Story "Sweet little nothing"

Posted by talisman on November 06, 2003 at 08:26:53:

Sweet little nothing.

It was always nothing like a nice bit of hot tubing, after a argues day of working. Phil enjoyed inviting Paul over for just that. They had been friends for decades, went to school together, college, and now worked in the same industry, even though in different companies.
Paul had been away for a couple of years, and as soon as he got back to town, Phil got in touch quick. The friends were again hanging out.
Phil had a different surprise this time. The last time Paul was in town, he had met Phil’s wife Connie, he liked her, but often found her a nuisance. She seemed to come between their partying ways. Phil made a vow to change that for the next time Phil returned.
The two friends rose out of the hot tub, the windows were steamed, as the palms and trees outside blew in the evening air. Both men picked up their drinks, and after toweling up, started to walk to the elevator.
Phil had gained some weight since his last stay his now 6’0 frame was exaggerated by his now robust 289 lb. Paul himself was always heavy, his 5’11 frame, keeping the scales tipped at his usual 260 lb.
They rose up in the elevator, heading to Phil’s floor. Phil had moved to the Evergreen Towers a few months ago, and with the sport rec. room, as well as the sauna, hot tub, and steam room, he was in heaven. His apartment had a spacious view of the city, with a nice big balcony.
Paul was anxious to see it; so far he was utterly impressed with the building.
The door opened, as the two men exited. A woman stood by allowing the men to cross, her frail 5’2 body looking utterly dwarfed by the large men. She smiled at Phil. Phil smiled back at her, calling her Chloe, who happened to be his next door, neighbors. Paul looked on with his ear to ear grin. “Stop by for drink later babe.” He echoed as he watched her enter the empty elevator.
Connie trekked across the expansive floor. She had just exited her shower stair, now navigating the trek toward the bedroom. What was normally a few seconds trip, was now a 5-minute walk. As she neared the doorway, she suddenly noticed the front door jerk and begin to open. She figured it was Phil, and stood still as she back trotted toward the baseboard. She quickly noticed Phil has company, and became frantic in her present state, with a makeshift towel wrapped around her hair, and skimpier one around her ample breasts. She locked her knees, as she couldn’t decide whether to head back or head for the bedroom which was now about 30 yards off.
Paul and Phil entered giggling, as Phil was still making comments on Chloe’s availability. Phil closed the door, and quickly looked down at his startled wife.
“Aha! Well for no further delay, I present you my new toy wife!” Phil waved his hand down to Paul. Paul looked down, and after some moments of deciphering the carpet design, he made out Connie’s image. Paul looked totally shocked as he moved closer looking down on Connie’s tiny body. “Shit! She’s gotta be like 5 inches tall?” Paul said in shock. “4 inches to be exact.” Phil countered. Phil now took his place next to Paul, as they both surrounded Connie, standing nervously holding her towel around her chest. She stared straight up, craning her neck as she listened intently to the thunderous conversation high above. She got a rush from Phil’s usual treatment of her, how he talked about her with acquaintances, like the way you talk over an indigent object.
“Wow, you have sure been busy buddy, exactly what did you do and how did you do it?” Paul asked, as he spread his feet on either side of Connie. “Man, I could step on her, and barely notice if I wasn’t paying attention.” Paul continued.
“Yes, it’s a constant worry of hers, I have come quite close many times, she seems to be underfoot a lot.” “But to answer your question, this was that project we started some years ago, you remember the subject about land allocation and how we were looking for a way to produce without using a lot of space?” Paul kept his stare downwards, as Phil continued. “Well this is the result, purely due to a accident. I was able to get to it before the authorities decided to destroy it.” Paul looked at Phil. “So how did you know it would do this without killing or deforming her?” Paul asked. “Well, I did try it on derelicts for practice, and after I was satisfied, I finally tried it on her.” Phil bragged. “Remember how I said I would take care of her bothersome meddling in our good times? Well what better way, don’t you think?” Phil chuckled as he pats Paul’s shoulders. “I am totally impressed, and rather titillated man.” Paul said excitedly. “Hey, I want you to do as you please, OK, what I have is yours, always has been.” Phil said.
Paul looked at Phil with a mishevious grin. “Are you serious?” “Do anything you want, man, I insist.” Phil countered.
As both men laid the plans of Connie’s use or demise, she kept her glare upwards. She was quite used to this treatment, as Phil had a tendency to share his wealth with a few select friends. And in her new state, she was in no condition to complain or fight. She knew Paul quite well, and realized now of Paul’s knowledge of her dislike for his friendship, and now at this moment, she felt both fear and eroticism for his presence high above.
Paul steered his bare foot near Connie, and brushed her with his big toe. “Well remember me little bitch? Kiss you new master’s toe.” Paul said with gusto. Phil’s towel rose at his crotch at hearing the words. Phil noticed also, that Paul’s crotch had since risen, his towel since been unraveled. As Phil looked on down at Connie’s state of fear, he enjoyed this part most. He had since brought a few select friends over to encourage his new lust. He loved comparing the different sizes of his acquaintances too. He loved comparing their feet to her diminutive size, he loved ogling as she was plucked up and physically manipulated like a live Barbie Doll.
Phil shuffled his own feet closer to Connie, as he too ordered her to kiss and lick his toes. “Yeah know you place bitch! Now lick these too, and don’t neglect Paul, or you’re going to be paste.” “Ha ha ha, you little slut, we’re gonna get some good use out your little ass tonight!” Paul said. “geez man, I hope I can keep from crushing the little slut, man she be easy to smear to my cock.” Paul added. Phil merely kept his stare down, as he smiled urging Paul to continue to enjoy himself. “ crush her, pummel her, she’s your gift man. Just let me get my kicks too!” Phil answered. “No probs! Hey gotta anything to drink?” Paul asked. Phil raised his toes off Connie and lumbered down the hall toward the kitchen. “What’s your pleasure man?” Phil asked as he kept walking. “Hmm to utterly mash your little wife under my cum, but I’ll take a beer too.” Paul laughed. Phil returned the laughter as he disappeared around the corner.
Paul lifted his foot off, as well. Connie’s body was totally nude now, as her makes shift towels were now smudged between Paul’s gigantic toes. She got up from the floor, as Paul’s heavy foot raised off her. She looked up, and kept her gaze, as he learned early they liked to be stared at in awe. Paul was beside himself with lust. He couldn’t resist the temptation to step on her, and at the same time, he wanted to do so much, and not lose her either. He felt like a kid at a candy store. Paul towel finally dropped from the strain of his bulk, as he stood stark naked, his girth stood out more down to Connie. Paul flexed his arms, and cracked his knuckles as he contemplated the night ahead. Paul leaned down, and plucked Connie’s squirming body in his huge grip. As he lifted himself up, with his hand clenched, her body was totally consumed within his meaty hand. Paul started toward Phil’s voice, as he heard Phil hail him with is drink. As he rounded the corner, the hulking man, strode over to Phil, who was also naked holding two drinks.
Phil toasted, as the two drank. “Where is she?” Phil asked. “The little slut’s in here.” Paul motioned to his opening damp palm. Connie sat dumbfounded in his vast palm, her sultry brown body, looking flush against the harsh reality of Paul’s colossal hand.
The two men downed their drinks, before retiring to the couches nearby.
Paul sat down, his legs spread open, and he held Connie upside down, dangling her toward his cock tip. Phil sat across and watched as Paul’s wet cock, gleamed in the light. Slits of cum strings tangled with her body as Paul dipped her up and down. Paul continued to hang her, bringing her lower and lower each time. He then nudged her upwards, putting her straight in his grip, as he started to caress his thighs. He moved her across his meaty under thighs, stroking himself with wide swaths. He careened her sideways toward his other thigh, before electing to move downwards toward his calves.
Phil was now masturbating in the open, as he watched the show unfold. His erect cock starting to pre-cum at the touch.
Paul in the meantime was now palming Connie, and was applying her to his shaft. At times she would get lost behind his massive hand, for which Phil would protest to keep her in view. Paul wanted to play the bad ass well, and showed his spite to Phil. “Be happy I haven’t crushed her yet.” Paul growled. Phil chuckled, as he was enthralled by Paul’s contribution to the fantasy. Paul quickened his pace, as he lay Connie strewn to his large thick cock. Phil loved seeing this part best, as he waited for the chance to see Paul in action with her, Paul being the more endowed of all his friends. Paul’s cock easily dwarfed Connie’ in all angle. His towering shaft, almost twice as tall as she, the sheer thickness, easily allowing three of her to stand hand to hand around it. His head was enormous, and even more surreal as Paul raised Connie’s body up and sat her onto it. She straddled her legs around beneath the head, as she was able to easily balance herself on the ample seating area. She closed her eyes, and opened them, for the thrill of seeing the vast horizon all around, as she sat on the human tower. She could feel the pulsating beneath her ass and clit. The heat penetrated her loins, and it resulted in her starting to moan. She clenched her legs tighter, as she seemed intent on feeling the giant’s cock raise her body entirely.
Phil was beside himself, as he watched in sex starved horror. The sight of his tiny wife, attached and fully manipulated by Paul’s monstrous cock. He noticed the streams of pre-cum protruding beneath her ass, and leaking down Paul’s hard shaft.
Phil’s heart beat furiously as he watched Paul’s hand rise up and slowly surround Connie. She was barely privy to it, as it came to succumb her. In an instant, she was entirely within his grip. Paul pressed, as he worked her body inside, against his hard cock. The loud sound of his foreskin flapping against the movements of masturbation, muffling the sounds of Connie’s moans within.
Paul’s face became contorted, as he relegated her fate to his powerful grip. When finally with a loud growl, Paul let out a moan. He kept rubbing, as a rush of cum streamed from within his knuckles. Hot white cum, washed over his hand, now from the top, as Paul slowly diminished his movements. He started to allow his hand to limp, as he slowly brought it down to rest on the base of his cock.
Phil was now working hard on his cock as well, as he strained for a view of Connie’s whereabouts. He watched as Paul’s hands, moved about, twitching, his cock plainly in view. The eruption of cum, which is spilled every which way. As Phil kept jacking off, Paul slowly rose up, His ass erupted with beer farts, as he stood up. His cock swung back and forth, scads of cum, dribbled and splattered the floor below. Finally Phil caught a glimpse of Connie. Her body was strewn amidst Paul’s mushroomed head, which was now shrinking and shriveling to a beached whale look. She folded within the confines of his foreskin, as Paul lumbered toward his beer on the table before him. Paul looked over at Phil who was now frantically reaching his own orgasm. Paul took a swig, and then looked down at his own cock. “Hmm the your little wife seems trapped.” Paul reached down, and picked her out like a piece of debris. Paul held her out on his smeared fingers. He fondled her about, her limp body molding easily to his movements. He seemed ready to roll her into a ball. As he watched Phil moan out, finally reaching his own orgasm. Paul folded his fingers around Connie, and made her into a ball. “Watch this!” Paul announced as he guided his hand behind his back. Phil kept moaning as he watched intently. Paul reached the outer edge of his ass, as he used his other hand to spread his cheek. Paul then took his pinched fingers, and poked and stuffed the ball body into his anus. Paul then released his cheeks, and stood with his ass spread as he let out a chorus of beer farts. Phil was speechless, as he listened and watched, finishing himself off. Paul let out the last of the stream of wet farts, the final spurt producing the tiny stained body of Connie, strewn and sticky to Paul’s left cheek.
Phil let out a final moan, as his cock produced another orgasm, a first for Phil.
Paul pulled his legs back together, and downed the last of the beer.
Phil laid back, holding his drink, as he motioned to Paul toward his rear. Paul reached behind and wiped, bringing his fingers at chest level. “Yuck!” Paul uttered as he sprinkled the remains of Connie’s Body off his fingers. He body flayed downwards till it hit the floor. Paul in his arrogance stepped forth, crushing her completely, as he stretched his arms.
“Hmm, OK now lets go get that Chloe chick!”