to fuck her.
    Both giants put on a show of loud and monstrous antics. The windows shook, the bed banged on the ajoining walls, as both fed thier pleasure with moans and screams of joy. They fucked like monsters as they were fully aware of the captive woman in thier midst.
    When the last orgasm was felt, Zon and Rachel lay on either side, making small chat, and devouted their love once more.
    Zon looked at the clock on the night table and swore as it was late. He rose up and got dressed quickly. Rachel slowly got up and stretched.
    Zon met Rachel in the kitchen as he was putting on his jacket. Rachel was finishing off herself with a comb, and was sliding her left foot into a pair of sandal pumps. Zon suddenly remembered their guest. "Hey did you find that girl?" Rachel smiled as she looked up from the chair. "Oh yeah, but she is having a thing with my foot." Rachel raised her foot to reveal the tiny woman embedded within her toes, against the back drop of her shiny hose. "You are a evil giant!" Zon smiled.