VIOLENT shrunken women BOARD

The Supermodel Part IV
Thursday, 13-Apr-2000 19:12:08 writes:

    The massive fingers once again slowly closing around Nikky’s very sexy tight little doll body. Face grimacing due to the agony from parts being pressed into the giant phone cord. Squeezing in between her toy breasts forcing the alter into her skin.
    Len pulling effortlessly pries his little toy off the cord, her hands opening realizing
    she had no chance & probably would of gotten her tiny arms ripped off.
    Facing the huge evil monster again, holding up tiny arms in front of her doll face. “w…what are you going to do to me??” The massive demonic face:
    “YOU KNOW YOU WILL PAY FOR THAT!! Tiny sobs. “ im…sorry I wont do it again!”

    Little large eyes widen “w….what do you mea……..ooooooooowwwwww!! In a flash
    finding herself pinned to a hard surface with huge thumb & finger tips pressing on each tiny shoulder. “nooooo let me go!! You bastard!!!!” Thrashing, twisting her little body tits in the alter bouncing around. Kicking tiny doll legs. With his free hand cuts little pieces of tape & lines them up on the edge of the desk. Tapes each little arm, her head wildly turning to each side eyes shut tight “sttttoooppp your hurting meeeeee!! Taping her mid section holding each tiny leg between a thumb & finger. Nikky trying hopelessly to kick. But cant move them! “let meee go!!!” Ignoring her, tapes the little legs in the missionary position.
    Glaring up @ his huge side smiling profile inches from her little bonded body.
    pulling on the restraints her tiny head looking ahead & realizing how helpless she was.

    Looking down like a possessed madman, Len holds up a pair of tweezers!! Shock on her tiny face! “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! What are you doing!!!” “Snap! “Snap!” Opening &closing approaching her tiny mid section. Head bent forward as far as it will go, sees them crawling on the outskirt of her right leg. Crawling under the tiny skirt feeling the cold of the metal. From the exterior the skirt stretched from the evil jaws crawling inside.
    “ooooooowwwwwwwww!! Sob sob!! One of the edges digging in her tiny hip grasping the very minute sized elastic style band from the side of her tiny thong panties. Looking up with those gorgeous wide eyes with a tear running down the left one. “please don’t”.

    Yank!! Ripped right off her tiny body. “what the fuck are you doing you sick bastard!!”
    Attempting to twist under the tape but can barely move. The huge metal jaws pull out with the black tiny piece of garment hanging off of the end. Little face looking in horror “ho my god!! What’s he gonna do now!!” ”you fuckin prick!! Your going to be sorry, I don’t know how yet but when I get help il make sure you get the chair.!!” Len looks right down remaining calm holding the tweezers with the tiny thong off the end: “LOOKS TO ME LIKE YOUR NOT GOING ANYWHERE ! I SUGGEST THAT YOU FORGET WHATEVER LIFE YOU HAD & ACCEPT THAT YOU ARE NOW MY LITTLE PET SLAVE!.” Smiling raises the tiny garment under one of his huge nostrils. “SNIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF” the little piece of cloth getting sucked partially inside from the force of his breathing in. Grinning wider eyes dancing in pure evil lust:
    “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM YOU SMELL GOOD” The taped little doll turning white! Not even knowing how to respond to such an insane Madman!! Looking @ them
    “OOPS” opening the tweezers, letting the little ripped thong fall slowly to the ground…………..

    After setting them down, reaches in another box. Turning & stretching her tiny head trying to see what this sick motherfucker was up to now, but is unable to. Slowly with more evil looks blah blah. Raises a Qtip!! “noooooooooooooooooooo! “ Sob sob … Dances it above her. Rubbing the soft bristles on her left cheek, down her neck…Moves it to her little doll tits twirling it with light pressure moving the plastic top around, exposing them one @ time brushing & concentrating on the right tiny nipple. Tiny face turning red with embarrassment as little nipples dart through the tight top. “THAT’S IT BABY! BE A GOOD LITTLE WHORE JUST LIKE IN THE OL’ DAYS!” Spits tiny spit.
    To him feeling a little fraction of when somebody spits while they talk to close. Sarcastically
    grabs a paper tissue & wipes off his cheek. Glaring down: THAT WAS NOT VERY SMART! “fuck you if your gonna kill me go ahead & get it over with!” Id rather be dead then be touched by…..ooooooooooooooooooooooo!!” Caught off guard by the huge cotton end lightly parting her tiny cunt lips twirling it on them. Looks up right @ the maniac wide eyed: “you wouldint dare!!” aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

    The massive cotton end stretching her open, tiny cunt lips closing around the stem with a bit of fuzz still sticking out. Wildly thrashing under the tape body twisting . “let me go! Stop that you crazy bastard!!” ’WHAT DID YOU CALL ME????? “you heard me!” With a frown he begins franticly twisting! “aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhgggg!!” Slows down the giant finger & thumb manipulating it like a dick in & out….The huge soaked cotton end stretching & closing her as it moves in & out in & out……”aaaaaaaaaarrgghh”
    All lost & confuse cant believe that she feels her tiny pussy muscles tighten…”aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” Head tilted back body convulsing under the tape as she releases an orgasm. Then crumbles head slowly turning eyes partly closed. Feels a bit of relief from the massive cotton ball pulling out…… Inside throbbing with pain….. Barely opening her eyes to get a glimpse of the monster putting the wet end in his mouth & closing his giant lips around it…………………………………Before passing out……………

    Giant Dr.